September 23, 2023

4 thoughts on “How to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety: 8 Best Tips

  1. The way to “deal” with it is not to just “let it flow because we can’t change anything” (this is “little me” thinking), while immersing ourselves in touchy-feely stuff, but to actively resist what is being forced upon us. We need to summon up some courage and fight back.

    Wow, I made it out of Danistan without “covid cases” being discovered in Melbourne (although there were reports of “covid-19 fragments” in the sewage in several suburbs…does anyone still believe in this shite? Yes, I suppose…there are lots of sheeple out there). Thus no “lockdowns” or border closures, both unConstitutional…but the poor old Constitution seems to mean nothing now.

    What I did get while in Geelong was a police email expiation notice ($1090) for “Person refuse/fail to comply during major incident”, i.e. refusing to submit to their fraudulent, invasive, Nuremberg Code-violating “covid test” on returning to Adelaide airport from Brisbane on the evening (29/3) that Anna Stasi put Brisbane into “lockdown” on the pretext of two “cases”, in order to strike fear into the populace at the time she needed to “Emergency Act” extended. I will not be paying this, and will be contesting it. This is not without risk (i.e. max $20,000 fine or two years’ gaol…anyone still unconvinced that we are living under medical fascism now?), but so be it. This fake “test” is the basis for the tyranny being imposed on the world, and it must be exposed.

  2. People got to be mindful to see in wider view of the world now the population facing the Global problems The Global problems needs Global solutions Now Humanity under attack by Satan’s armies in human faces roaming wild in God’s Territory they want to destroy humanity We are In THIS HUMAN FAMILIES UNDER THE SUN Let WE all come together 90% of people against 10% of Devils WHOM HAS MORE CHANCE TO WIN? TO MAKE WORLD PEACE AGAIN The big question is DO PEOPLE HAVE THE WILL and WILLINGNESS to put into actions???

  3. Yes we must partake in activities that bring us joy. We should also be realistic and watching the mainstream news a couple of times a week certainly would not help with any kind of anxiety you may be experiencing in my opinion. Time would be better spent seeking out truthful alternative news sites and journalists to be well informed.

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