December 6, 2023

9 thoughts on “It’s totally real and deadly! Stop doubting! | Video

  1. I sometimes get very frustrated with people. This vaccine kills you five ways to Sunday and the honest nurses have already said what they see. The spike protein has three proteins on it.. a prion, a HIV-A and something like Ebola. But.. the virus covid is a fiction or it did exist at one point perhaps.. but most likely it is just the same annual flu we see at least in Australia. The sick we are seeing are the plethora of over 35 possible illness symptoms created by the vaccine. If you think Graphene oxide, Hydra DNA organisms that can lift themselves off the slide plate or the spike that will cause autoimmune like symptoms, to prion disease, CIRS, paralysis, sterility, cancer from the HIV-A protein dialing down your T cells turning you basically into an AIDS victim is medicine and a software engineer is where you get medical advice ignoring the worlds top medical scientists doctors pathologists etc is a good thing.. or Dr. Fauci’s exposed lies or the fact there is NO isolated covid in existence and the reward for such is yet unclaimed.. if you think that is all good.. then perhaps you have more in common with a lemming than a human and you deserve your fate for being so stupid. Harsh I know.. but I was an RN For 17 years two degrees. Im a researcher nd taught at Flinders University, , I have a background/interest in genetics and a photographic memory. So if bill gates knows more than I do on this subject, then Im not a person Im a duck and my pronouns are Quack Quack.

    1. Great comment summing up a lot of the facts. One thing you didn’t touch on is that the jabs, particularly the graphene oxide together with some of the nano-tech, turn your whole body into a receiver/transmitter for the 5G network that is nearing completion. I think this is why the govts are going silly trying to jab everyone. The 5G serves a several functions, but just a short, dramatic increase in the power of the transmissions at certain frequencies can kill and probably will kill most of the jabbed people because they will have no immune system or dna repair ability left. This is probably what happened in the Spanish “flu” as contemporaries noticed people get sick and dying at locations far distant from one another. The only NEW thing was the radio networks that were around before commercial uses were made of them from 1920.

  2. I was actually becoming de-sensitised to the old colouring of the coronavirus spikey ball! Now my fear is renewed! thank you MSM for perpetuating the saga and demonising colours. Could we get a rainbow spikey ball so some people don’t get offended though? Maybe a hairy one for our pets as I did see a fantastic MSM story yesterday on terrified Aussies wanting the jab for their dogs.

  3. just a quick observation on the channel 9 news where the graph presenter says at 13:30 into the video…

    omicron is 10 times less deadly bc of vaxxs (complete bs but nevermind) but what she says & what is shown on the giant monitor is exactly the opposite ie; it shows there are 1 in 10 deaths from omicron. meaning deaths are ten times higher than the original alpha/delta

    freudian slip or subliminal messaging either/or, its the same effect bc we retain more of what we see than what we hear, so the take-away from the news segment will be that omicron has caused 1 in 10 deaths compared to the original 1 in 100 as per the displayed info on the giant screen

    surely the team preparing the info & graph know primary school math, right?

    you see, this is the level that news corps dumb down the viewers by spoon feeding info to good little sheeple so they get their narratives to the lowest possible denominator/neanderthal watching the idiot box then those same troglodytes will argue to the n’th degree with anyone who has a differing opinion bc they heard it on tv, no matter the absurdity.

    as i’ve said in a previous post, we all just need to stop the economy for 2 weeks ie; no shopping, working, entertaining or travelling & the govt will beg us to get back & save the country. that’s when we tell them to fuck off & repeal every single mandate/law/scheme/act that was enabled since 2019 & conduct royal commissions into every one of those same acts to find who benefitted & prosecute them all. especially the nepotism going on from scomo to palaschuk that all tottnews followers already know about.



    1. Excellent,harsh words,but I feel the same,this is a hideous medical dictatorship and is completely unacceptable !

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