Why are So Many Men Psychologically Infantile?

Western culture, which is overwhelmed by ideas which view masculinity as toxic, approaches the topic of manhood from an anthropological point of view.

In the present crisis of masculinity, we do not need – as some are saying – less masculine power. We need more. But we need more of the mature masculine.

We need more “man psychology”.

Where have the heroes gone?
This video explores the essence of manhood, including why it is almost universally accepted that real men are made, not born, and how this energy ultimately benefits humanity.

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4 comments on “Why are So Many Men Psychologically Infantile?”

  1. “Heroes” are within each of us. Strength is found in a persons character. Habit defines character. Know who you are and take action when the opportunity arises knowing you are in the right. Don’t fear death. Death comes to all of us. Don’t die old on your back wishing you had taken action. What is toxic is failure to act according to ones conscience.

    1. Hear hear Gareth. I hope that those of us living in/near the capitals will be out protesting tomorrow (Saturday) at the anti-coercive/mandated vax rallies.

  2. Actually, it has always been so. It has always been women who were at the forefront of protest or action against government tyranny and social injustice. Perhaps because they’ve always had less to lose in terms of high-profile jobs and status in the past.

  3. PS: Even today, a case in point in Victoria, lawyer Serene Teffaha, has had her licence to practise law cancelled because she spoke out against the Dan Andrews government’s dictatorship. Where are all the other lawyers?

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