New surveillance network for producers in WA

Cattle and sheep producers in Western Australia are being asked to join a new surveillance program that will help them ‘keep up-to-date with livestock health issues in their area’.

Participants would provide live updates on the status of their stock to authorities, raising further concerns about a growing network that is aiming to monitor all of regional Australia.


‘Monitoring sheep and cattle’. Photo: JWL


It appears that more funny business is unfolding in the world of agriculture and farming, specifically involving the creeping increase of monitoring and data collection.

Sheep producers in Esperance and Ravensthorpe, as well as cattle producers in the Great Southern (WA), have the ‘opportunity’ to join a surveillance network and ‘keep up-to-date’ with livestock health issues in their area.

The project, facilitated by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), uses SMS technology to “help protect Western Australia’s biosecurity and livestock markets”.

Network members will participate in a short series of SMS text messages each fortnight, which will ask if they have seen any illness in their sheep or cattle.

Producers involved will provide ‘the network’ valuable information that is relevant to their businesses, and will receive data on the biosecurity status on the WA livestock.

It is recommencing for the 2021 calendar year, following a successful pilot program in 2018.

DPIRD veterinary officer, Kristine Rayner, said the networks aimed to provide members with updated information about health issues occurring in these regions, while strengthening WA’s ability to more rapidly detect new or exotic diseases and supporting market access.

That’s right, farmers in Western Australia will be encouraged to provide live updates of their produce status directly to the government, in hopes it will only be used to gather ‘livestock data’.

“These networks have benefits both for local producers and for animal health surveillance in Western Australia,” Rayner said.

“Producer members will receive a regular surveillance report for their region, which will help members make informed onfarm decisions that improve animal health and production.

She added: “WA has a reputation for producing healthy livestock and our animal health surveillance system helps to prove that our livestock are free from diseases to support our ability to sell livestock both here and overseas.”

“These surveillance networks are designed to strengthen this system.”

It seems suspicious that after almost a decade of advanced data-gathering techniques, the last few years have been the period that surveillance networks are beginning to pop up. What took so long? What kind of information will be gathered and reported on?

“This information will be collated in monthly reports, outlining what illnesses have been occurring in their area, what the common causes were and what they might be able do about them,” Rayner said.

Is that all that will be gathered? Can WA farmers really trust that live information provided will only be used for these purposes? Given the track record of government, this seems unlikely.

Furthermore, what could the be the deeper underlying agenda that is at play here? Are they really doing this to protect the wellbeing of livestock?

Let’s look to similar programs popping up across the country to explore further.


Artificial intelligence and an army of new agricultural camera programs are beginning to offered as a ‘solution’ to many types of outback problems in Australia.

WA isn’t the only state to start a heavy focus on farming and bush surveillance.

More than 600 AI-powered cameras are also being installed across the country to ‘track the movements of Australia’s bushfire-affected wildlife’, it was recently announced.

The new program, called An Eye on Recovery, is led by World Wide Fund For Nature Australia (WWF) and Conservation International, with a US $1 million grant from Google.

It is described as a “a large-scale collaborative camera project”.

The cameras will survey areas in the Blue Mountains, East Gippsland, Kangaroo Island and South-East Queensland to find where ‘further recovery actions’ are needed.

TOTT News raised suspicions about this program at the time.

WWF Australia’s Head of Healthy Land and Seascapes, Darren Grover, said it would provide a ‘good indication of how the bushfire-affected areas were recovering’.

“By having more than 600 sets of eyes out there across Eastern Australia including Kangaroo Island, we’ll start to get an indication of how that wildlife is faring or how that wildlife has suffered,” he said.

He said the use of artificial intelligence could “revolutionise” the way wildlife are monitored.

Yeah, right, ‘wildlife’. 

Why this is program happening? You may recall that news sites reported almost 3 billion native animals were in the path of the devastating (planned) bushfires.

Now, for those who may not be familiar with the devious nature of statistics, most population counts you see in the world are a hoax. Nobody is out there individually counting populations.

The numbers we see reported for wildlife, and even humans, are all computer estimates.

Another case of ‘problem, reaction, solution’ at play.

Not only did initial coverage serve to garner the heart strings of the world, but now a so-called ‘recovery program’ is being used as the guise to cover the east coast in cameras and sensors.

The program is predicted to compliment existing regional surveillance programs carried out by authorities, all designed for incremental fulfilment of the Agenda 2030 vision.

This is where we find the true intention of both programs.


This isn’t about ‘monitoring animals’, it is about monitoring you.

Authorities have been slowly establishing a sophisticated network of regional surveillance.

