October 2, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: Ethan on Bonversations #33 with JLB

  1. Class, pure class mate. You have always handled things so ahead of the game. I remember back to those days when you two were encouraging anyone to get onto google hangouts and have your own podcast. What are they gonna do.. no one has knocked on our door. Fast forward to now.. well what a way to flip the script. Ethan is briefing the police on conspiracy culture. There is actually no better person than you for that role. I know where your heart is, no concern. Hats off to you for running at the bull, a real man. What i would have given to be a fly on the wall with all those brass to hear their reactions. Disgusting how they can organise that many staff to listen to you but still treat you like a prisoner unable to hear or gauge real body language reactions. I think those audio difficulties were engineered but ill never know. I really wonder the impact you made, i know how well you speak. That must have been the best rap battle of your life and with only texts for replies. Class, if they ask you back take an invoice.

  2. Hour 1: an in-depth Epsilon discussion.
    JLB: “Australians were banned from going to the beach…and most complied…straight-up Epsilon behaviour.”

    “47% of Australians > 14 yrs have at least one chronic health condition.” A weak, sick society.

    Ethan: “A herd that is being managed.”

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