December 6, 2023

2 thoughts on “Post-bushfire AI surveillance program ‘monitoring wildlife’

  1. Bravo Ethan once again you’ve connected more of the great reset planned.

    As the fires hit our village just before xmas last year , i gazed out to the horizon a few nights later and saw a bunch of Elon Musk satellites being launched , i thought wtf….. ?

    I can easily count at least 15 around me and think why is there so many satellites around here ?

    Ah must be that smart city planned somewhere north of Goulburn ? nah surely not they would not do this ……… or would they?

    It really did my head in for a long , long time till i read this article.

    You’ve certainly hit the nail bang on the head.

    Yes alphabet earth is selling surveillance to whichever government can coff up the $$$ for their software , ive no doubt they are in bed with Elon musk .

    it makes sense for the planning has been an evilness in the making for a long time.

    Our local fire trails are a haven for dirt bike riders and the odd 4wd , most of its blocked off with wire rope and boulders and trees felled across trails.

    This is after the bushfire enquiry farce.

    In one of my submissions to the enquiry i said the easiest way to maintain fire trails was to let dirt bike and 4wd clubs access, recreational hunters could also help eradicate vermin , of course it fell on deaf ears .

    this camera set up will work in conjunction with the satellites above simply to bump off those who want to head bush when shit hits the fan.

    the shame of this national park / water board surveillance is its depriving people of connecting with nature and escaping the Covid blues .

    ptsd is part of a lot of peoples lives now especially after the fires , including my own and nothing is better for your mental headspace than to get close to nature and ride a bike or 4wd. get in the mud and sand and have some fun and get to know the local fire trails when you can , it helps with knowing how bushfires behave and prepare ourselves for future so called climate emergencies.

    30 years ago you could once drive into water board catchment areas , have a swim in the river and grab some firewood for the cold winter ahead , but that was before this UN agenda kicked in when people had common sense.

    But even back then climate change was mentioned El nina and El Nana were spoken about in media clippings kept from fires back in the 90’s.

    These events have been tried before , now DARKER DAYS are upon us.

    1984 is a blueprint it seems for the Corruption of the NEW World Order .

    How do we prepare ??

    Mad Max was set in 2021

    Terminator – age of the machines is all about AI taking over ( elon musk skynet )

    The Walking Dead – Covid mutation ??

    The Hunger Games – is this how we survive soon ?

    My apologies if this is disjointed its how i roll these days

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