December 7, 2023

29 thoughts on ““Special rules”: Scott Morrison announces medical apartheid for Australians

  1. Here’s the problem all these moronic communist politicians don’t seem to realize. If you’re vaccinated then their claim is you’re safe so the only people at risk are the people who voluntarily choose not to have the experimental substance born out of the CCP weapons program injected into their bodies.
    So are “vaccinated” people really safe or is this as it appears just a bullshit plan to enslave the people to a more blatant communism portrayed as “democracy”.
    Australian politics is dirty with CCP money on all sides. A virus with a mortality rate less than 1% (almost all over the age of 65yo) deserves no laws or restrictions of any kind.

  2. Thank you for continuing to fight for us all. Scott Morrison has to keep up his narrative because of all the money he has wasted on buying the “jab”, apart from being “bought” himself, along with premiers and CHOs. As there is no identified COVID virus the ones spreading must be those who have already been jabbed.

  3. Apartheid was state endorsed segregation based on colour and/or a person’s ethnicity. Freedom was dependent on your colour. Something over which you have no control. You on the other hand are free to choose whether you get vaccinated. To vote in elections. Don’t you DARE compare this to apartheid.

    1. This is state-endorsed segregation based on the personal medical decisions of individuals. Movement and other human rights, like access to essential services, to be restricted for a certain section of society.

      Tell me again how that is not apartheid? You are aware multicultural communities in Sydney are the ones disproportionately locked down? Does their religious or personal beliefs not count?

      Oh, but as you say, you’re ‘free’ to ‘choose’. Choose to not be able to work, not receive welfare, not leave the country, not travel in your homeland – that’s all ‘your choice’.

      I forgot.

      How dare people not want to take a ‘vaccine’ to avoid catching a ‘virus’ that has killed less people than the (now disappeared) annual flu! A shot that won’t end restrictions, as more ‘variants’ emerge and even more shots are required! Filthy!

      I think we should separate them from society!

      “Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning ‘separateness’, or ‘the state of being apart’, literally ‘apart-hood’ (from the Afrikaans suffix -heid).”

      Hey, go figure!

      1. You’re confusing apartheid with communism. Australia is a communist country governed by one of two communist parties. Morrison’s rhetoric is exactly what CCP & US Democrats have & are doing.

        1. Communist? How exactly did you arrive at that? Do you know what communism IS?
          Australia might be many things. Communist isn’t one of them

          1. You clearly don’t know what communism is. Arbitrary rule founded in self & political interests. Time for you to get off social media & back to school.
            Good luck.

            1. Where did you pluck that definition from? I really am interested in where you got that from. It is more akin to current capitalism, with it’s self interest. There is so much you think you know…..

      2. Your naivete could be almost engaging…..

        I know the translation of ‘apartheid’. ‘Final Solution’ sounds innocent enough too.

        Under apartheid there was NO choice if you were not born white. For non-whites your birthright was poverty, discrimination; to be part of a sub-class. You couldn’t wake up and say ‘I want to be white’. You were second class (at best) and could only mix with the privileged whites as a servant. You could be arrested without charge and be held indefinitely. You could suffer Steve Biko’s fate while in custody and there would be no one answerable.

        If YOU choose to take a different path, that is YOUR choice. YOU have a choice Any consequences are a result of that choice. My choices have consequences too. However the consequences will not be indefinite incarceration, or death in custody. Unless of course you are a first nations person, but that is a different topic.

        So I’ll play my tiny violin to your entitled, first world suffering. But don’t think that is in any way comparable to what apartheid really was

        1. You clearly don’t know the definition, given you are continuing to describe consequences that await unvaccinated individuals under this plan. Apartheid via segregation of race, or apartheid via segregation of belief, are both apartheid.

          Second class citizens? Both, yes. Can only mix with the privileged? Both, yes. Arrested and incarcerated? Both, yes.

          Regarding ‘birthright’, perhaps you are only seeing the beginning stages, in addition to your misconception of ‘choice’.

          You do realise that unvaccinated children will be born into unvaccinated communities eventually (already are), and thus will also be subjected to the same inter-generational effects? For the unvaccinated, they will have NO choice either. Children can’t wake up and say ‘I want to be vaccinated’, can they?

          It is the same thing.

          They will suffer based on the actions of their parents to protect both parties.

          But, keep telling yourself this narrative. Time will show.

          How did someone like yourself even make it on to a website like this? A paid troll?

          1. Well. I am interested in all viewpoints. So I joined this website. Many/most of the views/beliefs here do not accord with mine. That’s fair enough too. I like to think that I am a more flexible thinker than many.

            But when a bald statement, that compares an attempt to control a pandemic with the incarceration, torture and murder of a people based on their ethnicity is made, I gotta dispute that.


