December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Coles renews push for ‘hybrid’ self-serve checkouts

  1. They plan on actually just having the customer place the basket at the checkout and the cameras and scales will just total it all up. Similar to when you put a suitcase on the scales at the airport.
    It will be here sooner than 2030.
    Goodbye jobs.

  2. My father’s first job back in the late 1970’s was pumping fuel at the local service station, and not just pumping fuel, but also checking tyre pressure, cleaning windscreens, checking oil, checking coolant, etc. Fast forward to now and that is a job that is long gone now! In fact I rarely ever see more than one person working at petrol station now and soon that will be the same for supermarkets!

    1. And no one complained about having to pump their own petrol. Hard to find a place where they do it for you but they do exist in independent run stations which are rare.

  3. Let’s all show up at the same time, load up our trolleys and then head to the checkout, then refuse to use self-service, then walk out leaving them dozens of trolleys worth of produce to restock. Include lots of frozen produce and walk around for an hour or so with it thawing out in the basket. It would only need to happen a few times for them to reconsider.

    1. I had thought of a similar way, just get everyone to line up with their usual shopping, but not leave the shopping. Imagine 50 people lining up at one manned register and all the self service empty, staff would be in a tizz.

  4. David Holmgren aptly refers to our 2 major supermarkets as Moles and Bullies. Earlier this year I experienced some horrible customer service at a WW store. That turned out to be a gift as it forced me to acknowledge just how much I resent these pricks. I now shop elsewhere as much as possible. There’s plenty of choice if you look for it (online, in store and co-ops), and it feels good to support other more deserving businesses

  5. The easy way to get them to stop doing this stuff – make it too expensive for them. We’ve recently seen Walmart actually close 4 stores in the USA because stock losses were so high it wasn’t financially viable to continue to operate. Slightly different context, but the point remains true. They only do this sort of thing because they think it will save them money. Let’s show them it won’t.

  6. So we pump our own petrol and scan our own shopping, what next? What gets me is why are the staff at these supermarkets not protesting? Our local Coles has only two checkouts manned and the rest self service. I keep lining up to the normal checkouts and paying cash. Other than that you might as well shop online and get them to do all the work for you. I don’t want a job at a supermarket so why force it on to me. Shop smaller businesses in protest and pay cash.

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