December 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “Diabetes Now The Fastest Growing Condition In Australia

  1. Unlike the coronahoax, diabetes (and other related “non-communicable diseases”), represents a real pandemic, and you have covered the key risk factors in this article. I have been involved in a soil health/nutrition security program for the previous four years in Kiribati and Tuvalu, which have high NCD rates. We produced a factsheet series on indigenous nutritious leafy food plants that can help reduce diabetes, due to specific anti-diabetes effects as well as their glycaemic index-reducing effect when included in a meal. Drumstick tree, chaya, ofenga, purslane (ubiquitous, and usually regarded as a garden weed), bele and hedge panax are among the best. They also have other useful medicinal effects.

    1. leafy plants???
      Get rid of all the plants, stick with High saturated fat/Red meat, low carb, low polyunsaturated fat and watch the magic happen of reversing diabetes.
      yet we are still told to eat complex carbs and other processed crap. We evolved over millions of years to eat red meat. Its only been the last 5000? years which we have started farming. This is a blink in the eye of how long evolution takes.

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