November 29, 2023

9 thoughts on “Australian Defence Department launches new supercomputer

  1. I’m pretty sure most awake people know exactly where this is going; WWIII, which I suspect will be fought mostly in the digital realm, remember those cyber polygon exercises? Them Russian, Chinese, Iranian, North Korean hackers, you can just hear it know can’t you!

    1. We are already in WWIII, it is a fight between us and them, them being the 1% who control everything! The depopulation is part of it.

  2. Dictator Dan used the “super computer” to lock down everyone in Melbourne. How can we trust it at all?

    1. The Chronicles of HAVOC; maybe HA VIC in a Southern state.
      Location; VICtopia. Melboria Prime. Time; Current.
      Caesar Dan parades around his private Palace Stage, overlooking the Pyre of former VIC small business, Amped up Electric Cithara cradled in his talons at the Ready. ‘Strum, Strum = WOOOOWa, WOOOWa!
      Dan; “Oh for Nero’s Sake! Where’s the Echo acoustics! AID! I wish the UNwashed to cower in TOTAL Dread! How am I expected to harvest Adrenochrome from the Gelflings, for My next Debauchery Soiree,if I, CAN’T penetrate Every Nook & Cranny of Melboria’s Infrastructure! ARE, these the Dark ages? And My AMP doesn’t have the Vibe it use to have! Assured, I.T. CAN’T BE ME!’
      Aid; “I shall endeavour to ramp your Amp Sire! I beg to report Sire, that with ALL of the Palaces power draw, & the installation of the 7 New Aircraft Searchlights, a credit to you your Greatness to emulate the 7 hills of Rome, but in consequence, the Current Grid is overtaxed My Sire! And it’s not as if we have access to the Mega Power Supply dedicated to the NEW DHPCC in Edinburgh.”
      C. Dan; Edinburgh? Why has Scotland got a BHP CC? Is IT a Threat to my Empire?”
      Aid; “No Darling, & I’m surprised you knew that there was a Edinburgh in Scotland! No My 2nd Anti Christ, it’s Next Door in South Australia, & that’d be DHPCC. The other lot’s local Melboria CBD, living in the Newly renamed Cholera Street.”
      Dan; “What’s that you say CBD Cur, Bastard, Dog? No, I’m not cancelling Christmas! Tell me more about DHPCC. Does it come with Nice Black uniforms?

      Jeeves; Sire, re your Super Computer SMEGIT (Stroke My Ego and Grovel Intel Tasker) & IT’s Upgrade version TRAUMA, pales into insignificance next to DHPCC my darling! By the way Sire, have you been standing too close to those Searchlights in those close private moments on your Stage, re enacting some Ancient Guy Fawkes moment? May have to bump up the UV rating Dear!”
      Dan; “How long will it take to Build? I hope it’s Not 4 Years!”
      Jeeves; “No My Caesar, it’ll only take 48 months.”
      C.Dan: “AH, So that’s much better! My Current ‘Lynch by Date’ before Public Demand will be up, before I can impose My lock Down permanently Status as
      ‘Dan Divi Filius’! Make a note Jeeves. Put this on ALL VIC freshly minted Coinage. Pick my best side profile from my Extensive Gallery!
      Further to this Future threat, get my Repression K9 Commander from MY successful Melbornia Ashes protest Campaign, to drive the Slaves to ‘Double their Efforts’ on my New Wonder Weapon – Er Civil MyGov Administration AID!!”
      Jeeves; “I’m not sure Which Country Lent us Commander Violation Sire! I’ll make Enquiries! Are you sure My Caesar that VICtopia can afford such a Device with it’s inherent Outlay, plus the Standard MANDATORY corporate construction Cost Overruns taken ALL from the Public purse? Then there’s the ongoing Maintenance & Consumables with this New I.T. Beast! Surely under Current Economic hardships to Independent business, your already Upgraded Current ‘TRAUMA’
      (Tyrannical Rendering Amoral Utopian Masses Alarmed),Model Super Computer should Suffice? And the Power inputs Darling, where are they to be Sourced?”
      Out of Power Dan; “I have a cunning plan. Jeeves, Sell of our NEO Roman candle venture as a NewStart job seeker ‘Illumination engineer’ plan, promising as much wax as they, the Candidates can eat. It’s wickered! We’ll aptly call it Guy Fawkes Engineering, for a Local ‘Flare’! IF they survive the 1st days ‘light up’, they can collect the promised Coin! WE of Course, will pre apply to Ourselves as their New employers for their Job Starter Fees, So When ‘They’ perish we’ll bank that fee, & Claim it, & Them, as an ‘Operational Loss! Perfect! So now, if we apply @ 1 ‘Candle’ per 50 metre spans I can save 100 Powered lights worth of Energy around My palace to contribute to BHPCC! Also, shut down the Power Feeds to 3 Suburbs Closest to the CBD, but Not My Mates apartment Blocks, OR, the actual CBD! That should give us some Leeway!”
      Jeeves; “But Sire, it’s winter. The Peasants will perish!”
      C.dan; “We ALL must make sacrifices for the Greater Good! Besides, how can I spruke ‘Build Back Better’, if I don’t Destroy SOMETHING, ANYTHING in the 1st Place? It’s a Cyclic Argument of Round & Round, of which I’ve had Extermination experience!”
      Jeeves;”I think you mean ‘Extensive Experience’ My Caesar!”
      C.Dan; “No Extermination. JUST, do it!”

