December 7, 2023

7 thoughts on “Discussion: EV push, high-speed rail, social credit

  1. NEWS from the ‘Resources Front’ brought to you by; THE W.E.F. ‘Human Resources’ P.R. Dept, AND, The ‘Caring’ International Agencies of The United Nations Conglomerate – UNICEF/ WHO/ NWO/ UNHCR – ALL ‘Working Co Operatively to bring YOU & ME, ‘A Better WORLD!!’
    BUILD BACK BETTER!! – I hear THEM say!
    This week @ HRPRQR – trace & tracking, WE, Report on ‘Tireless’ efforts by our ‘Resources Sectors’ to Build that ‘Healthy Brighter Futures’ For ‘ALL’ Global Citizenry Interests to the 4 Corners of the Planet (Das CUBE Prison-Cubism), & Visit a Cobalt Mine in the African Congo! Minesite Supervisors & Child Work Forces, WHO’s logo is;
    “Working Tirelessly for Your/ Our Future – TOgether/ Apart! In a SAFE & EFFECTIVE work Environment!” Otherwise known as – ‘THE SPICE MUST FLOW! – REGARDLESS – HOW EVER!’
    YES, at these Minesites, WE, at the Cobalt Face, in Collaboration with the new Fourth Industrial Revolution Ethos (FIRE), DO NOT; waste time on; Proper Work Age Citizens when Children are SOOo Much cheaper,; Providing Proper & Fitting PPE, ;Time on Proper Industrial Training as YOU Folks do in the Western Style Industries – We see & Justify this as Serious Colonial Imperialist Propaganda, so we SCIP these ‘Time Wasting’ Infringements! WE, Don’t allow; Breaks, as this may Distract our workers Focus causing Lost production – ER Sorry! May infringe on their ‘Safe Operations’ ; Don’t Allow; Health issues such as fatigue or Sickness Curtail our ‘Productions’ – we just ‘Rotate’ the Crews, Injuries are NOT an issue for Compensations to Family Members – WE DON’T PAY for ‘Injuries’ as this may prompt False claims, &, this may Also form some Spectrum of ‘Restrictions’ on Injured workers, should they want to Embark on a Career AFTER Mining as an EntreprenEUrial Beggar! Now let us get a Comment from one of our ‘Senior’ Shift workers. SPEAK Boy!”
    “I’M Sorry Greta T & Klaus S, for taking TOO long to get your Cobalt. I Beg to Report I am 7 years old Boy, & only rest for 6 Hours 6 minutes 6 seconds at the END of every day, including washing myself – if water is available, & eating if Food is available, under shelter, if available. I work hard EVERY day without rest, in varying dust & mud, & sought & Sorting this special Gift for the ‘Greater Good’, even if I have Cancer, Skeletal, liver, kidney. Heart, Vomiting Issues. Thankyou for this Career Path opportunity. I Thank my God for the United Nations & their caring for All of us, just like in the Ukraine. Now I must get back to work, or else my Supervisor will take part of my $1 per day pay.”

    YES! IT’S THE WEF/ United Nations & their P.E.T. Proxy Global Nations ‘VISION’ of tomorrow for ME!!
    Next week we report ; On the ‘Actuals’ of Mining Ratios of the 250 Tonnes of Mined Resources to make ONE actual 1.5 Tonne EV, the Massive NON recyclable amount of ‘Components’ in same New Age SwindleMobile, & what it takes to Charge the Same ‘EV-PIG’ up!
    Entertainment ; Report on; Greta Thurnberg. Where is she Now? & with her ‘Performance’ in front of the U.N. General Assembly, when NO ONE ELSE can, is she good of enough Actress to take the award of Actresses Abroad, away from The Now forgotten ‘Emotional’ Saudi Princess who ‘Described’ those Previous ‘Nasty Men’ of S.Hussein Army, ‘Turfing’ 15 babies from their Incubators onto a Kuwait Hospital Floor!
    AND, THE AWARD, GOES TO —- ! – To be continued.
    Wellness as Usual.

