October 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “Transhumanism: The Modern Prometheus Myth

  1. The problem with Prometheus and our modern day so called civilisation is that we have only progressed in a material sense and have left morals, ethics and a sense of decency in the dust. Humans have not nurtured the mental, emotional and especially, the spiritual side of their lives to any great degree, compared with technology, and will end up being mindless, stupid beings completely dependent on the state for their meaningless lives. Stupid people, smart machines. The way I see it, the Cabal wants this transhumanism to be a real thing for they are desperately terrified of their own mortality. When there is no spiritual life then you are terribly afraid of death, and these people, in their deluded minds, want to live forever in their physical bodies albeit changed bodies.

  2. The more the cabal push the more people will resist. Look what happened when they locked everyone down, many turned to nature, growing food, spending more quality time with their kids, cooking home made meals, making things, being creative, and learning to just be again.Many have kept this up having learned that they were travelling too fast in the modern world. We all need to slow down, go back to basics and re-invent ourselves with what we believe is important and stop listening to the “science” because humans have already learnt what is important. We need food, shelter and family.

  3. “Progressivism” is mentioned in “The Protocols…” as being one of the many weapons (along with materialism, noted by Jan above) the global-parasites employ to edge the hapless populace toward global feudal govt.

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