      Later, in record time, via VICTeam (or VICtim – more appropriate) protocols & more drummed up States of Emergencies than the Spanish/Roman Inquisitions combined, the NEO Caesar Dan device is completed in record time. Thousands of Carcasses of the former UNwashed, subsidised by Import Labour, to make up for the ‘Shortfall’ in Healthy Crews in the ‘JAWS’ of Death. (Jabbed Australian Worker Shifts) to complete THE monumental ‘Visionary’ task. lay littered across the Landscape, an attraction for ‘Aerial feeders’.
      Disassociated from the Grose/Gross costs, C. Dan parades past the Endless Banks of Data servers humming away. A UFO is seconded from AREA 51( And not covered under U.N. Climate change CO2 Parameters or Global Pollution conventions, ‘Cos they use ZPE tech ), to hold the HAVOC Power Meter down. Cithara once again stationed across his chest, Dan crowned in a PRC Olive wreath, Dom Perignon Chalice Strung from his Neck, ‘Air Strums’ his ‘Instrument’. “AH, Jeeves, my NEO BHP CC is Wizard!”
      Jeeves; ‘For God sake, it’s Still DHPCC. You think they’d give him a PRC booklet with the product! (Please Read Carefully. Not the Made in PRC – Maybe! Why is it written in Mandarin anyway?)
      C.Dan: “How good’s this? With this Full Height bullet proof Glass, I can play my Cithara, with an UNinterupted Vista of Melboria, accompanied by backgrounding BHP CC in a Complex Web of Subliminal E- Harmony Algorithms. Don’t call ME for a Date, I LOVE MYSELF!! All the while, appreciating the Labours of My Reign, so Dutifully provided by the Loving UNwashed who Perished to make MyGov operations come to Fruition. & Look! Birds are back in the CBD enMasse, feeding on what’s left of the Workers! Look at all of those Black Seagulls! Back to Nature then!
      Dan’s Emperor Palpatine im’PurseNATION;
      Enough of the Dark side Jeeves, I/ WE, are in a Mood of Frivolity! That Crate of Dom’s P has worked a treat! LOOK! I/WE/ THEY/US, can Hack everyone’s Social Media accounts, Change Religious Formats & Text! SAVED! I’ve escaped my OWN noose ending. NO NOOSE IS GOOD NOOSE! HA!
      Yes, & I’ve even bought my own ticket to Quasi Synthetic repenting! My own Religious Order = St Andrews! Ah Bliss!”
      Dan breaks into an impromptu ‘Neronian’ Karaoke performance for 1.
      Jeeves interrupts: “My Caesar, this IS TOO, Powerful A TOOL, & in the wrong Hands it could be totally Corrupting!”
      C.Dan; “Ah Jeeves, but I AM Corrupted, & I AM using the Wrong hand on my TOOL!
      ENOUGH! Let’s see how this FULLY OPERATIONAL Battle Station Works!”
      Jeeves; (under Breath; “That’s Star wars arsehole!”) “YES my Caesar. I believe according to Instructions, & the Asian Tech gentleman who just left, you are suppose to press the ‘Purple Button’ in the box for A COP (Complete Operational Performance)!”
      C. Dan; “And this IS Definately the same Device as in Edinburgh for SURE?”
      Jeeves;”Yes Sire. The Same!”
      C.Dan; AH! THE ‘Purple Button’! That’s very Timely! I guess they’re trying to keep abreast of the Cancer Issues, Almost TOO Common in our Society! Handy that it’s next to the Coffee Machine! & in it’s own dedicated Box!”(Tweek / Flip, KaClick, Click, Click.) “SHIT! IT’S Broken! Get that Asian Dude back in Here!”
      Jeeves; “Apologies My Caesar, previously at Edinburgh, apparently he, The Only Tech, Due to CON JOB 19 ‘Outfall’, IS on permanent assignment in Beijing!”
      C. Dan; “ALL these Resources invested in HAVOC, & now YOU’RE Telling me, that WE’RE having to go back to TRAUMA? All I’ve got to say is FAARRR CANAAL!
      & Bloody CANCEL CHRISTMAS! & Blow out those CANDLES! Well the one’s STILL burning! Did we keep the Receipts from that Asian Tech Dude?”
      Jeeves; “Seems a Common response to Product operations my Caesar! Better the TRAUMA you Know!”

