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Clown World Melbourne.. More Madness

As Australian states begin to edge closer to reaching vaccination targets, ‘experts’ are now concerned plans to re-open are ‘premature’ and ‘dangerous’.

Rent-a-quote personalities in Victoria seek to morph the narrative once again, with those who disagree set to be locked out of the city before tomorrow’s protests.


The UK is fighting back against COVID dystopia

As the world continues to plunge deeper and deeper into an era of medical biofascism, it seems as if the United Kingdom is taking a surprisingly different turn.

England has made the decision to scrap vaccine passports as a requirement for venue entry, while the debate over vaccinating children has seen the narrative lose strength.



NSW Police Commissioner admits increased enforcement is not based on health orders

The head of NSW Police has admitted escalated enforcement operations are not directed by any public health order, but rather their own agenda to achieve greater compliance.

Mick Fuller recently told NSW Parliament that the force has committed to “treating the virus like a criminal”, encouraging officers to “put community policing to the side”.


NSW Health re-classifies death statistics to ‘died with’ COVID | Video

NSW Health has switched to recording patients as dying ‘with COVID’, instead of ‘from’, as it acknowledges that not all reported deaths are directly linked.

Dr. Jeremy McAnulty said the change in language was because it was ‘very difficult to know’ whether someone with COVID died from the virus, or another health complication.

We have also included a compilation of many other locations across the world who have done the same.