October 2, 2023

7 thoughts on “Australian sheep to be monitored with facial recognition

  1. “Improving bloodlines”, that old chestnut.
    And always the question remains – by whose idea of improvement? Nature already arrived at sheep that can breed and live in the harshest environments, and the surest way to stuff up nature is to try and improve it.
    More solutions looking for problems.

  2. No doubt more social engineering to gradually get the masses to accept this type of intrusive technology under the guise of “Oh, it’s just to help farmers raise better livestock”, “Oh, it’s just to keep society safe”. The same old nonsense we hear time and time again, until the folks just accept it. “Oh well that’s just how it is, I guess”!

  3. Baaaa I don’t want to be tracked! So who is paying for this, the NZ Gov? Farmers won’t be able to afford it, surely?

    1. I’m sure that the farmers (probably big farma, ha!) will act like big brother; sitting somewhere half way round the world with their surveillance equipment controlling robodogs to herd and cull. Just like the human herders and their sheeple.

  4. Baa, ram, ewe, ah yes, another start up genetic data collection mob, gathering for the data mining gold rush,
    Promises , promises, yes, we can build a better World, Mr Beal. It’s all a business, Mr Beal:!
    It’s their business, it’s their construct , it’s their possession, but you Jeffery, don’t get a say, you see you
    are our commodity, our cash cow, oh sorry sheep, and we decided based on our precepts of right or wrong,
    rights:? Baa , what was that Jeffery, how much money you got Jeffery,? How’s the Mortgage looking, Rights
    Jeffery, you just eat your grass, which of course is laden with every kind of poison imaginable, like the air,
    the water, and your sheep dip, rights Jeffery:!!! Now, smile for your digital identification marker, and gee, you
    don’t have sign anything, you realise of course, that we can clone your identity, as many times as we want,
    Jeffery, no commercial contracts , no privacy wavers , no consent, it’s digital, nothing personal it’s just business, Jeffery:Disclaimer: No Jeffery, was injured or subjected to,Duress, Baa, thank you Jeffery.

  5. BAA, humbug! I will WETHER this digital storm and if you try to jabaroo me with a quax or any vax for that matter, I will RAM it right up EWE!

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