  2. Well written and good insight John Dawe. What they are doing to these poor Congolese children to extract their Cobalt for their EV is more than sickening. It is beyond what any pen can possibly write and to have the audacity to then lecture us about their climate god, to save the planet and how they are doing it for the common good makes me want to vomit. Then again it is not surprising, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

    As to whom the award goes to, well that is a very tough one. I personally think it has to go to the devil for thinking this diabolical plan up ; for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    1. You ‘Do’ what you can My friend, ‘Within Tangible Capabilities of THE Individual!’
      Alas, the ‘Ills’ of the World, were NEVER Our ‘Individual’ Burden. Many have been lost or perished in our ‘Written’ & I AM sure UNwritten (apologies, keep the U.N. GangStars OUT of ANY Civilised conversation or references), Histories, on a ‘Noble’ Interception! But the %’s should have told ‘Them’, BEFORE The ‘Get Go’, that it was a Complete NONsense & Fruitless/ Read; Pointless exercise, & usually with ZERO ‘Scribes’ to report their ‘Waste of Heroisms.’
      Track your Normal path. it is ‘Normal’ to want to alter Negative Foreseen Civil/ Personal trajectories, but First, PERSONAL survival is an ALPHA dictate of existence. The road was never meant to be a ‘Walk in the Park’. Early SELF Lessons in ‘Abuse/ Punishments’ & Well Beyond ‘Normal’ Physical endurances aged 9, for 2 FULL years in an orphanage, at the Hands of Christianity’s religious Fervour Abusive Storm troopers – THE Christian Brothers – Australian Division, endorsed by THE State! THEY, gave me a Baptism of Fire of the Noir, & Survival! – “You are NOT a Boy! YOU have an Assigned identity. YOU are the Temporary existence of Open locker #21. That is All. YOU report as required. The ‘Secret Prefects’ , (latent to your Knowledge), report your ‘Knowing’. Do YOU ‘Beg to Report’ Anything, or ‘Report your Fellows, OR their ‘Behaviour’?- Confess!’ – Is this the ‘Baseline Foundation Profile’, required today to engage Society as a ‘Fit & Proper Person’? – Is that where the quip comes from – ‘A Strapping Lad?’ – LOL!
      Should you have issues on Vomiting, I recommend a good old fashion ‘Brown paper bag’ – perhaps NOT totally ‘recyclable’ with ‘Deposited product’, or Maybe ‘Quell’ Pills!
      Further, Awards & Invested energies to ‘Non Tangible Entities’ – is akin to ‘Shadow Boxing’ – in THE DARK! Braille Tango Lessons perhaps?

  3. WELCOME to Planet Designate ‘Earth’ – THE DREAD FORT/ DREAD THOUGHT! Subdivision; Gauged Cage Of Dogs. Solar System VACUUM Anon 916!
    The Wheel of 28 Calls forth Entities for Justification of Existence, NO Mortal Co Legal DOGS IN SILK Representation are Accepted – ZERO DARK – SPECTRUMLESS!
    Alpha Gate Guardian; – ALL shall appear via Mirrored Imagery;
    Mage Keeper UltraNeuralThought; “Are YOU, the Almighty IS” = “SI!”
    M K UltraNT; “Are YOU the All of DOG?” = “No I am GOD!”
    M K UNT; “Do YOU acknowledge the ‘Entity’ referred to as DEVIL = & yet it is LIVED! ?”
    M K UNT: “WHO else appears before this DREAD Tribunal?” –
    MSM; “I, Am a BLACK LIVES MATTER Representative, partnered to a Good Meaning Collective Group Representation of White/ Yellow/ Red /Brown Races of Men!”
    FAIL! Colour is of ZERO Consequence in a Vacuum – There is NO Light for Your Pathetic Excuse to Warrant Salvation! LESS Your ‘Skin’, WE the Tribunal, SEE the Anatomy of ‘THE THING’! THE IMBALANCE AS A PERPETUAL CANCER! YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR GENESYS!

    The ‘Scale’ of Things; “SHIT! I think I’ve Chipped a Nail!”
    Wellness to The Deserved. – YOU know, WHO you are. You Actually LIVE, SURVIVE, SILENTLY ACHIEVING, Autonomously – before it became ‘In Vogue’, without having to resort to the Kleenex/ Trophy Acquisition Class!

