December 7, 2023

7 thoughts on “BUSTED: ADF caught staging social media PR during flood recovery

  1. COME ON FOLKS! With ‘Operation Spectrum’ in Full swing, the Government & the ADF have got ALL of the Bull Shit COVERED! I’m surprised, that some of the more Entrepreneurial amongst them, wearing Camo green, could have ‘Hugged a Tree’ & Disappeared! Maybe Tree Hugging could have been a ‘Credit’ on Agendas 21/ 2030 CO2 Swindle Side of the Ledger!
    Further, due to Prime Minstrel SCAMO, ‘Giving’ AU$80Million & ‘Loose Change’ (Not a Ref to 9/11 – Maybe), in Weapons to ‘Continue The Charade in the Ukraine’, the Local ADF due to Budget ‘Shortfalls’, have swapped APCs for Battle Wheelbarrows! Not only unable to acquire ‘Proper Conveyances’, but ‘THE Budget’ & Current Supply Chain Woes, have hit hard, in the lack of Available Cans of ‘Striped CAMO Paint’ (For Battle barrow – See Faded Orange), & Further Still, ZERO ‘ADF Technical Support’, was ‘on Hand’, to be able to ‘Inflate’ Battle barrow’s ONLY Tyre!
    In their Defence (LOL), Technical Consultants in the ADF in response to questioning, said that they have ;”Initiated Training in Maintenance to THE Battle barrow, The SCIENCE behind ‘Inflation’ & will be instructing the ‘Engineering Division’ on Operational Techniques, & Battle barrows USUAL ‘Forward Motion Technique’, Unless the Battle Barrow Corp (BBC), are required to make a Tactical Retreat! This valuable experience on BB would be transferred as a ‘Baptism of Fire’ program, to be used as a Start up program for New recruits & Inter Governmental Co Operations in future Deployments! The GROUP Think Tank program is aptly Acronymed as FlimsyUtilisedCentralisedKinetic UnilateralProprietarySystems, and is SO Widely supported by the aforementioned Parties, that it is set to be Rolled out to as many Systems as possible – Budget Allowance Dependent (BAD)!
    Not 1 to miss an Opportunity, ADF Media, was also seen ‘Illuminating’ the INput of it’s ‘Cafe Hardened troops!’ Locals are in AWE (Without ‘THE Shock AND’ bit), at the ‘Photogenic Capacities’ of Deployed ADF! ON YA!

  2. I just find it so sickening that the devastation of our region…..yes people only have been left with the clothes on their backs. Has yet again been used by you and the Premier of NSW who choose to use it as another photo shoot. Wow almost forgot there is an election in the offing. I really think you may be scratching for a few votes Mr M.
    Shame on you shame.. on our Premier… and disgusting shameful behaviour from our ADF.

  3. This is strikingly similar for how the CCP handles emergencies…. fuck the people… but well get some good or shots to help push the propaganda!

  4. Reminds me aot of after the fires when the ADF came to clean up , there’s always a camera
    filming them.

    I had some great footage once on my security camera of when the fires hit us the NSWFR truck parked in my drive , the captain jumped out of the cab , started filming straight away while the crew started running hoses out and looking like they were prepared to save our house.

    The media crews plastered our security footage over the news , the fire captain footage was viral , they did absolutley nothing to stop the spread of the fire .

    I learnt what fire fighting by media was then. The Watch and Act term used by the RFS is a farce , the floods are no different , our government expect ordinary citizens to donate there hard earned time and losing money to volunteer themselves fostering the community spirit of mate helping mate while they are too scabby to have adequate flood or fire mitigation works carried out.

    Let alone building the Bradfield scheme

    1. They look pathetic. I am sorry to say . Would they know what to do in a real emergency.? There is an old saying They would not work in an iron lung. Hell, we need better than that.

  5. Finally got to read and watch this…been too busy since returning to SA from Qld. This ADF behaviour is a microcosm all what has befallen this country.

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