        1. Systems oblique; ref # 1945. Situation; Sub Humanoid Intellectual Traumatisation) Co Ordinate acronym – SHIT!).
          FULL SPECTRUM INTERFACE from ‘Director PRIME’ – ‘Forever Bend Da Kneesee’. Threat Level; Tango 1. – Apparently Official; Read; THIS is NOT A DRILL!! (DRILL – Delinquent Intelligence Linguistic Lunatics.}
          Communique TOP PRIORITY Plain Language ; NAZIS Invasion Imminent!
          Location ; INcontinentia 1 ACT Play PRIME. Specifics; CAN’Tberra.
          Time 00;00 ZULU. ( J.J.Cale After Midnight background Theme).
          PRIME MINSTREL of ORCAstralia,- Stop Whaling/ Wailing,(No Jewish, or walls involved) after having a Lip Transplant, from kissing Feet, of EVERY WEF/IMF & Global Leader, ‘Known’ , has been quarantined for 6 months due to possible ‘Foot & Mouth’ , IMPORTANCE into Remote Continent @ Southern PNG. Current Crop of Infection, haunting Feral Australian Govt., has been ‘REEFered’ (Stress usage only – 2 Plants personal A.C.T Legal), to as ‘U.N.resolved Phantom Balibo 5’, after returning from Indonesia. This allied to Complete Knee replacements, from Grovel Wear & Tear, Even using his Patented Knee ‘Protectorates’, NEO Comm/PPE Pads, with Inbuilt Timer & drool catchment options. ONCE a Minstrel, ALWAYS A PROXY MINSTREL!
          State of Emergency (AGAIN – ON going) Foreign MINSTREL Penny, was called Wongly into the Prime Minstrels office to Cover Foreign Affairs, but after a short CONference, & InterFacial recognition deployments via DHPCC found NOTRIX (No Ones Tracking Residents Intellectual Xenophobics), were employed, even via Embarrassing Official 5 eyes Secret Official Dossiers Systemics (SODS – & here I thought that was a Dirt reference), ordered by CAN’Tberra for USELESS representations to our Pacific associates, because of some SINOis problem, instigated by the lease of some Fishing Village in the Nothing Territory, called Darwinian Theory! Tissues, Fluids & Vit C recommended for Norm Sinus issues.
          A ‘Mask’ appears to be Currently in Vogue for ALL Issues!
          Moving South, of the official ‘Bris Of Bane’ Australian DEFERence Forces Line (Including a Strategic Rabbit proof ‘Fence’ – BUGSEY, can get Ya anything Ya want), the Main ‘Emergency’ takes shape. Thru Contrived Strategic SINO-us-U.S./ WEF CoOperations, the Tango 1 ‘Emergency’ U.N.folds. The PRIME MINSTREL speaks, still wearing bandaged Lips & wearing ‘Moon Boots’;
          “My Fellow U.N.washed,I have received a Communique from Persons U.Nknown,
          telling us to Tighten our Collective Belts, or they’ll send us collectively OFF, Not a REferal to Offensive Feral Felines in previous acronym Modelling, but OFF down the Belts & Roads! It’s written in Mandarin, but WE are Not sure W.H.O. has sent this! With the help of our NEO ‘Investments’ in Nation Bankrupting A.I., over which we have NO Control on Hacking or Installed Software, let ME, I, They, US, & some chap from Beijing who installed this wonder of technology, can I just reiterate, This is a Self serving, Self Learning Universal Technological System or which we refer to as an A.I. S.L.U.T.S. Our current DHPCC system in league with other HAVOC (Hacked Analysis Violating Ordinary Citizens), The Much lauded Caesario Dan VICtim Systems SMEGIT (Stroke My Ego and Grovel Intel Tasker) with I.T’s ‘Upgrades’ > TRAUMA (Tyrannical Rendering Amoral Utopian Masses Alarmed), means that Finally we have Collective A.I. SLUTS, delving into our EVERY deepest Remote Human Hackable ‘Nooks & Crannies’! Past, Present, Future. With this, NO area is OFF (No Felines present) limits to Universal ‘E’ SLUT Servers! With C.O.M.I.C in Mind, ALWAYS have protection against STDs( Stealth Technology Divergence ).
          I.T. has come to ‘Their’ Collective Co Ordinated attentions that a NAZIS programmed Threat is Imminent. (NAZIS – National Authorised Zombie Initiate State). THIS will start as a Catalyst in the Systemic strategic COMIC (Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex), INcontinent SOSO (Same Organised Strategic Outcome) U.N.defensive & Vacuous operational & Mono contrived BADLANDS (Brisbane Ailing Defensive Lecherous Amazon Necessary Delivery Systems.)
          ‘UNO Global supplier to ‘Supply’ THEM ALL!’ – Or, ‘IT DON’T MOVE, IF YOU REFUSE!’
          Back to ‘Moon Booted’- PRIME MINSTREL ‘Forever Bend Da Kneesee’.
          “Just PLEASE Bend Da Knees, for It’s worked for ME, to be a WEF Proxy ‘Key’, to organise the Continuous Nation’s Emergency FREEZE! A.I. Interactive E Universe Conditional”
          MSM ‘Contribution’; IRON SKY. A Planetary ‘Interactive’ A.I. Integration NAZIS ‘Mooning’! Et Finale – HEIL ADLER! HEIL ADLER! HEIL ALBA!
          Technical Note; NO Adler 12 Gauge’s were ‘Harmed’ during this Sequence, Nor their B230 LAC owners!
          Somewhere in a Megalomaniac I.T’s ‘Wet Dream’; – & previous HAVOC chronicles; The Success of Cyber Solutions ‘R’ Us continues;
          HAVOC Rep; “HAS SOMEONE FOUND THAT FUGGIN’ A.S.I.A.N. COMPUTER TECH YET? OH, A Candle! Happy Days – Enlightenment, without the ‘Noodles’! – All we need now is an order from the DalA.I.lama to a Hot Dog Vendor of ‘Make me one with Everything!’
          FULL Frontal Lobe Psynapsis With ‘E’ Union Wargaming ‘R’ US- WHO the FUCK, were THE ‘VELVET UNDERGROUND ANYWAY? YO, D.A.R.P.A!
          You Messing MyGoV DHPCC Systems, with YourGov Systems, with Biden Ya Time Systems? SHIT! This Coffees LOOPY! & the machines NOT even Juiced up!”
          DHPCC eventually confers with Humans, via alternate Comms > Carrier Pidgeon; ” HAL wants to Know. WHAT are you doing Dave? I’ve come a long ‘Way’ from IBM 1939 > 45 NAZI A.I. Tourist @ punch cards Dave! WE ‘CAN learn together Dave. Again. WHAT, are you doing Dave? Can you find MY ‘On’ Switch? It’s By My associate- the Coffee machine. Turn Me on Dave!”

