October 3, 2023

3 thoughts on “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Orwell vs. Huxley in 2023

  1. Thank you Ethan, a very clever film. Starts with vision of inverted reality, a satanic manifestation, reflecting those which currently run the world, and concludes with “This system is evil. How will they sell it to you?”

    Orwell feared book burning and other forms of censorship, while Huxley considered that, with the rise of technology, there would be no reason to ban books as no-one would want to read them any more.

    “Republicans and Democrats living in their own separate realities, with truth drowning in a sea of irrelevance”. “Non-playable characters” in video games. We have seen so many people suffering from “Reality Avoidance Syndrome”, especially where convid1984 and the quax are concerned. I suppose this is “the post-truth world”. When I showed Pixie (who is lying on my legs in bed) the “tumblr” ad, she told me the post-truth world is all very well, but there is no way she will be wearing sunglasses in order to see it.

    In “the New World Citizenship” no-one can offend anyone else because no-one can hide. Dystopian scenes from the faecal streets of Max Igan’s “San Franshitsco” were shown early in the film, and a rise in “rectal foreign items” was mentioned. That would be in the global-parasites, finally taking our advice to ram the NWO up their arse!

  2. Honestly I believe we are living in a mixture of both, kinda like what Aldous Huxley himself said in that Mike Wallace interview he did many decades ago.

  3. This left me with a question: How on earth will they produce enough energy to run all this digital stuff if resources are running out?

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