October 2, 2023

10 thoughts on “Australia & New Zealand: Test Ground for Techno-Fascism

  1. The references to ‘fascism’ given here are moronic. The conception of ‘mid-20th century fascism’ drawn on by this writer is nothing but a Jewish/leftwing bogeyman with little or nothing in common with the historical reality, which it seems he has never made a serious effort to understand. If actually-existing fascism had not been bombed out of existence by the alliance of the liberal-democratic and Marxist powers in 1939/45, there can be no doubt that the world would be a much better place today than it is now. This is because we are living through the age of technocratic anti-fascism, the anti-fascists having won the decisive victory in 1945.

    1. Living through an age of technocratic anti-fascism? Fascism bombed out of existence? A better place under fascism? Man. Can someone break the news to this poor NPC?

  2. Nice one Ethan, and another excellent piece of real journalism and scholarship from you.
    “…the ease in which police state tactics [as exemplified in Danstopia, formerly Victoria] have been employed, and the equal ease in which most Australians and New Zealanders have accepted them, has been breathtaking.” I have just read “When Tyranny Comes Knocking” by Stuart Lindsay, a retired judge (Quadrant online, highly recommended, available free). He focuses on the disgusting actions of Andrews’s cowardly fascist police in arresting that young woman in her own Ballarat home, and points out that this is a watershed event in terms of what is acceptable and what is not. Those who excuse these actions by saying, e.g., that she broke the law by encouraging people to attend a protest rally, deserve to exist for the rest of their lives in Danstopia.
    I commented on acronyms in another recent TOTT post. One commentator on Lindsay’s article mentioned FLAINOs: Freedom Loving Australians In Name Only…a peculiarly Antipodean version of bien pensants/sheeple…need to come up with one that works for Kiwis too, I suppose…

  3. The event in Ballarat was staged to further manipulate the minds of the sheeple to maintain control over them.

    1. Australia has always been there for other countries.
      We sent an entire generation of our best young men to fight someone else’s war in 1914, then we did it again in 1939 and then into Vietnam in the 60’s.
      Now as we are influenced by the US in entertainment and controlled media, we become once again the Covid patsies for the WEF and Fauci.
      Not hard to see how we have consistently been played by genuflection politicians.
      From all the way with LBJ to Covid 19 BS.
      Can we ever turn things around and stand up for ourselves?

  4. JP you should probably get this newly released book called a dictionary and look up fascism! You will find fascism between authoritarian and suppression.

  5. I’m grateful I’m not alone in my thinking, questions and concerns having read both the original source and this summary article (see https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/coronavirus-theory-that-chinese-propaganda-encouraged-western-nations-to-lock-down/news-story/19c3e85f1f3088e5b06f2fb97ee50629) detailing Red China’s disinformation campaign over COVID-19 and the speed at which our own Western nations have responded to the crisis and without reservations has transformed into a technocratic dictatorship à la China! It makes me question whether it was a Sino psy-op all along to provoke the West through fear and coercion to ultimately destroy itself.

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