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As the world continues to push through an era of uncertainty, the tide has slowly been turning. More Australians are switching off the propaganda and are seeking alternative options.

During this fundamental shift, TOTT News strives to provide free-thinking Australians with a reputable platform to gain their information. This notion continues to resonate with audiences.


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The following piece provides an update for both the public audience and users of TOTT News about an array of new benefits and features set to be added as we continue through 2021.

Pushing forward, all made possible by the continued support of valued members.



Are you a Free Subscriber of TOTT News? All free accounts can now access an exclusive membership feature piece and video from July 2019, as a gift to you from the team.

Now available to each account is the following in-depth investigations:

Dehumanization: A Tale of the Modern World and Beyond Human: Imagining the Posthuman Era.

What is ‘human’? This age-old question can be found embedded in the fabric of recorded history and is re-emerging again with increased urgency, given current technological developments levering out traditional reflexes.”

We take a look at all aspects of the dehumanization of society, including historical perceptions of ‘human nature’, Nietzsche on the ‘death of god’, the decline of social structures and a look at the approaching posthuman era.


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Perhaps the most important update in this piece is the addition of new writers to the website! You may have already seen some of their content published in recent months!

Dr. T.J. Coles:

Dr. T.J. Coles is the author of several books, including The War on You, and a regular writer for New Dawn Magazine, among other publications.

Coles has come on board with the TOTT News team to offer his unique insight into many international issues. This is one of the best new additions to come from the support of a growing community of like-minded members.

He has written three in-depth feature pieces for TOTT News so far, with another due on Thursday this week. You can be read each at the following links:

Weaponised Skies: How Chemically-Enhanced Military Jet Trails Disrupt Signals

Gain-of-Function: The Blurred Lines of Biowarfare and Vaccine Research

Inside America’s Failed Bolivia Coup

Russell from the Free Radicals:

The Free Radicals are experts in growing your own food and living a minimalist, healthy-ageing lifestyle, designed around nutrition, mobility and self-sovereignty.

Russell from TFR, a long-term friend of the website, has come on board as the host of the No-Dig Garden Awareness Project, an exclusive series for Full Members of TOTT News.

The series explores ways we can all raise a garden for ourselves, using Russell’s expertise, and how to become more self-sufficient and empowered with food knowledge in Australia:

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3

Both T.J. and Russell join Ethan, Steve and Lindsey on the TOTT News team.

New Contributor Articles:

As promised in our last update, new contributor articles and different perspectives were on the way. Since then, a number of high-quality pieces have been published by thinkers across the world:

Australian Children At Risk Online: Parents Advised To Be Vigilant by Kay Gore.

What Your ISP Knows and How to Stop it Tracking You by Matthew Stern.

Harmful Cosmetic Dentistry Trends On The Rise In Australia by Kay Gore.

Spike in cyber attacks increases focus on data security by Ryan Stoke.

Diabetes Now The Fastest Growing Condition In Australia by Kay Gore.

Bots A Rising Threat To E-Commerce Cybersecurity by Kay Gore.

How Technology Can Disrupt Leading Industries by Artur Meyster.

How Facial Recognition is Sweeping the World by Chris Jones.

How do we encourage children to draw? by Katlyn Morris.

Why Australia needs an AI strategy by Ralf Llanasas.

These articles join increased creative commons posts, spotlight articles and video/podcast shares, to add even more variety over the last 18 months. Thank you to all great thinkers!


New audio snapshot discussions are coming to TOTT News, in addition to existing publishing (news content, feature pieces, video posts, podcasts, etc).

There is always so much news to discuss, but some of it doesn’t really fill a page.

Or it runs the risk of repeating many of the points already made on similar posts. Or the team doesn’t have the time to write up a 1,200 word piece on the subject. TOTT News always pushes to our possible limits without a multi-million dollar Murdoch-media budget.

However, there is always ways to push further. Introducing: Late Night Discussions or #LND. New audio posts that will be joining the website to help compensate for the points listed above.

These posts will be a similar format to Food For Thought discussions. Ethan will speak and share his thoughts on two or three pieces of news each month. This will not replace that feature, rather help compliment the website with even more variety for both members and the public audience.

The goal is to resonate with more readers each year and hopefully get them to come on board as supporters, allowing us to hire more writers and grow the site. All while creating a community of like-minded Australians. The update above shows this goal has been connecting with people and we will continue forward at full pace!

In the meantime, as we have reached our maximum capacity for written content (400,000+ words in 2020!), TOTT News will innovate with additional audio content!

Sitting down and speaking to a microphone about news content is much faster than producing a written feature piece of video presentation, meaning this will allow the site to keep growing!

This now joins new additions such as the Website Navigation Page, Most Popular Content, Editor’s Picks playlist and Positivity/Solutions playlist.


It has been brought to our attention in recent months that Torr browsers are being prevented from logging in to the website and accessing exclusive content. This includes Free Subscribers.

Upon discovery, this is due to a clash of security settings between our back-end and Torr’s anonymity. Put simply, if our website doesn’t know who you are, it will prevent access. This is obviously to protect the important content and discussions behind the paywall.

