Post-bushfire AI surveillance program ‘monitoring wildlife’

Artificial intelligence and “an army of new sensor cameras” will be used to ‘track the recovery of animals impacted by bushfires’, in one of the most extensive surveillance programs undertaken.

The program is predicted to compliment existing regional surveillance programs carried out by authorities, all designed for incremental fulfilment of the Agenda 2030 vision.


Cameras and sensors. Photo: WWF


More than 600 AI-powered cameras are being installed across the country to ‘track the movements of Australia’s bushfire-affected wildlife’, it has been announced.

The new program, called An Eye on Recovery, will be led by World Wide Fund For Nature Australia (WWF) and Conservation International, with a US $1 million grant from Google.

It is described as a “a large-scale collaborative camera project”.

The cameras will survey areas in the Blue Mountains, East Gippsland, Kangaroo Island and South-East Queensland to find where ‘further recovery actions’ are needed.

WWF Australia’s Head of Healthy Land and Seascapes, Darren Grover, said it would provide a good indication of how the bushfire-affected areas were recovering.

“By having more than 600 sets of eyes out there across Eastern Australia including Kangaroo Island, we’ll start to get an indication of how that wildlife is faring or how that wildlife has suffered,” he said.

He said the use of artificial intelligence could “revolutionise” the way wildlife are monitored.

Yeah, right, ‘wildlife’. 

For those who may be wondering why this is happening, you may recall that news sites reported almost 3 billion native animals were in the path of the devastating (planned) bushfires.

Now, for those who may not be familiar with the devious nature of statistics, most population counts you see in the world are a hoax. Nobody is out there individually counting populations.

The numbers we see reported for wildlife, and even humans, are all computer estimates.

There is no way to prove 3 billion animals died, yet proof is not needed to form grand narratives.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing another case of ‘problem, reaction, solution’ at play.

Not only did initial coverage serve to garner the heart strings of the world, but now a so-called ‘recovery program’ is being used as the guise to cover the east coast in cameras and sensors.

This isn’t about ‘monitoring animals’, it is about monitoring you.


One interesting question about this program is just how it will eventually merge with existing surveillance programs carried out by authorities, or if this is already the case.

We know that the Ministry of Alphabet (Google), funders of the program, have an extensive history of ties to defense contracts and deep-state military projects.

Could this also be one in disguise? Will this compliment current regional surveillance programs?

Operations have certainly increased in recent years. 

The Regional Force Surveillance Group comprises of the Army’s three Regional Force Surveillance Units, or RFSUs, established in 2018 to patrol the lands surrounding us. 

The group is tasked to: “provide a littoral surveillance and reconnaissance capability … in order to support whole-of-government efforts to maintain national sovereignty and border security”.

The three RFSUs conduct operational patrols as part of Operation Resolute, the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to patrolling Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone

Upon formation, the Regional Force Surveillance Group comprised of:

The group’s headquarters provides a single formation headquarters to formalise command and control arrangements and knowledge sharing between the three units.

According to their website, the surveillance group covers an area of operations which encompasses approximately 52 per cent of the Australian continent.

This includes an arc which covers the North and North West of Australia from Geraldton in Western Australia, across the Northern Territory, through Far North Queensland and south to Cardwell.

Can you guess about the other 48%? Most of it are populated city areas, which are being transformed into state-of-the-art surveillance dystopias themselves.

This means total surveillance, even if you try to espace into the wilderness.

Let’s not forget massive military spy bases like Pine Gap in the middle of the country, and the ramp up of technologies like drones for ‘border patrols’. Nineteen Eighty-Four comes to life.

Censors and cameras everywhere.

Over the next decade, the true intention of these cameras will become abundantly clear.


Underneath the surface, the plan is all about Australia’s role in the Agenda 2030 plan.

In the future, it is predicted wildlands will become off limits to the general population and surrounded by thick, militarised buffer zones, indented to keep the general population out.

The last section confirms military are already involved in regional area monitoring. 

Some 75% of both the Australian and US populations already lives in large cities. Think about that.

Everyone in rural areas will be moved. It’s very similar to the predictive programming in the movie, Hunger Games. The great Australian land grab and high-speed rail agenda are testaments to this.

Humans will no longer be allowed to own anything and we will apparently love it.

