September 23, 2023

5 thoughts on “George Soros says solar geoengineering will ‘combat global warming’

  1. This made me laugh, of course he doesn’t want to refreeze the Artic, why would he? They want the Artic to melt so they can get to the resources to mine to make more money. This half dead half wit needs to go and retire properly and keep his old nose out of everything. Why do these old rich codgers persist so much in interfering with nature, humanity and everything else?

  2. About time this old git fell off the perch. Ever noticed how long lived these cretins are? They, the Cabal and DARPA have been geoengineering for decades already. Now that it is so obvious, they want to make it look like it is a new technology all the while skies all over the planet have been whitened out and what other weather modifications have they already been doing with the HAARP project. This old fool doesn’t know what he is talking about. Do these people not realise that plants thrive in a CO2 rich environment? The more CO2 the better growing conditions for food crops. Do they not realise that if they poison the planet with their toxic particles in the air that this goes all around the globe? There will be no where for them to go that is not compromised either. Are they that insane that they don’t even care about their own progeny?

  3. I quite often watch documentaries in the Arctic and Antarctic and I am always surprised how many ‘scientific’ research bases are getting built and rebuilt with heavy machinery driving all over it, boats smashing through the ice to get to it and humans living on it..conducting ‘reserach’ so how about just leave it the f*ck alone?

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