Unlike VPN services, which will reveal this type of information to websites if you choose to provide it, Torr doesn’t give this option per say.

This can temporarily be resolved by allowing access to specific IP addresses, however, this would have to be manually done each time for each new Torr browser IP that is generated.

To resolve this issue, alternative websites have been created for those with Tor browsers who which to gain access to relevant exclusive content. Please email TOTT News directly to let us know that you have this type of browser and we will give you relevant access!

This information will also be archived in the Technical Support forum.


TOTT News has received a few requests from readers about some of the interesting shirts we wear to live events, and also about certain products that can help them disconnect from the system.

From ways to protect yourself, to ways to spread your message, people are becoming more active.

Beginning as a small project, new shirts and products will be listed on a side-tab of the website, mainly to help fulfil these needs for those who have reached out. From there, if anybody else is interested in what is displayed, we would like to accommodate those interests on a per-order basis.

We are certainly not at the type of capacity (or even aspire) to have a fully-fledged list of products running, like an InfoWars shop, but who knows where this type of thing could lead.

Many people may become interested in Steve’s unique shirt designs or things like EMF protection, many people may not. Either way, TOTT News would like these options to be available for everyone.

Stay tuned for a few unique items that will be available for purchase in the near future. No requirements or obligations, just another way to potentially help power the information we publish.



Are you a Supporter of TOTT News? All Supporter accounts can now access an exclusive Member Circle Podcast from August 2019, as a gift to you from the team.

Now available is the following in-depth, two hour conversation, featuring Adam from The Crazz Files:

Member Circle: Control Structure | Ft. Adam

“Human society has been systematically engineered to center around a methodology of keeping all populations in a permanently autistic-like condition, through means of television, social media, genetic manipulation, cultural indoctrination and more.

This system, executed by preeminent scientific and technological institutions, is following a blueprint written by some of the most notable dystopian authors of all time — many of which were part of this collective themselves.”


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Let’s face it, forums aren’t very up-to-date in the modern age. People crave the ability to instantly send information and gratification in return. Our chat-driven age — social media, Telegram-type apps, emails, etc. – it has transformed the way we communicate.

Most people don’t want to have to log in and go to the forums each time they are on the website, coupled with the possibility of missing email notifications replies via email. People want a instant way to pop in, leave a link, discuss and move on to the next subject.

To this end, a new TOTT Members Discord Server is on the way and is just a few weeks away! This follows floating the idea for a few months now. Members will be welcome to join.

Discord is an advanced chat platform that began primarily for gamers, but has evolved to become a location for all types of online groups.

The TOTT News Discord will include a variety of discussion channels for members to chat and share related information inside. Similar to the existing forum format, however, much more efficient.

There will also be a general chat to begin, with specific topics being dropped one-by-one and sent via email to avoid prior forum launch problems (oversaturation of all dropped at once).

Included is the ability to partake in LIVE hangouts inside of this exclusive area, moving the existing Member Sessions Hangout from Skype. Or you can pop in and listen without partaking.

Our good friend John le Bon has been using Discord for years now. It is a great platform to connect communities and TOTT News is excited to bring this additional platform to members of the site.

Remaining in Forums:

Important conversations, such as preparations for future events in the world, the No-Dig Garden Project, the FM Zone and a few others, will remain in the forums.

This is to protect the content contained from unwarranted forces. Although Discord seems safe, at the end of the day, we don’t control the back-end. This project is more for connection, rather than groundbreaking information. Many of the topics will be topics you discuss on a day-to-day basis and have been a part of mainstream conspiracy culture for many decades now.

Think of the Discord server as a social location to discuss various topics and for extra content, whereas the forums will remain for TOTT community initiatives and important conversations.

The Discord will revolve around the public themes published on the website. But primarily, it will serve as a way for members to connect instantly and chat in a casual, exclusive fashion.


Members can now easily navigate through membership features and video pieces on dedicated single pages, including descriptions for greater context.

This allows the journey to be seen in chronological order from latest to earliest, painting the picture of deception we see in the greater world around us. See these pages at the following links below:

Membership Video Archive

Membership Feature Archive

Public readers of TOTT News can also view these pages to get an overview of additional content.

These are new additions that join the User Navigation Hub, User Feed, Member Circle playlist and Food For Thought playlist.


In 2015, as part of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, the crew headed up to the Sunshine Coast to meet some valuable listeners of the show. They offered to host us at their house for the night, and while we were there, we recorded a live episode in their living room. This was a great experience.

They invited other listeners from surrounding regions to also come down for the live in-house sitting of the show, and they all stuck around afterwards to chat, hang out, network and grow.

Ethan has recently floated the idea of a TOTT News Tour to Full Members, which has been received with favourable responses. This would follow a similar pattern. A live Member Circle Podcast at the particular member’s house, the opportunity to see if others are in the area to join, and the ability to connect outside of the realm of the internet. This would be a state-by-state endeavour.

Let’s see how this could go. Let’s start building the blocks to make this happen.

The TOTT Guard Initiative is all about supporting those who support us the most, the Full Members. However, there are many limitations to digital-only conversations and reach. One being the presence of Big Brother forces who always seek to uncover and invade personal privacy.

More details will be revealed in time for those who are interested.




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