            I am not a member of any political party, and am certainly not being paid. We are fully vaccinated against COVID. I loathe the current federal government. It is the most corrupt, vicious and inept that I can remember. And I’m 65

            1. All opinions are certainly welcome here on the website. Thank you for clarifying that question.

              Perhaps a lighter tone in future would help avoid confusion on these things.

              I hope my comments added further explanation to my use of the word ‘apartheid’ and your criticisms of that use – even if we agree to disagree on it.

              1. Play Nicely Folks! Someone says tomato, others say TomAto’, is it really that Critical?. THE ‘fight’ is Further Óut There’, & as Folks say, bogging down on ‘Slights’, only serves to strengthen THE ‘System’, that WE, as a collective, are trying to Justifiably ‘Neutrilize’, for All General thinking Citizens.
                Wellness to All of US!

  4. Not for Zero reason, ÍT’ COVID vaxx would be described as THE Weaponised Biological ‘Deployment’ Platforms. The Term ‘Vaccine’, does NOT apply by Straight Definition. Apart from the MUTIPLE ‘Violations’ of the Nuremberg Code, & other International human Rights charters . Perhaps the Politicians,& their Ádvisors’, ARE Illiterate after all! As for CCP ‘Money’, it doesn’t take very much digging to find that the ‘Graphene Oxide'[Read Highly Toxic poison ; See MSDS sheet attached to ‘Product’], used in mRNA COVID [NOT]vaccines, is ‘Supplied to Pfizer/Moderna/ Groups Plus, is supplied thru Sinolabs. WHERE is our ‘Protection’ on this Íngredient’ alone, & also PEG in THE ‘Pharma products’? Anyone? At all? I’d ask the Usual suspects – Politicians/Govt, agencies [TGA/Health], EPA, AMA, BUT, they’ve gone so far past having their collective Snouts ín the Trough, that they’ll need a Hubbard Telescope, to see back to the Trough Rim!

  5. People who have had covid and recovered should not be even getting the jab, they have immunity. Is the government telling them that? As for the vaccinated getting special privileges, most new cases are among the fully vaccinated, UK and US have thousands of them which they re calling ‘breakthrough cases’… most have the so called mild Delta (a Dr called it mild), but highly transmissable – so yeah put them all in together, and away from the unvaccinated please.

    As for calling this a vaccine, it is gene therapy technology and it is experimental. The mRNA vaccines have the highest death rate than all vaccines combined from mid-1997 to the end of 2013 – that is 15.5 years… See New Dawn Special Issue Vol.15.No.4.. Vaccine passports will be nothing more than a database to share your info and ensure compliance.

    just feel so angry about all this… and the fact that most Australians don’t even research anything but line up in their thousands for this toxic jab… Once it is in you, you CANNOT get it out… and no one knows the harm it will do… Even the inventor of mRNA called it dangerous… he was quickly banned and blacklisted… Even Scott Morrison said on TV that if you decide to get it without informed consent, then its your problem if things go bad…

    The big question is why are the effective but safe treatments banned.. like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamic C… this should be a light bulb moment for everyone.

    Anyway stay strong all… Its only a matter of time til it all unravels and too many people will wake u.


  6. Good luck with that ScoMo,! as like many of your ilk, you believe that the rest of the World is irrelevant, what is proposed will no doubt fail, as the
    Collapse of the Vaccine legend grows imminent, as the legend of the
    Virus, grows in an unconquerable wave, it overpowers, the weak, and
    troubled technology of man, why,? because whatever it is ,…it is completely
    The technology, designed to conquer the virus, was always meant to
    fail,…. bio- weapon, but of course, it was the original plan.
    What was it,? …. the hype,… the vaccine,… the investors,… the profit, ..
    something like that.
    All entirely true,…. but who:?….. is persuaded…..who has the cognitive
    ability, to actually,….believe…. the Con…..! No- one…… the Legend of
    the virus, lives on..!

    There is No Virus.!!!

    The Vaccine, was and is the Prima, in this equation, the plans were in
    place,….. they got caught out,….. the psy-op: the fear campaign, just
    cascaded, it ran away from them..
    The well practiced, Criminal Corporations, the Pharma monoliths, who
    are not averse to, shall we call conceptualised killing, if of course the
    price is right, with the pathways of accountability, are paved with the
    Political protections, of consequential liability. With any competition,
    being completely muted.

