The best way to experience both 1984 and Brave New World

Two visions of control that continue to capture the imagination of millions.

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Capturing the present and the future.
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Stories that stand the test of time.

You are likely to read a number of ‘Orwellian’ or ‘Huxleyan’ phrases/terms/comparisons when regularly browsing through the TOTT News website for content.

Both of these books laid the foundations for the control structure we see today, and serve as apt references when describing the unfolding dystopian era engulfing the world.

One can learn much from these stories, and becoming familiar with them is essential in 2022.

To that notion, sit back and enjoy the following brilliant dramatised audiobooks by Steve Parker, which capture both the atmosphere and vision found in these classic novels for the modern age.

These presentations fit a very similar theme to dramatised radio broadcasts that were popular in the era the books were published — before the widespread popularity of television.

Whether you are new to the stories, have read them hundreds of times, or even want to re-visit with a new perspective or medium to consume, these videos are the perfect fit:

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Brave New World

How often do you take a look back at these tales?

I make sure to do so once every two years, and always gain new insight or perspective that was previously not there before. As the world grows, and we grow with it, new gateways are continuously unlocked.

This is the beauty of timeless classics. 700 years from now, they will still be relevant.

What are your thoughts on audiobooks?

The comment thread is open below for any thoughts!


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  1. Thanks Ethan, has been a long time since reading so enjoying the audio versions while working. 1984 done and starting BNW today.

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