December 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “Outback EV charging stations are powered by diesel-backed generators

  1. They can take their E V’s : wind tower firelighters & health destroyers ; to their AUSTRALIA out in the oceans where they belong. They have no place nor right to keep pushing the destroying of OUR Autralia

  2. EV’s are fine in the city, keeps the pollution down, but what a joke to use diesel to fuel EV’s, what is the point? There are also other energy sources that are not being utilized, one recently I saw on a TV show called “How do they do it?” showing waste products, especially clothing being turned into energy and then they use the waste product from that to make black stone that is used in jewellery, was fascinating. And what about solar cars, or energy grids in roads? Seems to me there is a lot of short cuts being done to make a quick buck but nothing that seems to be a long term vision.

  3. This’d be like THE New mini ‘E’ Excavators in the U.K. where a 2 Tonne Excavator is ‘Recharged’ by a diesel genset for 8 HOURS, to ‘Get’ an Operational Run time of 2 HOURS – GOOD NEWS; The Excavator AND the Genset, are Painted A Complimentary Eco Green! HOORAH!
    Rnd 2; Take the case of a ‘Unleaded’ Service vehicle towing a Diesel Genset, rolling up to a ‘Dead’ E vehicle to Charge the EV – Enough, so that it can ‘Limp’ to a permanent STANDARD ‘Mains Grid’ charge point.
    Rnd 3; Take the case of a PRO U.S. EV ‘Specialist’, who – When asked about the NEW ‘Swisho’ Kerbside, Multi E Charging Station facilities ‘Supply Feed’ Origins – Were they from ‘Renewables?’, Stated ” Why, it comes from this Building adjacent to the Chargers!”
    Further asked per; ‘Where does this Building get it’s ‘Energy Feed’?”
    Specialist; ” Why don’t you ask The Utilities Rep, he’s just across the Street!”
    Utilities Rep; ” Yep, 80% Coal/ 20% Gas Electrical generation!” ( Honest Lad.)
    Rnd 42; Take the Case of The WEF/IMF/U.N & the Globule Green Monkey Brigade, whilst THEY ARE ALL so keen to KILL the Planet – AppaRently to ‘Save It’, The Dark Monkey Brigade – the Siamese Twin of WEFIM-FUN, Still promotes War, Division, Mass Population Culls By Any-ALL means ‘Nestle’ – Sorry! – ALL means Necessary, BUT, HASN’T CONverted it’s OLD GEN Killing Tech to THE ‘E’ ECO Range Format! There’s NO ‘ E’ ; ‘F-35’ $$$ SWINDLE Jets, NO E B52s (Not the Love Shack people), NO ‘E’ NUKE Submarines ( Diesel/Electric ExcluDead), NO Israeli ‘E’ Mini Nukes in Beirut (Nor Any ‘E’ -‘HAMAS’ (apparently)ParaGliders = Would have been So Much less ‘Noise’ of NO DIFFERENCE to ‘Israeli Operation’), NO ‘E’ Abrahms tanks, NO OZtopian ‘E’ BushNovices in Ucranial, NO ‘E’ ICBMs – Though Russia & soon Iran, ‘May’ show off just how Much ‘E’ Tech, that ‘They’ Control! NO ‘E’ Tech 155 mm Howitzer Ordinance – And ON!
    News just in!; OZtopia, – PROVEN INCAPABLE of a PROper version of Democracy, have released their Version of Next Gen ‘E’ warfare – A Battery powered ‘Suitcase’ Cardboard Drone! – A FOOL life size Foldout of Prime Minstrel Albino Forever BendDa KneeSee – Sales pending, per 1) Albino, actually being ‘Resident’ sometime INSIDE OZtopia to Get ‘Heights’ right, & 2) Albino NOT being on his FOREIGN Knees Protocols, regularly enough for Same Measuring metrics! – Other Options per Drone Attire/ National lapel pin Supports ( US/UK/UN/UKR/WEF/TRANS Etc) Coming soon via ‘Marketing Giant’ – DAVOS Direct! – SORRY! I meant to say Cardboard ‘E’ mini Glider- Sunny condition Ops only!
    Other OZtopian ‘Initiatives’ include NEW ‘E’ Artillery shell manufacturing & ICBM Constructions, to further ‘E’nhance our AttrActions, as a Foreign ‘Target Of Choice’!
    With ‘Targeting’ in Mind per our BIGGEST ‘Trading Partner (PRC – Please Read Carefully), it’s ‘E’ntertainment Time; Pine Gap? Really? I don’t think I’ve seen 1 PINE Tree/ CONifer located there! IF so, perhaps IT should be called ‘Lone Pine’ – Sounds MORE ANZAC & very August. JORN /BAE – 3 ‘Sites’, Obviously ‘Candidates’ for ‘E’ SurVEILlance of THEM – Not US= LOL! Then we have WestOZtopia (yep JORNs ‘Partly here’), along with the U.S. Navy’s ExMouth & Geraldton BAE ‘MOUS’ that roared ‘Installations’, & of course CurRent & Future Garden Island DockLands (Not Freo AFL club) AUKwardnUS club Assets – NONE, appear to have ‘E’ or ‘Renewable ‘Power Supply’ Tech! MUST be the ‘Peasants’ to ‘Fault & Pay’ PoliceY AGAIN! Perhaps IF we ever get ‘Invaded’ by groups OTHER than the current U.S./U.N. ‘OccultUpation’, They’ll CONsider The ‘Environment’ & use Renewable Technologies!
    OZtopian Loony Tunes, Technocrats ‘R’ us, & Resources Sector Standard Ops;
    ‘WE require a Hard copy for OUR records! Please consider THE Environment, Before printing this Page!’
    Last; Please Note, the Court Jester is Currently Unemployed, due to OVERWHELMING CONpetition, previously Installed under The OZtopian CONVID series- & Now the 17 SDGs ( StupidDegenerationGoals) Collaborative programs of ‘The Chronicles of FARCIcologies’, with ZERO Sanity or Normality visible- for the foreseeable Future. PROlogues for Chronicles by CONsecutive SeCONdead Inhabitants of KillBill House – Sometime New South WELCHman. After Retraining @ another TAFE (TryAnotherFrigginEducation) institute, Jester is expected to seek a New Stand up Role in NON renewables & E ‘Grounding’ Sciences -Safe & ‘E’ffective. – Sounds Very familiar!

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