    With all the precursors, and the monstrous capabilities of the Corporate,
    They provided, their products, still untested, still a fabric of unknown
    potentials, the recipes, those secret alleged ingredients, hmmm, yes,
    The political pathfinders, paved the way , with the Emergency Provisions,
    With the biggest weapon, of all of this….. the legend of the Virus, the
    Variants, ah yes the legend, as the Medusa Media, all bought and owned
    in a nice tight circle of Babylonian Billionaires, who all worship at the same
    alter, and believe me, it has nothing to do with greed.
    Providing, the never ending script, of fear, anxiety. As the Coalition of
    the willing, the Political Personalities, who if the truth be known, are
    stable entities, and the parameters of their behaviour, would be entirely

    Now, we have the spectre of the ‘ break through cases’ , the inherent
    claims of the ‘ spike protein ‘ factories, vaccinated shedding of viral
    particulates, mind you, not from any Virus.
    No, an ‘ in Silico’, synthesised genome sequence, which features no
    viral component. A Computer, created simulation.
    Polyethylene Glycol, Functionalised Graphene Oxide.ACL135, ACL 139.
    Pegulated, 4 Types Nano Lipids.SM 102 . these poisons, which breach,
    all Bio- ethics codes, because they are poisons. False Labelling. Crimes.
    People Crimes, the Perpetrators of this have been at this for years,
    I.G. Farben, Codex Alimentarius, Pfizer. GSK. all have the same DNA.
    the stench of their crimes, is in the order of Magnitude.
    Trust, these people, ? No. I choose life:!
    Maybe, just maybe, they need a real good cover story for this,! Hmm.

    The legend of the virus lives on:!

    Its got away from them, the cover stories, the numbers, the numbers
    the principal driver of all this, are becoming difficult to contain, the
    knowledge is growing, something is seriously wrong here, with the
    cases in Israel, rising exponentially, the US, has a serious problem,
    they want to bring back masks, and Lockdowns, the tests the
    Hospitalisations numbers, vaccinated people,!… Delta,… really,
    with a PCR Test, …. you can’t be serious,??

    IT LIVES”: The legend of the Virus.!

    Times running out ScoMo, the desperation is really coming to to the
    fore, all the manufacturing and bully boy tactics, of the haves and the
    have nots, ScoMo, mate. Tell me , what are you going to do, Gladys has
    got the PCR, Lockstep Lockdowns, going for you , but mate,
    The promises are not going to stand, the PCR Positive Pandemic,
    is going to hit the wall, the brownie points, won’t work, Vaccinated or
    not, In Maryland , US, 2580, Positive Cases all fully Vaccinated people.
    Lock em, up,… does that going to work, positive vaccinated
    people, …. get a free pass.? The legend of the Virus, is coming for you

    We see that the CDC, want to diversify the PCR TEST, that the
    Emergency Provisional Use, version of the PCR. to be axed.
    This has been claimed an admission of fault, not so, they already
    knew that, their own protocol documents state that clearly.
    As in any deception, its all in the language, is it not? find the page.
    No, they want to cease , for the legality purposes, the EUA, version,
    to your Influenza, Respiratory, Virus Version of the PCR. Influenza is
    making a comeback, who knew,?
    They are not doing away with the PCR, They repositioning it , to be
    included in more broad spectrum, testing regimes, useing other
    Testing methodologies, and products, allowing that by Nov – Dec,
    2021, that all relevant bodies to adjust, to new Testing Protocols.
    Ah yes, different day, different dress, same Fraud,!!

  7. I’ve been so busy running up and down Mt Lofty trying to dissipate some of my anger and disgust at “our” treasonous “leaders” (aka Big pHARMa reps) and participating in yesterday’s Adelaide Freedom march (which was spirited and around 1000-strong, reported by the MSM as 300) that I am late posting a comment. It looks like “Wombat”‘s comments have stimulated discussion. I have rarely seen so many Comments to a TOTT News post…well done, Wombat.

    I think Wombat’s stance can be largely explained by, using his own words, “We are fully vaccinated against COVID”. Enough said.

    1. My friend, you are a go’er, that’s for sure. I think some running and fresh air is in order for me!

      Great to hear about the Adelaide rally success! I will source some content.

      1. Thanks Ethan, and a big thank you to you and General Maddox for inviting me to participate in the latest General Knowledge Podcast, indeed a privilege for me. I see it was released today.

        Yes, I sure have needed that release of getting onto the track through the scrub above Adelaide lately, to get away from the madhouse that our society is becoming. Putting myself into a world of pain up that hill (which is what it takes to post a decent time) sure takes my mind off the lunatics. And no phone, not even my old Nokia, accompanies me. And there is often good wildlife up there. Mind you, even the Waterfall Gully track is not necessarily free from lunatics…on Friday evening I saw a masketeer about 2/3 the way up…he was the second I have seen there in the last two weeks…a dedicated Branch Covidian…a bit like that clown sitting near me at the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra recently, wearing a heavy-duty respirator like a gas mask!!! God help us. By coincidence, as I type this I am listening to Sibelius’s Symphony #2, a great piece of music, on ABC FM…the main feature at that ASO conference…along with Max Bruch’s violin concerto…played brilliantly by Grace Clifford.

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