September 25, 2023

4 thoughts on “Media coverage of the Queen’s death has descended into a circus

  1. I did not see Lizzie”s head. I saw chem trails. I did not watch MSM. All the hype etc. reminds me of the deaths and burials of Mandela and Hawke for example. She did justice to the role she played. When we leave this planet, then comes the judgement.

  2. It sure is a circus, Ethan. Our local franchise of the Judas Goat Media, the Harvey Norman Daily (formerly The Advertiser) devoted 41 pages to Her Majesty last Saturday, and is now half way through a 10-part chronological tribute. As I type this, there is a queue 8 km long of people wanting to view the Monarch’s coffin.

  3. Now, we cross to the ” live ” broadcast of the death of the Queen:! Hmmm,……okay;
    And we have past the three days, so now it is official:!
    The media machine, is clutching at every moment, to the point of ludicrous indulgence,
    and writing a history, for the indulgence of Economic gain, and milking this for all its
    worth, to the point of no humiliation, and no respect, putting a value on what members of
    the Royal Family do at this time.
    Loathe them or Love them, Her Majesty, was an important figure, and in truth , held together,
    the flawed characters the whimsy and tragedy alike, of a Family, that at times, was bent
    on self , Her Majesty, remained steadfast as was her duty:
    What we see here , is the loss of dignity, of Sovereignty, to a farcical, morass, and photo
    opportunities: and a clear ineptitude or sense of timing, propriety and sober respect that
    Is Her Majesty’s due.
    You are right Ethan , the Media just grinds on, creating its own stories, it’s own expectations,
    to a degenerate circus.
    One would hope, that the trend that is coming to light, that so called social guardians, the media,
    are now being seen for what they are, the Mainstream Media, is an industry, and it needs us, more
    than we need them:!

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