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Government considers forcing Australians to provide ID to use social media

Australian authorities will consider a radical measure to ‘prevent online bullying and trolling’, requiring all users of social media to provide 100 points of ID before use.

Experts say the proposal would involve serious privacy risks for internet users, who would be giving away even more sensitive personal data to large corporations.


New additions, expanded features | TOTT Update

As the world continues to push through an era of uncertainty, the tide has slowly been turning. More Australians are switching off the propaganda and are seeking alternative options.

During this fundamental shift, TOTT News strives to provide free-thinking Australians with a reputable platform to gain their information. This notion continues to resonate with audiences.


‘Wake Up, Australia!’: Thousands march through the streets of Brisbane

Thousands of have marched through the streets of Brisbane in opposition to the biomedical eugenics agenda driving the COVID-19 narrative.

Protesters continue to voice their concerns over vaccine coercion, mass media deception, scientific fraud and the removals of fundamental freedoms.


World Wide Rally for Freedom: Australia joins international events

Over the past year, livelihoods and freedoms have been destroyed by lockdowns and border closures. We have had our movements restricted, bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates and plans for coronavirus vaccine coercion continue to be rolled out.

This weekend, Australia joins an overseas movement of over 40 countries, who will march in solidarity for the principles of freedom, democracy and health.


Calls for Greg Hunt to release his medical records

There are calls for Greg Hunt to release his medical records for examination, after he was hospitalised with cellulitis less than 48 hours after receiving his COVID-19 vaccine.

In the UK, almost 150 people have reported this condition as a reaction to the AstraZeneca shot in two months, while post-vaccination neutropenia links are well-documented.