October 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “Woman posed as fake Rothschild to infiltrate Trump’s circle

  1. Quite funny to begin with, then gets serious as Trump’s powerful backers are revealed. No-one gets to be POTUS without connections like these. Now we know why he still hasn’t condemned the deadly quax. “Uniparty” wins again.

  2. ‘Fakes’ – WHO’d have guessed it? – Actually YES – WHO, the FAKE pretenders to ‘Global Health’!
    As for the ‘Others’, perhaps Ms YachtShiner, is the ONLY ‘REAL’ Person, in THEIR Mix!
    ‘Key -A- Largo’, Mistaken for Casablanca – A ‘Bogey’ in the Crowd!;
    “Play it again Shiner! Ya Played it for Her, ya can Play it for Me!”
    Strike a Chord – OR, Strike Accord!;
    “You Must remember this,
    Shiner’s Just taking the Piss.
    A Sigh is Just a Sigh,
    Fundamental BullShit Still Applies.
    And when the Elite Meet,
    It’s Always very Discreet,
    On that You can Rely.
    THEY are Still Full of IT,
    No matter How much time goes By!!” – Thanks HH. The Soap Opera Continues!

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