    1. Welcome to the Beyond DREAD FOUGHT series, The IVF reality – In Versions Factor – NOT the Fertility Pre Emptive .Bypassing of Natural fertility.
      IVF – 1st Customer; THE Netherlands, as different to the Nether regions, with Inversion, ‘UNsolicited Violations’ of Both are/ Should be a Criminal Offence. Home of THE I.C.C. who ‘Delve out Justice’ on Injustices & Genocide – Unless YOU are The Collective C.O.M.I.C. –
      Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex-
      United States/ THE United Kingdom/NATO – ALL Guilty in Multiple Theatres Of Abuse Middle East/ Europe General, Asia, & Africa, ACTUALLY, LET’S JUST SAY GLOBAL – AND STILL!, THE United Arab Emirates – Yemen/ Bahrain. Israel – @ Home & Abroad – THE Middle East & North Africa, & by proxy – Allied to the People with ‘The Big Stick’.. INVERSION- NOW ‘Protectors Of Genocide’ in it’s Many forms, with actual ‘Trials’ as the New 1 Act Plays, for ‘Kiss & Tell’!
      IVF – 2nd Customer; THE United Nations, as good as it Gets!
      ‘WE, the U.Nations, are The representative Bastion of Moral Existence, providing a Forum for the Small Voice, that clamours for desperate attention, lost amongst the ‘Big Hitters’ of the Planet. WE will provide ‘Agency’ without Discrimination, on ALL Required Metrics of LIFE, for INDIVIDUAL & Greater ‘GOOD’! – Well THAT is an OBVIOUS Done & dusted ‘INVERSION’ , considering the U.N. ‘Sponsorship/ Endorsement & FORCE Reinforcements on Planetary Connected policies operating C.O.M.I.C. CumulativeUnilateralNefariousTechnologicalSystems.
      ‘In Vogue’ Congo- IVF -3rd Customer – ‘Punching above their Weight’ – Belgium. With their Foray into the ‘African Congo’, The other Frenzied Global Imperialistic Nations awakening, & not being ‘Wanting to be left without Cred’- Inspector Poirot not Withstanding, Belgium Navigated thru the Congo, removing local resource assets with the ‘Co Operative help’ of native Entrepreneurs of the day, a forerunner of Similar Co operations today! ;
      “GARCON PLUS RAPIDE OU PERDRE Un MEMBRE!!” In a bizarre twist of History, THE Belgians, Post good old Global Corporate ‘PROFIT FEST’ WW2, became a ‘Global Enforcer, ‘Pioneering’ International Jurisdictions on Crime & Genocide. – HOORAH!! So back in the Day of the ‘Colonial Belgian Congo’, it was NOT ‘UNcommon’ for Corporates to ‘Hack off limbs’ of Co Operative Natives, as an ‘Incentivisation Scheme’ to Collect MORE Resources on Ya Shift! – KIDS and All! This was referred to as ‘Black Hands’. Inversion- Belgium Courts, ‘Happy’ to be on the front foot, incidental pun, to Prosecute & provide ‘Direction’ for those nasty criminals, is now a ‘Sensitive/ ALL inclusive Aware Nation’, learning from it’s previous Histories & Colonial awkwardness, BUT, obviously hasn’t lost it’s sense of Colonial Has-Beens treats, ‘Black Hand’ Chocolate effigies are STILL produced today! – Subtle.