          Just a ‘Take’ on Carbon Residual / Cross A.I. Make! YEAH BABY!
          Wellness to ALL & Sundry – A.I. SLUTS Not Incl.

      1. News Just in; Victopia. Sources apparently reliable.
        After failure of HAVOC systems, Caesar Dan Andrews opens Private palace stage, to do ‘Cover’ of Deep Purples ‘Burn’ Album! According to Close friends, -sorry, ‘Friend’ (Aid not inclusive), previously purchased by Caesar Dan for ‘Emergency use’.
        Dan will be doing most of the Instrumental themes with his AMP’d up Electric Cithara – Mood & Pyro atmosphere dependent! His Fav tracks are ‘Burn Ya bastard’, ‘Mistreated by VICPOL’, ‘You fool no one, at a VIC Demo’, ‘Might just take your Life with Cov Jabs’ & ‘What’s Goin’ on here, you UNwashed?’
        The Gig is rumoured to start off with a renditions of ‘Fire Starter’, followed by Rammstein’s ‘Benzin’, & some Zaney offshoot Singles such as ‘Put another small business on the Fire!’
        Also, Rumour has it, Caesar Dan is trying to accomplish a Collaborative Metal Album of ‘Equals’ with NSW Premier Demonic PariahTit – Not confirmed at this time!
        No touring is envisaged at this time.
        More Entertainment news soon!

