September 27, 2023

3 thoughts on “Twitter to collect biometric and employment data

  1. TOTT News, Real News Australia and Cory Bernardi Confidential (now known as Confidential Daily) are the closest I get to being on social media (unless someone posts the occasional interview I have done). Does this make me a digital luddite, antisocial…or discerning? Along with being chronically short of time.

  2. Musk is clearly controlled opposition, just another front-man for these technocratic control freaks that wish to enslave us all! I’m glad I got off social media several years ago and when you consider this “optional” ID verification for premium users, which will no doubt become mandatory for all users in a few years time, if not sooner! I see no reason no reason to return Musk’s X platform anytime soon!

  3. Don’t trust Musk, changes his tune to suit whatever his interests lie in the moment. Power is going to his head. Any links to WEF cannot be trusted. Never used Twitter (X), never will. Using biometrics to collect data is another money maker.

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