June 5, 2023

7 thoughts on “Religious leaders question COVID-19 vaccine ethics

  1. Excellent article. You are right to call out the religious leaders for failing to condemn Forced Vaccinations. If they continue in this blatant failure and collusion with Anti-Christian government edicts, they should all be de-frocked.

  2. I without the slightest doubt will never wear a mask nor allow my body to be injected with a govt ordered substance. It’s never ever going to happen.
    President Danielle Andrews is delusional if he thinks everyone will be racing to the queue for their free injection & sausage sizzle!
    Having said that, I would like the queue of sheep to be live streamed around the world for all to see.

  3. I am Christian and am angry that it has taken the religious leaders until now to say anything. They are basically 50 years too late! I have been vaccinated as a child (against my will now I am an adult) with vaccinations containing aborted foetal cells and animal cells, mould etc.. I am also totally against the cruel animal use for testing. As a Christian, I believe God gave us an amazing immune system to nourish, and pumping toxic chemicals in our body is wrong. Where have the ‘leaders’ been the last 50 years?

    1. I think religion became politics with religious people becoming politicians a while back worldwide. From that time on the two (politics & religion) have been conveniently in bed together serving each other quest for influence. The consequence being a lessening of interest & value in religious perspectives when it comes to financial gains to be made through globalization. Sadly religious perspective is now in decline. Demolishing religious structures & beliefs (as is currently happening in China) & replacing them with political figures has seen dependence & focus shift to political figures.
      I think it’s too late to change that status quo but religions have at least realized their end is now politically motivated & I’m guessing religions will push back albeit with little or no effect.

  4. I personally don’t believe in compulsory elections nor mandatory vaccinations. But, unfortunately in Australia the former is enforced and it won’t surprise me if the latter will be too under the guise of “community health and safety.” I, for one, won’t be yielding myself to any COVID-19 vaccine, however. It’s my body, my choice! It’s a mockery of democracy when other countries like the UK and USA have free elections in that one has the freedom to choose whether to vote, but in Australia the government forces people to vote under penalty of a fine! The right to vote is a right not an obligation! And with the “No jab. No pay” bribe of recent years it only adds to the increasing hypocrisy of our leaders who pay lip service to “democracy” and “freedom,” but then go ahead with anti-democratic, anti-freedom rules and policies! It’s like to defeat this viral enemy we’re turning into the Communist enemy it originated from, and thus into our own worst enemy!

    1. Democracy with Australian characteristics! Australia is as leftist a democracy there is. No commenting on commercial “news media” posts. Victorian police even beat citizens in exactly the same fashion as CCP does HK citizens.
      Slightly right winged communism is a more accurate description of the Australian political system.

  5. I’m a ‘Bit Late’ on this article- didn’t see it! Along with the M.I.A. Jesus #1 Rep on this Rock – THE White ‘PROP’, Er apologies, The White ‘Pope’, Supposedly ‘Looking after & Guiding’ THE ‘Flock’ (Apt = Sheep), stepping up to the Plate & STOPPING the ‘Experiment’? (ALL other Civilised Entities SHOULD enact the same actions, or CAN’T they read THE Plain language ‘Nuremberg Code’??
    Back to the Catholic PROP; OR is it THE VatiCan’ts 2nd Round of Human experiments from the 3rdReich (PLUS ‘COIN’ of Course, to Vatican vaults [to keep WW2 War ‘Treasure’ Company] for The ‘Wanted NAZI Scientists’ European Tour – ‘Class of 1933> 45’, ‘Escape Bureau’ Round 1 to Argentina, Morphed into the Current 4th Reich ‘Tag Team’ ??? AND, WHERE are all of the ‘Right to Life’rs’ on The ‘Ingredients’ in The DePopulation Jabs? DITTO on the ‘Pulling’ of ‘Ingredients’ from Near term Animal calves – generally via ‘Slaughtering TechnoloJesus’ of said Offspring, for ‘FAKE Meat’?? = RSPCA – Missing In Action – CONvenient.
    Virus, ARE Symbiotic ‘Software’ to our Biological Hardware – NATURALLY! ALL OTHER UNnatural ‘Variants by Design’, should be treated for What THEY ARE – DEDICATED BIO TERRORISM!! Whether By Military, Governments OR Corporations, ANY of their ILLNESS Affiliates OR EVEN ‘Universities’! The ‘Creation & Alterations’ via ‘UNLOCKING’ Nature, Because of it’s CATASTROPHIC outcomes – Even THE CHANCE of said ‘Possibilities’, should warrant a Mandatory Death sentence WITHOUT commutation!!
    Amazing, the More ‘Civilised’ a Nation IS, The LESS ‘Civil/Civilised’ IT IS to it’s Own Citizens & ‘Others’ collectively!

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