Australia’s Smart City Vision | Podcast

Smart city infrastructure is progressing across Australia as part of the Agenda 2030 plan.

The progression of a tech prison.

Ethan Nash from TOTT News recently joined Jai from The Chinwag Junkie to discuss a range of issues, including the following snippet that details progress of Australia’s smart city dystopia.


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Other topics discussed include war, inflation, driverless cars, renewable energy and more!


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4 comments on “Australia’s Smart City Vision | Podcast”

  1. You’ve been warning of this dystopian trend for years, Ethan…now it is being implemented. Up here in Brisbane again. Our younger daughter had a difficult birth, but she is improving now…came up from Adelaide to meet little Hugo.

    Glad to see that even A. Stasi is about to shut down the egregious, discriminatory quax mandates on customers of cafes, restaurants and hotels in Brisbane…and I suppose all over Qld. I have to say that those notices demanding proof of full quaxxination to enable entry would represent the most offensive govt publication/notice I have ever seen in my 67 years.

    Back in SA the judicial review is underway before the Supreme Court, which challenges the validity of “the state of emergency” (and thus all the convid1984 diktats enacted under it since, including unlawful, unconstitutional quax mandates that have cost the jobs of thousands of people) declared back in March 2020 and still in place. The Police Commissioner Grant Stevens and the Chief Public “Health” Officer “Professor” Nicola Spurrier are trying every trick in the book to not appear (but they have been subpoenaed), as they know they are on very shaky ground (their “evidence” for the need to impose the SoE comprises ca 5 brief emails). Stevens’s latest excuse is that “he has influenza” and will not be able to appear this week. He can’t say “covid” as he has already had that.

  2. And our streets are never swept so cyclists must ride in the detritus of vehicles accumulated in the gutters!

  3. Much worse is happening secretly at the Australian Federal Courts and Family Courts.

    Children are forcibly removed by force if you report abuse like Hannah Clarked did and Children’s Lawyer paid by Legal Aid who is funded by the Government will get a corrupt pschiatrist or psychologist and “recommend” to remove the children and give full custody to violent fathers like Russian mother Olga had so until Protest Groups attack what is happening with children you will never succeed in anything in Australia.

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