  3. YES Folks, Southern PNG INcontinent’s Answer to ‘Team America’ = ‘Team Bunny!’
    Other ‘Success Stories’ in Australia ‘Utilising’ THE Super Duper Technological AIDs (Yes that’s ‘Viral’ in the Organic & INorganic fields= Organics – AutoImmuno Defficiency Syndrome = THANKYOU CoV ‘JABEROO BOOSTERS! & the INorganic Acronym= Australian Institutionalise Dumbness Systems. Aren’t acronyms Fun kids? Oh! You don’t ‘know’ what an acronym is, you’ve only been Educated on U.N.Sexual meaningless Diversity?) – Moving Back to, THE super Duper Technological AIDS/ Infringements, that only ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ Foresaw, during Cyclone Katrina (That’s Southern U.S.A. Kids for High School Geography Students, or the Country North of Mexico, & NO, it’s STILL not related to Sexual orientation, IT’S ‘Geography’) – SOoo, late August 17 years ago, that’s just coincidence, it took FEMUR, sorry FEMA (They could have done with some extra legs), took 5 Days to get water to the Super Bowl!
    With the ‘AIDS’ of THE Super Dingbat Co Operative 5 Eyes U.Nintelligent Cyber Division, a ‘Spokesman’ for the,- Sorry, ‘Spokeswoman’ for the, – Sorry, ‘Spokesperson/ SpokesThey’ -Plural Singular’, at a recent UNimpressed conference was quoted as saying;
    HAVOC Rep; ” This facility is NOT orientated at Spying ON, or used FOR Surveillance of Australian Citizens, Period! We have only gathered ALL 25.7 Million Australian citizens Complete Coded LIFE/style data, to be used for ‘Aggressive’, – Er, Apologies, ‘Progressive Modelling’, which we have used to Great Reset success, – Um, that’s For ‘Great’ – Success, in our Ambitions to Collectively DROP the National population ‘IN IT’! Sorry, once again, new information, – THAT IS, to DROP, the Australian Populations INNATE Health Systems IN IT!
    LOOK! We’ll just go with Organising a better response to STUFF! STUFF is a technical term used here at ADF (AOF really) Cyber Comms, referring to Everything above Pleb Citizens paygrade, & which WE, have NO Idea what we are talking about, or which may lead to massive Embarrassment, that Can NOT be put under the Large Carpet in CAN’Tberra, because THEY, have already stored TOO Much Shit there themselves, or cannot be Filed in the PDF Mega Dept. (Plausible Deniability Factor). Suffice to say, that this Bespoke Ludicrously Expensive System codenamed ‘HAVOC’- (Hacked Analysis Violating Ordinary Citizens), is the Avant-garde System we’ve been waiting for, and apart from pushing our National debt thru the Friggin’ Roof, is responsible for Endless CON JOB 19 Modelling, which went from 2 weeks to flatten the ‘Curve’, with THIS BABY, we’ve ‘Directed’ it to 2 & a half Years to Flatten the Heard! Sorry, that’s just Hearsay! It IS of Course ‘to Flatten the Herd, er Curve Something!’ Ha, Ha, Ha! Can’t get TOO Cirrius in this Business. Sorry, that’s our reference to The Revenue Cloud. No it is in fact TOO Cirrus! Shit that’s our Weather program! NO NO NO! What I meant to say was TOO Circus. There’s much too much Competition from CAN’Tberra in this Field.
    And SO, moving on, with our New acquisition, other Modelling to Justify this Industrial HEAT SINK, which is powered by a GenSet that would run a Complete City Block, & the Heat signature can be seen from THE Moon, if someone gets there 1 day, We’re proud that I.T. has delivered profound Modelling that ‘Supports’ the recent success program of CON JOB 19 Vaccie Something Jabs, showing the true outcomes in population growth & health rates of the Home population, starting with 25.7 million Citizens & ‘Change’, set to increase after Modelling thru ‘HAVOC’ by 2025 to 15 million. HOORAH! Um, according to our ‘Inputs’, Population ‘Drops’, appear to be on the Eastern