The Regional Force Surveillance Group comprises of the Army’s three Regional Force Surveillance Units, or RFSUs, established in 2018 to patrol the lands surrounding us. 

The group is tasked to: “provide a littoral surveillance and reconnaissance capability … in order to support whole-of-government efforts to maintain national sovereignty and border security”.

The three RFSUs conduct operational patrols as part of Operation Resolute, the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to patrolling Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone

Upon formation, the Regional Force Surveillance Group comprised of:

The group’s headquarters provides a single formation headquarters to formalise command and control arrangements and knowledge sharing between the three units.

According to their website, the surveillance group covers an area of operations which encompasses approximately 52 per cent of the Australian continent.

This includes an arc which covers the North and North West of Australia from Geraldton in Western Australia, across the Northern Territory, through Far North Queensland and south to Cardwell.

Can you guess about the other 48%? Most of it are populated city areas, which are being transformed into state-of-the-art surveillance dystopias themselves.

Could this all be a plan to ensure regional Australia is under total surveillance as this plan continues to unfold? For those who try to flee to the push or form their own communities?

Will there soon be anywhere that can be travelled that won’t be seen?

No doubt authorities are preparing for an approaching era of social apartheid, but I am sure this is all just a ‘coincidence’. Nothing to see here. It’s only about animals.

Let’s share this information with farmers to help them become informed and not fall into this potential surveillance trap.

We will follow this story for any new developments.


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4 comments on “New surveillance network for producers in WA”

  1. Very disturbing. You’d have to be a mug to get involved with something like this.

  2. This is where it starts with a seemingly innocuous program to “monitor” wildlife for better understanding or a quick lock down to flatten the curve and the next thing is infringement notices for you being in the wrong “designated” area for humans and vaccine passports.

    When and how is the time to say fucking no to continued infringements on liberty and freedoms that the state and its puppet masters want to implement.

  3. I think there will be a reasonable amount of WA farmers who will tell the Government to just get stuffed!

  4. well if the NSW gmo rules can be changed without any public consultation at the whim of brjklian, then of course WA & any other state that is full of sell-out pollies can & will do the same to the highest bidder, just name your regulation or better stiil, just send them the draft & they’ll sign-ff on it, no questions asked.

    ethan asks..”what could the be the deeper underlying agenda that is at play here?” … where do I start?, but here goes…

    i’m sure readers here also read news about other countries & what goes on around the world with all types of different govts, economies, priorities & everyday problems. but there is an underlying common theme or system that seems to pop up every now & then where one thinks, hey that same thing just happened here or our govt is doing something very similar if not exactly the same thing as them (not just USA, UK or EU, but in 2nd/3rd world as well) they just go about it differently, but the goal is the same.

    this article right here is a perfect example, the names are different, but it’s the same agenda, same justifications/excuses by govts to reach the same goal… move all wealth ie; public assets to the ruling classes ie; privatise everything. that’s it, it’s very simple as a final outcome but getting there requires a lot of legal & regulatory gymnastics to get there.

    some will say it’s a matter of national security, or economic development, or empowering our people, or working with allies, or protecting this or that (people/animals/environment/aliens). like I said, the reasons are innumerable, but the goal is the same – you will not have any privacy & the govt will have unlimited access to every minute of your life no matter where you go in the world… vaxx ID’s, QR codes, border stops, overseas assets taxes (even if you’ve paid tax overseas)

    cameras in the bush or registering livestock is yet another tool to maximise the data collection to the smallest unit, even our DNA is now being kept from covid swabs. what more can they do?

    believe me, this is not just the start, it’s been progressing exponentially & started years ago, we just didn’t have the IOT or advanced AI as we do now. …”the use of artificial intelligence could “revolutionise” the way wildlife are monitored”…can someone pls explain to me how AI can supposedly protect or determine how much an animal is suffering or prospering?

    I suspect in a few years time the bush monitoring will give pollies the stats to determine that there are no animals worthy of saving in the monitored areas & those areas will get new designations for smart city development & sponsoring by big techs that don’t even have an office in Aus.

    as for the livestock monitoring, if they have already done trials, the outcome of those trials will be to make it mandatory for farmers to register for monitoring. once that takes hold, in come the big agri corp’s to mandate their feed & patented breeds of livestock or no more farming for you & you become an outcast bio-security risk for non-compliance.

    our farms & farmers are our lifeblood. the farmers must stand up in unison & demand their rights in person at every MP’s office around the country. if they don’t stand up for themselves, no one can. It can be done, just look at France, India, Brasil, Germany… all their farmers are refusing to deliver harvests until the laws are repealed or completely abolished bc they are going to lose everthing to the corp farming multi-natioanls if nothing is done. stand up & fight or live on your knees!



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