December 5, 2023

2 thoughts on “EV demand tipped to cause worldwide lithium shortage

  1. If we are not allowed to drive petrol cars anymore and be forced to drive electric, then we will be at the mercy of being switched off unless we generate our own power. Guess we could go back to riding bicycles or bringing back animal powered carts.

  2. They STILL haven’t ‘resolved’ the Electrical Grid – Lack of Supply issues, for this CRAP! AND, with insurance Companies ‘Studying the Data’ [ STILL MIA on CONVID ‘Deaths’ apparently], How long will it Take for Them, to refuse Coverage of ‘E’ Vehicle Fires – Including, Buildings where these are Parked as well? !
    Joke; ‘1 A.C.T. Playwrights’ in CAN’TBERRA, to Ban Petrol/ DieSal cars from 2035. There will still BE, someone With Functioning Brain cells in CAN’TBERRA then?

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