December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “New surveillance network for producers in WA

  1. Very disturbing. You’d have to be a mug to get involved with something like this.

  2. This is where it starts with a seemingly innocuous program to “monitor” wildlife for better understanding or a quick lock down to flatten the curve and the next thing is infringement notices for you being in the wrong “designated” area for humans and vaccine passports.

    When and how is the time to say fucking no to continued infringements on liberty and freedoms that the state and its puppet masters want to implement.

  3. I think there will be a reasonable amount of WA farmers who will tell the Government to just get stuffed!

  4. well if the NSW gmo rules can be changed without any public consultation at the whim of brjklian, then of course WA & any other state that is full of sell-out pollies can & will do the same to the highest bidder, just name your regulation or better stiil, just send them the draft & they’ll sign-ff on it, no questions asked.

    ethan asks..”what could the be the deeper underlying agenda that is at play here?” … where do I start?, but here goes…

    i’m sure readers here also read news about other countries & what goes on around the world with all types of different govts, economies, priorities & everyday problems. but there is an underlying common theme or system that seems to pop up every now & then where one thinks, hey that same thing just happened here or our govt is doing something very similar if not exactly the same thing as them (not just USA, UK or EU, but in 2nd/3rd world as well) they just go about it differently, but the goal is the same.

    this article right here is a perfect example, the names are different, but it’s the same agenda, same justifications/excuses by govts to reach the same goal… move all wealth ie; public assets to the ruling classes ie; privatise everything. that’s it, it’s very simple as a final outcome but getting there requires a lot of legal & regulatory gymnastics to get there.

    some will say it’s a matter of national security, or economic development, or empowering our people, or working with allies, or protecting this or that (people/animals/environment/aliens). like I said, the reasons are innumerable, but the goal is the same – you will not have any privacy & the govt will have unlimited access to every minute of your life no matter where you go in the world… vaxx ID’s, QR codes, border stops, overseas assets taxes (even if you’ve paid tax overseas)

    cameras in the bush or registering livestock is yet another tool to maximise the data collection to the smallest unit, even our DNA is now being kept from covid swabs. what more can they do?

    believe me, this is not just the start, it’s been progressing exponentially & started years ago, we just didn’t have the IOT or advanced AI as we do now. …”the use of artificial intelligence could “revolutionise” the way wildlife are monitored”…can someone pls explain to me how AI can supposedly protect or determine how much an animal is suffering or prospering?

    I suspect in a few years time the bush monitoring will give pollies the stats to determine that there are no animals worthy of saving in the monitored areas & those areas will get new designations for smart city development & sponsoring by big techs that don’t even have an office in Aus.

    as for the livestock monitoring, if they have already done trials, the outcome of those trials will be to make it mandatory for farmers to register for monitoring. once that takes hold, in come the big agri corp’s to mandate their feed & patented breeds of livestock or no more farming for you & you become an outcast bio-security risk for non-compliance.

    our farms & farmers are our lifeblood. the farmers must stand up in unison & demand their rights in person at every MP’s office around the country. if they don’t stand up for themselves, no one can. It can be done, just look at France, India, Brasil, Germany… all their farmers are refusing to deliver harvests until the laws are repealed or completely abolished bc they are going to lose everthing to the corp farming multi-natioanls if nothing is done. stand up & fight or live on your knees!



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