      IVF – Come 4th Customer, & for local content – Australia. @ Colonies ‘R’Us. The same ‘Pitch to Players’ as the U.N. But, in Inversion – Why, would THE English Derived fully installed Class systems, Want Equality amongst the UNwashed, when RIDICULE –
      Royalty Instigated Debit Installed Classes Utilising Litigious Ethos- keeps the Status Quo, so much more Effectively?
      Constitution; 19/20th century OZ; Brought about by more than ‘Enough’ Violent impediments to Not too Co Operative living of All members of Society – Predominantly Police Power ‘Over reach’ & Unruly/ out of reasonable control behaviour by same on Opportunistic Basis (& what REALLY has changed?), especially around precious metal resource rich zones, a Constitution was drawn up based on the Charter of rights of the Magna Carta – A.D.1215? ; –
      Protection of Basic human rights Including freedom from ‘Excessive’ Government Control and property. – WHAT Charter of Rights – Apparently the U.Nations ‘Charter of Basic Human rights’ appears to be MIA by Inversion-AND Considering THE Australian Govt., has signed ALL of our Collective Arses off the ‘Them’ on Numerous ‘Undertakings’, how does this ‘Charter’, by ANY metric, NOT then apply? Extra Inversion – ‘Selective’ Convenience.
      Government rests upon the Rights of THE Governed, with free & Fair elections. – By Inversion -Except ‘Govt. Mandatory’ Behaviour & THE Westminster ‘Voting’ System.
      Next; – No ‘Free Man’ shall be arrested or imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in anyway victimised, neither will we attack him or send anyone to attack him, except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land.- Arrest without warrant or charge, – By Inversion we have OZPol + M.I.B.+ SCN ASSAULT! – Equal opportunity & Consistent.
      The Right of Association & Gathering. – By Inversion -Isolation & Lockdowns.
      The Right of FREE & Safe movement and access in & out of the Nation. = Toll roads & Taxes by Inversion.
      Last; High Speed OR Not – Rail Systems; Global – Historically rail systems were financed/built/ associated with Industrial- Corporate revolutions, FOR ACCESS (Resources or Agri ), Market CONTROL,OR, Mass Military freight. Later, after the dust Securely settled – Advanced the ‘Well Heeled’ tourists.
      With the current Climate, no pun intended, of CON JOB 19 Plus future ‘MultiPoxCon ad infinitum’ incorporating Dumb City Technologies plus future ‘Zone restricted Accesses’ & lockdowns, Plus the U.N.AG 21/2025/2030 – ID2020 & Soc Cred System Interlock, Plus the Push by R.S. – Resourced Simpletons, WHO, will be travelling on the Future Eastern seaboard FARRTS & by Inversion – AND To what purpose? – IF it’s so called ‘Commerce’, couldn’t – wouldn’t they save ALL of that Coin & Bull Shit, – other than the cows in the Field, manufactured by the Corporates & Govt. Agency ‘Frequent Flyers Brigade’, & do ‘Business on Line’ with the Secure/ Quality/ Reliable (as long as the Power stays on)/ AU$ Multi BILLION High Speed Technological Marvel THE ‘No Bloody Network’?
      Where’s the ACTUAL ‘NEED’, to warrant the ‘TOTAL’ cost expenditure, as against our Flagging Systems of ILLNESS(Please DO NOT call it a ‘Health’ System), Education, Poverty, Shelters, Psychological support for Govt Instigated Policy ‘Outfall’, Public Utility Infrastructure – AND Including Retention of OUR Resources for Domestic Consumption, Reintroduction of Broad spectrum Manufacturing – Providing there’s still some ‘Capable’ workers survived ‘VVV Jabaroo Protocols’, Proper Food, Proper Tangible Science, Road Works & Infrastructures, Rural town Refurbishments- Instead of a ‘All roads lead to Rome’ program.
      After all that, Bend Da Kneesee, if you still want the Train set, I hear you can buy some reasonable Beginner HO scale train sets, which wont break OUR Bank. I’m even willing to help set it up, in case it’s TOO complicated for The National Technocrat depts. Hours & hours of fun – Together/ Apart. I’d recommend buying more ‘Bang for Your Buck’, the smallest Scale sets ‘Z’ Scale, but NATO has bought ALL of existing Stocks to send as AID to some ‘Skirmish in the Ukraine’! WWZ.
      Just a Thought.

  4. Nice work again General, Ethan & Andy. Yes,they will try to make personal transport too expensive. Andy: “The electric vehicle system is an absolute scam.” You blokes sure know how to expose the dystopian vision of the global-parasites for the rest of humanity, which they despise. A Japanese-Australian high speed train collaboration reminds me of “the multifunction polis” (MFP). Anyone remember that from the 1980s on the edge of Adelaide? It went nowhere. Battling against that put me in touch with the genius Joseph Wayne Smith, who has been a mate ever since.

    And valuable insights again from John Dawe and Legitan07. Ian Plimer is also good at drawing attention to the plight of those African slave children mining cobalt, wolfram, etc. Yes, there sure is wickedness in high places, Legitan07. I have been reading RFK Jr’s Fauci book again, to give a 15 min talk on it. When he and Gates got together, the criminal pHARMa biomedical fascism escalated to a whole new level. I just can’t get that photo out of my head (taken at a conference in the US several years ago…it is on the www), of Fauci and Gates flanking Arturo Sosa Abascal, Superior-General of the Society of Jesus, the so-called “Black Pope”, and it is obvious who is the boss. Individuals like these know all about the satanic “inversion of reality” that was mentioned in the podcast.

    I don’t think Greta Thunberg will win the Best Actress Award. For that (according to the clever “Mr E”, the well-known US “transvestigator”, a friend of my contact, Chris Ausnit), you must be a tranny! Yes, I know it takes a bit of getting your head around, but according to Mr E, EVERY “best actress” right from the start (ca 1927) has been a tranny. Then again, if Greta herself is a tranny, she could win it.

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