September 27, 2023

19 thoughts on “Australia is building ‘smart city’ infrastructure

  1. It’s interesting – only in the West is this communist globalist Agenda 2030 crap being inflicted on it’s peoples. And all at the same time – it’s like all the goverments are marching to the same fascist drum.. Could that be??

    1. Based on the UN guidelines for Agenda 2030, each country will have their own rights in terms of governance. It appears to be more a economic evolution rather than governance.

      1. But why do we give a crap about what the UN wants? Unelected communists! They use the money we give them to buy us out.. Where are the smart cities in Saudi or Russia – the west is the target.. the game – complete control..

      2. Also – is that independent governance like the EU – you bet it will be.. Chinese style points system and 24 hour surveillance coming our way – that’s why they want us out of the bush and in the smart “prisons”.. I say again – who here is Australia voted to give control of Australia to the UN criminals? No one! But this what our government is doing – Treason!

  2. How is this a good thing? Zero safety studies on all this new technology (that we don’t need) violation of our privacy with facial recognition. Sounds like it’s out if a sci fi horror movie.

  3. John Lennons song Imagine comes to mind , listen to the words

    its the reverse of this disgusting utopian future we now face.

    That’s where I wanna be

  4. They will not stop this BS. Why will they not see the “Grand Deception ” Plan Agenda 2030 for what it is? Because scomoand his mob all have investments in this psychopathic cyber-bullying madness, AND intend to continue until we are all murdered. Nice bloke that Christian scomoand his mob of lunatic professional liars and thieves, going to Church on Sunday and posing with his family – a du Liebe Scheisse Ihr seid Verruckt They are murdering millions worldwide – it’s reported that no workers are left to do the dirty work in EU. Where are they? MURDERED.
    And here in Australia they want to empty the whole nation of humans and invite the Chinese to walk in and enjoy this place. Or will it just be for the 220,000 unknown elite and government people living in the desert DUMB in WA? Never vote for these murderers.

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