December 5, 2023

16 thoughts on “Bill Gates praises Australia’s pandemic response

  1. Thank you Ethan. Great article. This autistic little man deserves to be lynched. Makes me really mad. Who the heck is this little guy to tell us how to run our lives? Just because he has money? He does not care about anyone else but himself and making billions. He is extremely selfish and destroying everyone’s lives, killing people and businesses. He has blood on his hands. The love of money is the root of all evil. But Justice is coming very soon and he will not escape! He will be the first one to experience it.

  2. Good analysis of Gates and his contagious, baleful influence, Ethan. Agree with Legitano7. It amazes me that Gates (and the equally evil Fauci and Soros) still exist…they must have very good security. All are key gofers for the globalist banksters, of course. These psychopaths are all guilty of egregious crimes against humanity, and in a just world would spend the rest of their miserable lives in a very nasty US prison.

    Gates’s vaxx crimes in Africa and India (including half a million children paralysed by his polio vaxx) are well documented. Would love to administer a massive dose of his own Covid1984 vaxx to all three of them…that would stop their nonsense.

    Gates has good reason to be pleased with Australia’s implementation of the Covid1984 agenda. Morrison and the state premiers fell over themselves in their efforts to wreck the economy and remove freedoms…and now $1.7 billion has been allocated for Gates’s vaxx.

    Examine Gates’s eugenics background, and who pulls his strings; then look at his desire to nano-chip the global populace. Previous coronavirus vaxxes have been especially dangerous, due to paradoxical immune enhancement. And the vaxx manufacturers and purveyors are immune from prosecution for the deaths and injuries caused by their products…incredible but true. Then there is the Epsilon/transhuman agenda, as Ethan points out, and let’s not forget that the New World Order is meant to contain one billion people, at most (current world population ca 7.8 billion). Given all of the above, who’s for the vaxx??? Still feeling lucky? If the answer is yes, I wish you the very best of luck!

  3. Who gives a crap what Bill Gates thinks about anything. He’s in with CCP & depopulation by virus & now.
    Gates is despised in the US & I trust the American people’s opinion on one of their own.
    Gates thinks he’s a king, a ruler but in fact he buys people, he buys positions in UN.
    Ignore Bill Gates & anything he says if you value your life, your family’s lives, your community & your country.
    Bill Gates is a threat to humanity.

    1. That’s all Kings are – people who acquire power unlawfully, then declare it legal so it can’t be challenged. Most royalty are simply those who have murdered their way to the top, and those descended from them, who will use murder to stay there. Anyone who says the Queen has no real power should see what happens if they make a sincere effort to remove her. Instead of kissing Gates’ sphincter our governments should act as they are sworn to act, to protect against these snakes. Trouble is, our government are snakes as well.

  4. Yes, go away Bill Gates with your patronising meddling that makes you money.
    We are getting wiser and don’t believe you anymore.

  5. Who does this Grates person think he is?
    Do we need praise from him for the suffering and loss of our human rights and thuggery from our police force?
    Yes, go away!
    We do not need you or you patronising praise.

  6. Eugh! It’s like when the guy who raped you tells you how hot you look in front of all your friends. Worse is when they start shaking his hand and trying to smooth things over. These people disgust me more than I can say.

    1. I agree Lauren, our govt abandoned its actual responsibility to this country and its citizens when it discovered their personal bank balances could grow substantially if the govt facilitated the shifting of jobs & industries to the slave market of China. Now China got cute wanting even more so they created a virus to be let loose on the world. First infecting their own peasantry to create the “accidental release” & then all corners of the globe.
      All I’ve heard from govt is trade with China must be saved. Andrews in Victoria seeing the virus release as a good time to make deals with CCP 😳 having imprisoned the state in home detention for months.
      And then along comes Bill fcking Gates with some perverse commentary on saluting the corrupt politician’s outrageous treatment of the citizens which still needlessly continues to this day.
      Gates is into computers or something like that but he’s not a democratically elected person to speaking to any country about it citizens. He has no qualifications in science or humanities. He’s just a little rich punk who got lucky decades ago who thinks he’s inherited a controlling status over the planet.
      Bill Gates is a filthy rich corrupt individual who has used his wealth to corrupt the institutions created to protect humanity, namely UN, WTO & WHO. Gates is just looking for his big payday & I hope the millions of dopey sheep in Australia wake up before Gates helping CCP conquer the world becomes so advanced it’s irreversible.
      If you vote, don’t vote labor or liberal.

      1. LeGitan07 (good name) about time but almost increasingly irrelevant what the news have to say. They’re trying to hang onto readership but they should have thought about this years ago when Agenda 21 originally became an ‘agenda’ and every time since that yet another piece fell into place.

        What intrigues me is where the Murd0ck empire actually stands on all this, since that old reptile Ru-poop undoubtedly has his own nest to feather here. All the while Alan Jones et al harumph about Chairman Dan and his antics, let us not forget it was the Mere-ducks who destroyed Andrew Wakefield to protect their pharmaceutical interests and at the same time shoved a huge knife into the free press and democracy. They helped make this sh1t possible. Ski could call out the Cl1ntons on pizza-gate, the murder of S3th Rich, Russiagate, Russiagate-gate and Russiagate-gate-gate and I still wouldn’t trust them.

        1. You are absolutely right Lauren. I do not trust ANY of the media either and that includes good Ol’ Rupert-san. They all have a vested interest in this one way or another to peddle the agenda of the Elites. What baffles me also, is why Sky News did not see this earlier on. Why didn’t they scream “foul” from the top of their lungs when human rights were being blatantly trampled in Victoria from the start, when people were sending in emails to Alan Jones et al… letting them know about the bigger Agenda. Because they are all in it together.

          Agenda 21 has been around for a long time as I have known about this for almost a decade. I, for one, posted about Climate Change, Jane Halton, event 201, Fuhrer Schwabb, many times on the Sky News videos on YT and even sent email to the Sky News journos months ago, but none of them picked the story up. And all this information has been in the open since the beginning of this plandemic.

          This makes me all believe that is part of the agenda for those who engineered all this to deceive, people who they classify as “left leaning” as well as “right leaning” likewise. Is Sky News therefore merely picking it up now, as the time is ripe for the agenda to move to the next stage of Climate change and the whole world needs to be rounded up like sheep? Time will tell but I am prepared to bet so.

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