September 25, 2022

7 thoughts on “Diabetes Now The Fastest Growing Condition In Australia

  1. Unlike the coronahoax, diabetes (and other related “non-communicable diseases”), represents a real pandemic, and you have covered the key risk factors in this article. I have been involved in a soil health/nutrition security program for the previous four years in Kiribati and Tuvalu, which have high NCD rates. We produced a factsheet series on indigenous nutritious leafy food plants that can help reduce diabetes, due to specific anti-diabetes effects as well as their glycaemic index-reducing effect when included in a meal. Drumstick tree, chaya, ofenga, purslane (ubiquitous, and usually regarded as a garden weed), bele and hedge panax are among the best. They also have other useful medicinal effects.

    1. leafy plants???
      Get rid of all the plants, stick with High saturated fat/Red meat, low carb, low polyunsaturated fat and watch the magic happen of reversing diabetes.
      yet we are still told to eat complex carbs and other processed crap. We evolved over millions of years to eat red meat. Its only been the last 5000? years which we have started farming. This is a blink in the eye of how long evolution takes.

  2. “Factors such as obesity, poor diets, and lack of exercise are all to blame…..”
    Free will or nanny state?
    Is this article advocating for our masters intervention?
    This is yet another Hegelian PsyOp.
    Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose anything less is a form of slavery.

    1. People are free to be obese, have poor diets and not exercise as they choose. Diabetes is a likely outcome of those choices. That’s all. Nobody is stopping them, in fact, it has been designed this exact way by the state. The Epsilon Agenda rolls on, yet many won’t take the simple steps to avoid the attack, such as those listed.

  3. I believe we are in agreement and understanding (yes, the Epsilon agenda roles on).
    “As they approach physical maturity, humans are further retarded by, among other things, alcohol and other drugs (including prescription ‘medications’).”

  4. My above question – Is this article advocating for our masters intervention? is directed at your new ‘woke’ readers (question everything). I often wonder how retarded people have become over the past generations and my wondering is answered in reading the comments of the new ‘woke’ on independent news and ‘truther’ sites. Generations have forgotten what past generations knew. I often say don’t waste time on explanations or convincing others of reality the ‘truths’ as this is pointless. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will make the connections and links to the big picture, the game plan. All others (the majority) are lost, a hard truth that is even harder to digest. “The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”G.O. this is how mankind has been programmed. Most can not discern disinformation, MK projects of the 1930-50s completed the mapping of the brain and the effects of trauma, drugs (chemicals), toxins (micronised metals), venoms, oxygen depletion, etc this research was used to implement a global deployment of MK programming. So the question is, can the majority brake the chains of this generational retarding and MK programming? I suggest not.

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