November 29, 2023

7 thoughts on “Upcoming bestiality talk at Australian festival sparks controversy

  1. It’s the last taboo. So the Australian society has getting de-moralised. I know that are pictures and even paintigs in the Vatican Volt but do we have sex with animals? Are the Australian society have low morals? Sex with animals ……this is so abonimable …….so despicable…….

  2. She must have a sick mind to even consider studying bestiality. It’s bad enough that the sick fucks that rule this planet are trying to normalise paedophilia.
    Evil really has taken over this planet and every one of them that are committing these evils should be exterminated with extreme prejudice!

  3. Wow all I say no one should allow this professor to be near pets or animal and I hope the animal defends itself
    And says no it it’s way unbelievable

  4. Haven’t you figured it out yet? It’s all to do with breaking down every societal norm. Preparing us for the ‘brave new world’ the WEF have install for us. No gender, no race, no taboo and no sovereignty.

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