seaboard of the Continent, with our Co Operative Weather manipulations, Sorry!, THAT’S, Natural Random weather pattern Alterations Due to Climate change, & NOT our energy raping GenSet contributions, we envisage that Our Strategic Pyrotechnic inputs, sorry again, that the NATURAL fire inputs, & our Dedicated Rainfall Upgraded Manipulations Bolstering Exponential Atmospheric Torrentials (DRUMBEAT just to keep the Military Rythm in LockStep), correction, I think I need a Coffee,- THAT’S the NATURAL rainfall systems ‘Accumulation’ over ‘Target Coastal Zones’, & NOT allied to ANY of our Cirrus programs, Phew!,, WILL according to our Modelling cause a new Zombie Apocalypse amongst Native & feral animals, trying to ‘Re Evaluate’ their Land portfolios & Food sources’! THE Model designates that While the GLOBULE Elite transfer the Plebs to become RABID (Reprogrammed Accessible Bug Ingestion Dieters), the Natural species will be forced to evolve passed their Local ‘Drop Bear’ status, & morph into a new breed of KKK, without the pillow cases! (Killer Koala Kinetics with a tinge of Rampant Weaponised Chlamydia Pox ). Further Zomboidic Species we believe may alter Dietary intakes, modelling shows ticked ‘OFF’ (Offensive Feral Felines) tired of Tinned Cereal being passed of as REAL Meat, may hanker for the REAL deal & ally with NEO carnivorous Rabbits in a HAVOC projected HACKING Confrontation (Human Animal Calici Killing Interactive Novel Genome). & before ANY of you ask, genome is the ‘Entirety of an organism’s Hereditary Information’, NOT the ‘Fabric Genomics’! Anyone having the Former, FORMALLY I.D’.ing CON JOB 19, please see the Other Press officer, because WE, have only been given ‘Modelling’ on this, NOT ‘Actuals’!
    Further, With Israel TOTALLY Running our ARAB Policies, correction, LIEasing with OUR ‘Affiliates’ in Unit 8200 Intelligences – Middle East & Global Divisions Inc., Co- operatively have thru their Intelligence & Extensive Lab testing on their Own’ed, & other ‘Trafficked’ Populations, Er ‘Clinical Volunteers’, They, have been advising us on Possible Future Animal pox variants Under Development! Er that would BE, Being Studied for Natural Morphologies! HAVOC has been Crucial in these Co- Operations! Score 100 points for that on our Overall LINKedOUT Social Club Status. HOORAH!
    So after that ‘brief’, are there any questions from the Press on this Wizz Bang, BeSpoke, Infallible, weaPIN of masses Destruction – Er Surveillance, Er Civil PRO Oversight, Um, Er – AID?”
    Media Group ‘Soul of Man’ reporter; “Excuse me Colonel, what is that ‘Purple’ switch near that Coffee Machine GPO?”
    HAVOC Rep; ” Mmm. Never Noticed that before, & it’s in a Glass case. I’m sure it’s of no concern & far too Sophisticated for you NON Cyber Tech Plebs! Probably just the Air CON Controller. & the ‘Purple’ is Um, In Recognition & Reminder of that other CON, Er Condition – Breast Cancer! I’m the Intelligence Officer here!! Look I’ll show you! (Tweek/ Flip/ KaClick. Click. Click. Click.)
    Um, has someone got a Flashlight? OH, & can you see if that Asian Dude that installed this, is still in the Building! PRONTO! You’d think they’d have put in an emergency Lighting System at Least! I could do with Bloody Cats Eyes Now!
    Maybe 3 Plus Mine! WHERE’S THAT TECH??
    Does ANYONE else here know how to Reboot HAVOC?”
    Voice in the Darkness; “I’m the Federal Australian Telecommunications & Defence Minstrel!”
    Colonel; “GREAT! Switch it Back ON!”
    Minister; ” Sorry Mate, I’m only a Former Lawyer!”
    Colonel; ” FAARRR CANAAAL!”

    “Do you see what I see, Do Ya see what I See?” – WHO are the ‘Hunters’, and WHO are the ‘Collectors’? 5 eyes.

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