December 7, 2023

7 thoughts on “White House to proceed with solar geoengineering study

  1. AMAZING! ‘Geo Engineering ‘STUDY’? So,,ALL of the Geo Engineering to Date, including Radio Active/Carcinogenic Chem trails & other Snake Oil ‘CONsendSUSS’ – Apologies- ‘GOD Science’, ARE a ‘STUDY'( Which Ones?), on the ‘Heating Effects’ of the SUN’S ‘Outputs? That’s Weird! So WHY are The ‘Acronymed’ Agencies & Corporations ‘PURPOSEFULLY HEATING’, OUR Atmosphere/ TERROR (Apologies again), Terra & Oceanics, with ‘MAN MADE PLATFORMS’? OH! It’s ‘A STUDY’
    AND; ‘White House to ‘Proceed’ – WHAT? How long does it take for Info to get to ‘THE WHITE HOUSE’? & DO they Know there’s a war going on in the Ukraine? Or Maybe, they’ve been told, Nixon is no longer Running ‘THE House’ – Maybe Obama IS still ‘Running’ systems!’
    And the ‘Despicable Me’ Scientists & ‘Black Cat in Wicker Basket’ Engineers of Queersland ORstralia, spraying ‘Nano Salt Chrystals’ into air over ocean – Um, does this salt ‘Absorb -Moisture’, OR, is it ‘Coated in Carcinogenic & NeuroToxic Alumina’, to ‘PREVENT’ This?
    And Finally, What goes UP, must come DOWN (Somewhere)- & then WHAT? & IS this EXTRA ‘Salt’ Exacerbating Local Environment & Flora/Fauna? & of Course These SAME Inter Govt/ Corporate ‘Experts’, ‘Thought’ a Study in Cane Toad Release would BE BRILLIANT!
    You can see up to Date Geo Engineering ‘Studies’ by Visiting our Website;
    morons’R’us @boughtGov/byCorp.PlanetWreckers.Con.aEwe

  2. The dumb climate catastrophists prove the adage: “Playing God brings out the worst in men.”
    And brings out the worst men: Gates, Obama, Biden, UN “scientists”…

  3. Duh another excuse to put get rid of the waste from chemical factories. More people die from polllution and chemical overload than climate change related. I got a better idea, stop making the poison and get the planet back to it’s natural state, stop clearing tree’s! They are already experimenting with cloud seeding and stuffing up the seasons. Stop playing with mother nature I say.

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