November 29, 2023

14 thoughts on “NSW Police Commissioner admits increased enforcement is not based on health orders

  1. > Transmission commences …
    > From a close contact…
    > My partner is employed by the Government and works with Senator Rod Culleton. She has just been informed that the dark side of the Aus gov are going through the very final steps to bring in the UN now that the below bill has been approved for the UN to assist in laying down the agenda.
    > Reading between the lines, my concern is that both our police and ADF will be stripped of their rank and returned to civilian status upon UN arrival, a majority of C.C.P troops.
    > The ADF of all ranks need to hear ALL the truth asap I feel!! ADF and Police are far more disposable then they know and may just find themselves without a salary very soon…please
    warn those friends of yours who wear a uniform!!…
    > Transmission close.

  2. Covid is a British (Rothschild Khazarian (False Jews) Mafia) Psyop . using NLP . Neuro Linguistic Programming = Hypnosis = Mind Control! . send your email . will send you my article .

    1. Yes rotschildt meaning red sheild name change from bauer farmer of medicine my ancestral name.. name change 1867 ..its..insane Katrina dawson . Should haunt fuller and all they knew that lindt mad man was a one man band.. yet went in with full swat team.. rampage 2 am.. shooting rampage style.. disgusting.. as for corrupt power of the corrupt I pray the 70 whistle blower good old school police come forth.. EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS .. TRUTH REAL INTERGRITY .. this Trauma is re living My ancestral even if you were brown eye german you were killed ..spat on disease etc..

      1. The same coroner M.Barnes for the Lindt cafe has failed to do inquests for 1000s of Australians who have been trafficked & murdered my paid public officials of the justice system .. Australia is corrupt to the core!!

        Billions have been spent on Royal commissions- yet nothing achieved .. just their mates covering up for their mates .. plundering our country into further debt .
        Now UN & CCP are hear .. great 👍

  3. Thanks to the actions of people like Mike Fuller, Brad Hazard, Kerry Chant, Gladys Berejiklian and the like the generation growing now will most likely accept having less freedom then previous generations after being psychologically traumatized over the last eighteen months because of people who only have their own self-interests at heart and don’t care about the consequences of there actions because like you said they won’t be around to take the heat for it. But hopefully this time maybe might have to face some accountability, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if these characters end up slinking away before all is said and done!

  4. Oh dear oh dear, NSW police, suddenly are the experts on disease control and public health, and take it on themselves to treat a virus as a criminal (read – treat anybody they choose to as a criminal).

    Are they just trying to protect Gladys and others? Or are they in fact totally out of control?

  5. Ah, a tiny fragment of truth emerges from “New South Gaol”. I hope no-one in NSG is stupid enough to pay any of those unlawful fines…can’t take anything for granted these days, though. Fuller[you know what] was a worthy “Quaxling of the Week”, was he not? The image depicts the ugly faces of totalitarianism. I think I may have forgotten to announce the latest Quaxling…I did in Cory Bernardi Confidential, but I forgot to in TOTT News as I have been so busy helping with my granddaughter and observing the astonishing level of compliance to signing-in and muzzle wearing since I arrived in Brisbane.

    The latest QotW is the TGA, that “regulatory” rubber-stamp for pHARMa here in the Vacci-Nation of Ozcatraz. It is headed by John Skerritt. John used to be a good-looking bloke when he headed the Aust Centre for International Agricultural Research. Unfortunately, when he made his Faustian pact with the devil (in the form of Big pHARMa), he apparently failed to secure a deal whereby he could have a “Picture of Dorian Gray” (per Oscar Wilde), which would show the progressive corruption and decay of his soul, while he himself would remain pristine and forever young, at least outwardly. Poor old John looks more like the late US satanist, Anton LeVay with every passing week. Truly another worthy Quaxling winner.

  6. Surprise surprise , when the leader of the govt is corrupt then all under her become corrupt , including the people supposedly upholding the law , they all must go , seriously both state and federal govts are rotten to the core and it all starts at the top and tricked down , if you love your country vote them out , I suggest you start looking at the 5 new parties declaring their political charter for the next Federal election , I think we can all agree that Morrison just isn’t a leader , it’s not in him , one last comment , we must break this duopoly if we are to have representation of and for the people , because it’s surely crystal clear we don’t have it now .

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