September 25, 2023

6 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: CDC Approved Jab for Under-5s Against Advice

  1. The only reason they want under 5’s approved is to ultimately get on the childhood immunization register to get complete immunity from any deaths and adverse reactions.

  2. CDC – Centralised Depopulation Consortium.
    FDA; Federal Depopulation Authority.
    GOOD to have CO Operations!
    And it’s THAT PLAIN in other 2nd World ‘Bought’ Systems as well.- Australia Inclusive,- across the Board.
    THE Corporations & Foreign Interests, ‘RUN’ the Dogs Of Watch. – Always wondered what the D.O.W. ‘Index’ was referencing. AND, Somehow, the Drones of Society, STILL ‘Believe’ that any form of Govt or Corporate Codes Of Conduct, IS/ARE, their ‘Shield’ against ALL or ANY Corrupt Strategy, Policy & Operations at Large!
    Dear Oh Dear!

    1. A couple more explanations for the CDC acronym, John: Child Death Cult and Criminal Death Centre. All three are descriptive and suitable. And did I hear that we are getting a version here in Australia? As if the TGA, ATAGI, AHPRA, etc weren’t bad enough…in Victoria, I think.

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