TOTT Update: Full Steam Ahead

Development is the lifeblood of many publishers, and as genuine journalism continues to push through an era of uncertain territory, adding new elements of value to existing forms of content is essential.

In the following, we update both the public audience and users of TOTT News on an array of new benefits and features set to be added moving forward in 2020.

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Development is the lifeblood of many publishers, and as genuine journalism continues to push through an era of uncertain territory, adding new elements of value to existing forms of content is essential.

In the following, we update both the public audience and users of TOTT News on an array of new benefits and features set to be added moving forward in 2020.


2019 was the biggest year of publishing for our website since beginning in 2011, both in terms of the quantity of published material and the exposure received.

As mentioned in our annual review, this is largely in part due to our wonderful members and supporters abroad who continue to contribute towards the growth of this website.

Indeed, Australians are awakening to the lies and deceptions of the world around them, and we are pleased to be here at the forefront of this shift by providing a genuine alternative to the mainstream establishment. We are happy to see that so many have resonated with our content.

As more members continue to join and push this operation forward, we are very happy to announce new features that will be added to both the public and membership sections of the website in 2020.

We set a goal to one day have enough support to be able to produce multitudes of daily content for our readers, and we are one step closer to that realisation with each passing day, month and year.

TOTT News continues to develop and expand our content range, and our current publishing schedule remains one the most active rates in Australian alternative spheres. 

2020 has been one of the most interesting starts to a year in Australian history, and there is no more vital time then now to publish as much content as we can as many agendas continue to develop.

Take a look below at the new features that will be added in addition to our current schedule in 2020:


1) Introducing… TOTT NEWS NZ

After receiving much communication from our brothers and sisters across the water in New Zealand, we are pleased to announce we will be incorporating NZ-based content into our website!

This path will begin and grow in a similar fashion to our Australian content, meaning it will first start off with important monthly feature pieces and grow based on demand and interest. 

We share so much in common with New Zealand and we think it is important to also raise awareness of similar issues that are happening with one of our strongest allies in the region.

Australian content will still be our primary focus, but branching out is something we have wanted to do for a long time and now the opportunity is right. 

Please note: These feature pieces will appear as an exclusive on the website only. We won’t be sharing to our social media channels to avoid being clustered between shares and discussions. Make sure you check your emails and the website for any NZ coverage that may be released in future!

2) #NewsFix Videos and Increased Content

After an extended hiatus on YouTube, we returned this year with videos that are some of the most popular we have published to date via our platform. We are committed to continuing this in 2020, with more exclusive videos set to be uploaded to our channel.

We will also be introducing a new YouTube series called #NewsFix, where we will discuss some of the biggest stories that have been shared for discussion on social media. This is designed for those who do not have Facebook, allowing them to share thoughts on additional stories that we discover online.

Ethan will also be giving further analysis on the news stories and developments discussed, as we attempt to examine the deeper questions behind the information at hand.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to gain first access to all future releases!

3) Spotlight Articles Return!

We are also happy to announce the return of our Spotlight section, which will highlight an important news story or journalist each month and bring their work to the forefront of our platform.

Real journalists still do exist out there, however many of them are continuously buried in a sea of Kardashian stories and typical media programming. 

We aim to bring attention to the work of great journalists across Australia, and with the return of this series moving forward, this will make for great extra content to be explored by our readers.

Related content and linking paragraphs are normally included in these type of pieces to add further context to the story being published and how it may relate to a larger agenda at play.

4) More Guest Features!

2020 will also mark the return of more guest feature pieces on the website, adding a larger mix of diverse perspectives from some of the largest names in the ACT Realm.

We hope to connect with more domestic and international researchers and publishers, in an attempt to continue to build our platform as a primary source of alternative media in Australia. 

Many of these guest have appeared on Member Circle Podcasts, and we hope to utilise their perspectives in the development of more public content in the future. 

Who would you like to see on the website? What type of formats would you like to see? Videos? Interviews? Guest Articles? Let us know your thoughts as this initiative progresses.

We also hope to encourage Full Members of the website to take advantage of their exclusive benefits available and publish more content on the website themselves. TOTT News is a platform powered our members and their perspectives are important to us.

5) Website Configuration and Pages

We will also be spending more time developing the back and front of our website interface in an attempt to further improve user mobility and useability.

The addition of a Topics page will be added, in addition to the existing Categories page, and menus will be updated to display new gateways to website content in our archives.

We also hope to link our content further together with better tag alignment and will spend time updating much of the landing page information on our website, including register sections.

The website will undergo a change of mobile-based platform layouts over the next few months, so please forgive us if the full PC website design is generated on your mobile device. This simply means we are tweaking the design of our mobile website behind the scenes.

