October 3, 2023

4 thoughts on “WMD Hoax: The Truth About the Invasion of Iraq

  1. “Coalition of the Killing”, a production starring Treasonous Actors, sock-puppets of the global-parasites, spinning a web of lies, featuring a sales pitch that any thinking person saw through. Under The Masonic Moon…

  2. ‘The ‘TRUTH’ about THE Invasion of Iraq; The QuintiEssential DefiNation of ‘OXY – MORONic!!’ –
    ChapTER & YouNeedVerse;
    ‘AND, The ‘Beat goes on’, & the Beat goes On!- la DI Da De De, La dee Da De Dumb- HisStory has turned a Page Uh- Huh. And the B/Shit goes ON, & the Swindle Goes ON! Round & Round like MK Ultra AND MK extra inside My Brain. La di da de Dee, la De da Tee DUMB!”
    SolutION [Maui offline] – Get FEMA & 5 Eyes, , to ‘Stop the Pain’ = FEMA Billing Code; ICD9- E978 per FEMA ‘Camps’= DEATH by Guillotining! AS FOR WMDs in Iraq, I’ll ARSEK a local COLON, per Colon PowWow – ApoloJesus, That’d BE, POWell – Your/ My/THE RottenFellas/ THE ClintOn’s [ Zorro Ranch, Should be ‘Clear’ By now. maybe a NEW ‘Stable/ CATalogue’, from MAUI ‘Imports’ via ORCAstratIONs], Cast A Way thousands WITH ‘ColourAboraNatives’!,
    Last; Whilst the OFFspring of Battle & Custer/ HalleBurtOn/ & a Raft of Generic Military Personnels ‘AGGreGate’ Super / Hedge funds, ‘Decide’ on WHERE to park their Collective U.S.$ 200 – 500 BillION – INXS PLUS in CASH – APPaRentLie MIA, HAS ANYONE, Bothered to ‘Check’, THE Original SIN, [Not INSX],Reasoning for the Collective US, Being THERE – OR ANYWHERE – FOR – ‘JUST CAUSE’???
    Of course NOT! Situations NORMAL = SNAFU! – Thanks to the Scriptwriters of ‘Memphis Belle’. = THE ‘Ode’ OF An Irish airmen, foresees his Death – Yates] , in said ‘Movie’, once again, plagiarized by Holly Wood – Who HAVE Zero ‘Creationist CONcepts’ of their own= An American Tradition – ExTended to MOST ‘Theatres of Operations’! – NOW, WE, of the A/Ewe CULTure – ARE BECOME SAME! = CONscrpts of REMOTE Death!
    Thank you to the Nameless Video arcade MIS/DIStributors of Remote Killing DRONE ‘Pillocks’- ER ‘Pilots’. ! – Cheap, Remote, Sanitized, HOME every ‘Knight’ – & NON Empathetic!
    Business AS Usual – AND, Help Support UCranial Nazi Initiatives – You Tube – ‘Knose Best’!!!
    Wellness to THE 5 Eyes ‘VicTims’ & the CyBurr regimes that CONtinually DemonEyes Them!- ‘FOUND’ those NON existent WMDs YET??
    Epilogue; A Couple of ‘Found’ artillery shells with ‘ResiDuel’ Chems onboard = A Smoking gun WMD, BUT, a 90,000 Long Tonne U.S. Aircraft Carrier with NON MIS/DISclosure ‘FULL KIT’ Onboarding, IS appaRentLie OKay! = WANKERS! LOL! No Wonder the . A Ewe Never ‘got’ THE PsyOp Memo! – Bah Ram Ewe!

    1. Fatigue factor – Lest WE F-ckGet.
      New definition; TO LIE: – Singular/ Plural Co Ops/ Govt/ InstitutionA-LieSaid Religions/ CorpoRAT COMIC DesCriptTives;
      THE Written, or Referenced ‘HisStory’. = Written by THE Winners, to REDACT ‘THEIR’ SINS!
      Wellness – Elevate the awareness.

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