December 5, 2022

21 thoughts on “Australia’s controversial online hacking legislation has passed

  1. Bills have to be approved by referendum. Oh, I forgot they did it through their corporation so therefore it only applies to corporations which I suppose is our Birth Certificates

  2. I stand by my previous comment. So now they are publicising what they have been doing in secret for years. Go f@ck yourself ASIO.

    “New legislation will expand online surveillance powers”

    GARETH TRAIN SAYS: December 16, 2020 at 06:40
    The CIA (aka Jesuit Cabal) invented the web to infiltrate, manipulate and CONTROL. Social media was created to usurp (embedded with MK programming) unintel services have always been up in your shit and had the ability to take over a person’s online account, collect intelligence from online networks, and add, copy, delete or alter your data. So what’s new in this legislation? If we go back to the 90s it was foretold that independent news media would become the weapon of the state. How? Entrapment. The law has been corrupted to the point that speaking the truth is a breach of national security. For all the simpletons out there that don’t get it the unintel services infiltrated right wing conspiracy groups in the 90s and they control their agenda so this legislation has nothing to do with monitoring of child sexual abuse and ‘black market’ activity, right wing, left wing, conspiracy groups or anti government groups as these are all in their control. It is about taking control of independent media to entrap. Trust no one, question everything.

    1. Have to agree, this is the natural progression, of the obvious, security measures,
      Once secret, but now to be bought in to the Legal Domain:
      Because, they want you to know about it.!
      Both in the psychological and the legal process, of attaching penalties;
      Because, in the past, operations, could be comprised by to much knowledge:

      The psychological effects, are more in the implications, ‘ losers’ : we are watching,
      they always were , but now there will be market opportunities, contracts for those
      Foriegn owned companies, who have been operating and producing all the back
      doors, in the software; well,! for everyone of the five eyes. Sixth eye:?

      As the Public Installation, of the New old World , digital interface, of you will have
      no privacy, and you will love it: As the ‘ Cloud ‘ of everything, will be the ….
      ‘ Space Force’ ( bought to you by those missing trillions) Mission Central,
      Data, will have cognitive awareness, with the data link, Nanotechnology antennae,
      Human pods, for mutual exploitation and regulation:

      There is nothing new, the great reset, UN agendas, are all , the New old World,
      as it has always been: rebranding, in its typical symbolism of ritual, so all of
      the Nomenclature of whatever Cabal , or more correctly, what Fiefdom, or the
      Pyrates of Commerce. settle the contracts, for the new dominion: as the mass
      cull, is wrought , for the new page of Rule: Pax Romana, or the Babylonian remit:
      The names , do not matter, it is what they have created, a mystique, a magical
      spell, it is the belief in the mind, this is the single control mechanism, as we
      witness, in our World, today, truth is now fear, and equally, by what we see in
      this legislation, they fear truth , more than we do:!!

    2. 100% spot on, and it’s time that these criminals and the minions willing to do the dirty work are all brought to justice, for the serious crimes against humanity, perverting the course of justice, misconduct while in public office, treason and treachery.

      Sound advice… TRUST NO ONE!

      At federation in 1901 January, the federal parliament was given exclusive power to pass bills for the good of the people, in section 51 of the constitution, in no way shape or form is this power granted to the state by way of exclusion, the exclusion is the protection of rights that already existed, it protects from encroachment by the federal and state, section 109, 117, 123 and 128 confirm this, otherwise section 123 and 128 would be pointless, section 123 is titled “altering the limits of the state” which clearly shows that states had limits which were in place even as colonies, the following Hansard document proves this to be the case.

      It is impossible to grant power by exclusion, exclusion are always about protecting from encroachment, I have been in contact with the HCA and once I pointed this out, they cannot mount any sort of challenging argument, they have gone completely silent.

  3. Nice one Ethan & Gareth. How naive am I…I used to think Dutton was “one of the good guys”. Didn’t he start off as a nice, honest policeman in south Brisbane? He’s obviously taken his thirty pieces of silver from the cabal to sell out the Australian people. Yet another candidate for Nuremberg 2.

    The Orwellian “SA Health” is about to start a “covid vaccination trial” of children on Kangaroo Island, 80km S of Adelaide. I have emailed my “13 reasons not to take the covid “vaccine”” to whoever I can think of (and find emails for) down there…the Mayor, school Principals, newspaper editor…but actually I don’t trust any of these. I haven’t got time to go down and walk around Kingscote, Parndana and Penneshsaw with a placard.

    I wonder if Dutton and his mates are eavesdropping on us here? For the first time, my email address and name (for posting my comment) did not fill the boxes automatically after one letter typed in…had to type in the lot. If so, listen to this, Dutton: “Go get double-quaxxed you bloody quaxling…no, make that triple (booster included), all administered with a large horse needle”. You are now a front-runner for this week’s award.

    1. The only thing more extreme than the disdain and suspicion with which the government are now treating their own people, is the respect and trust they demand we pay them in return. They can never go back now.

      1. Always amazed ME, that these ‘Units’ [Pollies & Govt Agents], their Collective paws haven’t even ‘Cooled’, after having just left a ‘Bible’ [Do they still do this?] on Swearing on ‘Their Eternal SOULS [Currently M.I.A.] in ”Allegiance’ TO, & Servitude OF, THE Australian People, that they have ALREADY worked some System, to SCREW OVER, THEIR ‘Employers’ – US, THEN, have some form of warped EGO, that we should address THEM with reverence & call them THE HOHOURABLE!
        Bit the same as Institutionalised Religion Really!
        & here I thought Stand Up Comedy was Dead! I Queen Mab most of ’em now!
        If ‘THEY or their Agents’ are in distress, or peril in Future, & I ‘Know’ of their Ilk, & Situational ‘OUTCOME’, I’ll Leave them to their ‘Fate’ without thought – The NEW ‘Fairness’!
        Wellness to US!

  4. Australia has been modeling itself on China for some decades. With a conviction rate as high or higher than any Chinese court, Australia now moves into controlling people for thinking certain thoughts as also happens in China. When Australia handed over all textile manufacturing to China causing massive unemployment & homelessness in Australia it became rather obvious China controls Australia. With both major political parties accepting direct & in direct cash from China it was always inevitable China would want its investment in controlling & limiting Australia’s growth protected & this anti dissent legislation is nothing more than communists looking after communist interests under the guise of combating pedophiles & other online crimes (excluding the financial transactions & treasonous crimes of corrupt Australian politicians ie: Daniel Andrews)

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