October 2, 2023

6 thoughts on “Woolworths surveillance creep continues across the country

  1. I have ditched self-checkouts, sick of having to ask for assistance, what will it be like for the attendent when these new ones fail as well. I will boycott them, stand in line and pay cash, or go to a small business that excepts cash too. Yes how on earth will they get all these new things in place for 2030?, there are bound to be a lot of failures.

  2. A number of Woolworths stores around where I live have been trialing these new self-serve checkout cameras, it’s very creepy to say the least and I try to avoid using them as much as possible! No doubt that Coles will be next to introduce this type of surveillance at their self-serve checkouts in the near future.

  3. Great! BOYCOTT ALL STORES USING ‘THIS’ TECH! – ER, Tell Yer Friends as well – OF COURSE!
    ‘People’ HAVE TO Physically ‘Put Themselves out’, For ‘Human Existences’, which includes the SAME Quasi NON Competition Banksters, & go for a Local ‘Community Bank’ to ‘Support’! CASH ONLY!
    IF the ‘Plebs’ Don’t want to be ‘InCONvenienced’, & adhere to DigiSwindle, THEY, can Lament their ‘Personal Choices’, When, IF, they are Allowed to ‘Think’ in their SELF CREATED ‘G’ PRISMS!

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