June 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Exposed: Bob Hawke attended 1987 World Economic Forum meeting

  1. Very (with a big V) interesting. Australia was once prosperous for everyone,then the decline started, now we know why.

  2. Never liked Hawke but have to hand it to him for the carefully written ‘request’ on how to properly deal with the issues of the day. Nowadays, the focus is on duplicity, subterfuge and deceit and the results of that are ‘everywhere’. We can ‘go back’ to real politicians that advocate for their people but that will conflict for what the 2022 ( and beyond) WEF members have planned. Goodbye Australia! You sure looked promising back then!

  3. Loving the Australia Deep dives. Keep it up Ethan. No one else has the intelligence and tenacity that you posses to uncover our re-written history in Australia. The UN tentacles run deep. For years us Antipodeans thought NZ and AUS where innocent bystanders to a growing global cabal. Alas, the more one looks the more one finds we are the fledgling UN testing grounds. An old Empires unwanted children. Discarded as a plaything. A rag doll in a globalist playground of social engineering and technocratic tools. It seems Canada also has a similar dark ~ Malthusian history in which Matthew Ehret writes from a unique Canadian perspective.
    Infact the UN was part formed with Maurice Strong from Canada and Pier ‘Technocrat ‘Tredau’s family legacy – NZ has Helen Clark PM who went straight to the top of the UN after selling NZ out to China who intern is Jacinda’s Mentor…so a big ol’ cesspit web of deceit form our nations, albeit with a thin veil. Lets expose these rats and take back our future.

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