June 5, 2023

2 thoughts on “Australia to trial ‘backup’ COVID-19 vaccines

  1. The medical fascism gathers pace. You describe more contorted dancing from Morrison and Hunt, leading characters in the Gates of Hell/Big pHARMa puppet show. Just had a reply from a UK scientist who I tried to warn about the danger of taking the Gates Convid1984 vax: “I will certainly be getting the vaccine”. Just can’t help some folks! He welcomes conversion into a GMO operating platform, who/which will no doubt submit to each upgrade when required…until the time when “they” determine he has outlived his usefulness.

    Gee, Ethan, not too impressed by your Queensland Premier, Anna Stasi, a 3rd rate “leader” if ever there was one: house arrest for Brisbane on the back of one Convid “case” (which of course isn’t…it’s just another false positive to the PCR test which does not identify viruses, as repeatedly warned by its inventor).

    1. I was expecting the UK virus to come later towards autumn but it looks like we won’t be allowed to get enough vitamin D from our natural sunny beaches & parks bc we’ll be locked up during the summer & will be less resilient against a common cold that will in turn mandate that we get tested & definitely be positive bc the tests, as we all know here on TOTTnews, are not fit for purpose. If the inventor of the PCR test says it was not meant to be used for corona type infections, why do all supposed medical experts like Prof. Dr. Wank&Swallow Bill Gates & WHO “the fuck are you” president Tedros (not a medical doctor for the first time in WHO history) decided this is the correct test for covid? I don’t know how the pHarma giants do it but our supposed leaders, aka; sold out dogs, all just nod & push these agendas without blinking. We have senators that are supposed to question everything, right? so why is no one saying or doing anything, surely they can’t all be bought/threatened? where’s the crazy redhead to ask “pls explain” or Eric Abetz that cornered libby lyons of the WGEA when she couldnt explain why she gets paid over $170K for info anyone can get from ABS website for free & why there were no male staff in her organisation that claims men get more pay, bla, bla (see youtube senate estimates sitting)? what can WE do?

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