No house, no private vehicle ownership, boats, appliances, not even the clothes on your back. Lives will be 100% state controlled, under scientific religion and their one world simulated government.

This is not ‘conspiracy’, it is out in the open. An example include, Our Global Neighborhood, published in 1996, and other Earth Summit Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 documents. 

They are already hard at work transforming world food systems and preparing for The Great Reset.

Survivors will be resettled into 25% of the land, in highly-condensed smart cities, described by Agenda 2030 as ‘Sustainable Communities’, and as human re-settlement zones. 

All this will be controlled by the UN, which infiltrated Australia many years ago.

Further, ‘our’ National Parks and World Heritage sites are prunder the UN body organisation, UNESCO. The first director of this group was Julian Huxley, eugenicist and brother of Aldous.

Today, 179 countries have conceded to Agenda 2030. They are doing away with representative governments and bringing in a totalitarian one, with unelected boards and commissions. 

Each country has their own local Agenda 2030 plan through public and private partnership (fascism).

‘Social equity’ is all about impoverishing the vast majority of the population. 

They say this is to ‘protect Australia’, but who are they really protecting with these systems?

Please use this information to empower your future decision-making.

Spread the word and stay vigilant out there, folks.


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3 comments on “Post-bushfire AI surveillance program ‘monitoring wildlife’”

  1. When you start hearing the word ‘acquiesce’ coming from the clouds, nature….think about who would be sending you this message.

  2. Bravo Ethan once again you’ve connected more of the great reset planned.

    As the fires hit our village just before xmas last year , i gazed out to the horizon a few nights later and saw a bunch of Elon Musk satellites being launched , i thought wtf….. ?

    I can easily count at least 15 around me and think why is there so many satellites around here ?

    Ah must be that smart city planned somewhere north of Goulburn ? nah surely not they would not do this ……… or would they?

    It really did my head in for a long , long time till i read this article.

    You’ve certainly hit the nail bang on the head.

    Yes alphabet earth is selling surveillance to whichever government can coff up the $$$ for their software , ive no doubt they are in bed with Elon musk .

    it makes sense for the planning has been an evilness in the making for a long time.

    Our local fire trails are a haven for dirt bike riders and the odd 4wd , most of its blocked off with wire rope and boulders and trees felled across trails.

    This is after the bushfire enquiry farce.

    In one of my submissions to the enquiry i said the easiest way to maintain fire trails was to let dirt bike and 4wd clubs access, recreational hunters could also help eradicate vermin , of course it fell on deaf ears .

    this camera set up will work in conjunction with the satellites above simply to bump off those who want to head bush when shit hits the fan.

    the shame of this national park / water board surveillance is its depriving people of connecting with nature and escaping the Covid blues .

    ptsd is part of a lot of peoples lives now especially after the fires , including my own and nothing is better for your mental headspace than to get close to nature and ride a bike or 4wd. get in the mud and sand and have some fun and get to know the local fire trails when you can , it helps with knowing how bushfires behave and prepare ourselves for future so called climate emergencies.

    30 years ago you could once drive into water board catchment areas , have a swim in the river and grab some firewood for the cold winter ahead , but that was before this UN agenda kicked in when people had common sense.

    But even back then climate change was mentioned El nina and El Nana were spoken about in media clippings kept from fires back in the 90’s.

    These events have been tried before , now DARKER DAYS are upon us.

    1984 is a blueprint it seems for the Corruption of the NEW World Order .

    How do we prepare ??

    Mad Max was set in 2021

    Terminator – age of the machines is all about AI taking over ( elon musk skynet )

    The Walking Dead – Covid mutation ??

    The Hunger Games – is this how we survive soon ?

    My apologies if this is disjointed its how i roll these days

  3. “ Only in wealthy westernized nations do billionaires own multiple mansions, fly private jets and ride in eight-cylinder limousines to climate-change conferences where policies are decreed to lower the carbon footprint of the proletariat. Only in wealthy westernized nations, do ever-increasing numbers of women consider white men to be pigs while simultaneously striving to be their equals. And, only in the wealthy Christian nations of the northern hemisphere will citizens support a women’s right to third-trimester abortions, while rigorously and righteously battling for legislation to save endangered dung beetles.” Uncola

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