Please bare with us as we continue to work towards improving the website for all Australians!


By incorporating all of these elements into the website, the new publishing schedule looks like this:

What do you think of these changes? Let us know your thoughts below!


1) The Black Pills are Coming

The most important content we have ever published is set to be released throughout 2020 and beyond, as we strive to venture Beyond The Red Pill and into the realm of ‘Black Pill’ content.

This weekend, members will be introduced to the concept of Black Pill content, including some of the emotional and spiritual ramifications of exploring such in-depth perspectives of reality.

We are set to take a look at some of the most pressing topics relating to the nature of our societies and realities, and some of these areas include history, space, war and much more.

The truth is not always a pleasant thing. But what does our continued journey in pursuit of truth reveal to us about the nature of this realm and the future of the ‘humans’ inside of it?

Please note: We are set to address some fairly controversial topics, so please make sure you check out next weekend’s piece to understand why we are set to raise some of these issues.

2) Split Pieces and the Return of Series Features

Members, you may have noticed over the course of 2019 that membership articles and videos have slowly been creeping larger in size. This is due to the increased complexity of the topics we continue to explore each month as we venture further down the rabbit hole.

Moving forward, as the content becomes deeper in context, we will be returning to a two-to-three part series format to ensure we cover all vital information associated with a topic. 

For those not familiar, check out our three-part Analysing Mass Media series to see how we break larger pieces into fragmented, specific focuses.

This may also include splitting each part into two seperate membership pieces for the month, however this is not yet decided and will depend on how complex the work load may get.

In addition, to save repetition and dominance of a subject across many months, we will also debut and continue new pieces of work in between the first set of series pieces released. Please see an example of this structure below:

Topic 1 | Part 1 — Released March 2020
Topic 2 | Part 1 — Released April 2020
Topic 1 | Part 2 — Released May 2020
Topic 2 | Part 2 — Released June 2020

As you can see, by separating the series between months, we are able to explore new topics before returning to continue original topics, and then continue on in this fashion with all new feature pieces that are added moving forward. Many of these series will interlink with each other and this way helps avoid continuous months of the same research for members!

3) More Email Correspondence!

Members of the website will also enjoy new additional features moving forward, including the introduction of Sneak Peak emails that will allow users an inside look at content being developed ahead of membership releases. Script shots, screenshots, designs and more.

The purpose of this feature is to provide members a preview of the content on the way as they anticipate the release. It will also allow more familiarity to be grown with our content in advance, allowing members their own ability to get up-to-date and research the subjects at hand. 

We also hope to use this an opportunity to show members that content can be created in hopes of inspiring more channels and websites to be made. Each person has the tools at their disposal to start their own platforms and join the push to get critical information across Australia.

Please let us know you thoughts on what you would like to see from these emails!

FULL MEMBERS: If you haven’t already, please check your emails for a personalised email to connect following the beginning of your second month on the website. The time is now to begin building our grassroots community and we hope to hear your input!

4) Of Interest Links!

As the membership section continues to grow on the website, we are also looking to send an ‘Of Interest’ synopsis in anticipation of features, so you can begin reading about a topic before it arrives.

All members would have received a small taste of what this feature will be like in their latest Member Content promo email, and this is set to expand in the future in a separate email piece.

As mentioned, many of the topics we will be covering moving forward are sure to not have all parties in agreement over the views and evidence presented. Thankfully, our paywall does a successful job of filtering our trolls and other trouble makers looking to attack others over their opinions.

The links will help provide an insights into some of the source material we are studying in anticipation of membership content being developed. You are now able to check these links and sources out for yourself to help gain further perspective.

The most important element of free and open discussions on our website, even civil debates at time, will rely on everyone being informed and up-to-speed on the information being discussed. This new feature hopes to bridge that gap and we look forward to seeing how it goes.

5) 24/7 Chat Box, Facebook Group and More
(Coming Soon!)

The underlying purpose of the membership section is to connect members with each other and to build a grassroots community of like-minded thinkers in anticipation of the coming world agenda.

When asking what YOU would like to see from the site, the most overwhelming response to this question on the website and in email correspondence, was a 24/7 chat box for unrestricted chats.

In the near future, we will slowly begin to incorporate these wishes by first establishing connecting groups on social media channels (Facebook groups, private friends, etc), and when a chat box is completely added to the website, migrate all of the traffic over to this new medium.

This is potentially the most exciting update to come moving forward, as the underlying essence of the membership section and purpose of the website will be fulfilled.

In the meantime, we have a Member Sessions Hangout (off-air afternoon hang out) once a month, a membership discussion piece and email correspondence to connect with each other.


Listen to Ethan discuss new website and membership additions on the latest Member Circle Podcast.. 2020 Vision!


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