September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “Farming lobby wants ban on new solar projects

  1. We need more localized energy production not large scale that has to travel vast distances. It is just crazy the pressure to meet some imaginary goal that will not happen and rush things through. 7.30 report just had a story on the ABC about transmission lines going across farming land without proper consultations. Build more local town solar energy, let towns keep their own power stored instead of putting it into the grid would be a good start. And look at all those empty roofs in cities!

  2. Solar (and wind) energy are NOT renewable, both in that it takes far more energy to build them than will ever be extracted via them, and disposing of them is an issue.

    The current most prevalent method for Wind Energy Converters (a politically-correct name for those go-arounders, each on a pole) is landfill. Solar panels contain toxic substances, so there is no officially prefered method.

    Also, the term “fossil fuels” is a deliberate misnomer, as the vast majority of raw petroleum is being extracted from layers well below any containing fossils.

    Humans being humans, several methods have already been invented for circumventing the “energy crisis,” including extremely efficient petroleum-powered engines, so the best approach now seems to be: nil adulterinus carborundum (including not bothering with the propaganda camoflaged as “news”).

  3. SHIT, THOSE ‘SOLARge FARMS’ LOOK ‘EFFICIENT’! I wonder HOW MUCH Petra Chemicals are involved in their [ Panel/ Alumina Smelting/ Mass Cabling- Manufacture – ALL Energy usages] Then the OVERALL Design- Manufacture (Were they even ‘Made in Australia’ – ALWAYS look at the Cartons Folks, with their PROUD Aussie Flags & Bold Statements = Proudly Designed & Engineered in Australia!! Small print = Made in PRC [Please read Carefully], or the Phillipines, Or Malaysia, Or -, Or-.) Ooops! Back to Design/ Manufacture/ TRANSport/ Ground Works (Earthmoving/Trenching/ Concreting) Panel Installments & ALL associated Cable runs [ Voltage Drops/ Inefficiencies per Distances? & Panel ‘Outputs’ as a Mean average?], All associated Isolators, The Installation of Central Hub Collection Infrastructure including Building & Computation/ Monitors/ Testing AND- ONGOING Maintenances {& NOT forgetting, the Panels – Just like the USELESS Design Wind turbine Blades, are NOT Recyclable!
    THANK GOD, I SAY , THANK GOD, The ‘Clean Energy Council’ of OStrangeLia ARE Involved!! – That must be just about, in the Same Historical Box as Previous Environmental Minstrels [ Mel Lease @ a Price] approving Ground water management Plans for the Adani Carmichael Coal mines! – With the same Drones involved – Clean Energy Council, They, appaRENTly [ ‘Someone’ must be RENTing Them], DO NOT understand the CO2 ‘Degradation issue’, for ‘They’THE Council, Complained about the Adani / Galilee Basin Coal burn producing 700 Million Tonnes Annually of Said INERT Gas[CO2 Gas, NEEDED for LIFE – Animal/ Plant, currently Sitting at a WHOPPING 0.0408 OF 1 % TOTAL in our atmosphere – UP from a Massive 0.035 OF 1 % TOTAL over the last 40 > 50 YEARS}, But NO mention of The HUGE Mercury Off gassing to Atmosphere & Other Pollutants! AMAZING!
    In a Collaborative Pollution CONtribution, THE ‘CLIMBape’ Council- Apologies! That IS ‘Climate Council'[ Strangely Similar Logo to the ‘Clean Energy’ Council], has Just Wet their pants & Welcomed VICtopia’s Govt announcement, that from Next year ALL of VICtopia’s New houses will be ALL Electric!! – ClimbApe Councillor Dr Kate Charlesworth [ Equal opportunity For ÚNrealists’], said;
    “This is great news for the Envioronment & Health of Victorians [those still left there or alive – Lol]. ‘We’ have known for years the damaging impacts of burning gas at home, such as the increasing risk of Childhood asthma. [ SO, NOTHING to do with increased ‘Vaccine’ protocols & Industrial Environmental pollutants (Including ‘G’ EMRadiations – Wireless/ WiFi), Not only Given TO, & Bathed in Daily, not only the Kids, But their Accumulative Generational Parent origins as well??] Further statements by same ‘Expert’;>
    “Gas is an invisible harm, in our homes, schools, workplaces. The dangers it poses, especially to our children & Vulnerable households, cannot be completely eliminated, even with better ventilation!” = BULLSHIT!! I’ve been a Plumber/ Gasfitter for over 45 years, complete with All of the Govt/ Industry Regulations & Technocracy on ‘SAFETY’ Up to WAZOO! I ALWAYS ‘Love’ the USAGE of Vulnerable members of Society – for ‘Leverage’. [ Sound Familiar on CONVID as well ?] I’ll Consult 1 of my Historians on the Matter >;
    “The State must declare the Child as the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is ‘Perceived’ as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment. of liberty and almost any deprivation.” Thanks once again – Adolph Hitler!

    And WHAT IS/ ARE the ‘Credentials/AIMS’ of ALL of these ‘Experts’?? I’ll ask another one – A McKenzie CEO & Co Founder of the ‘Climate Council’ & Co Founder of THE Australian Youth Climate Coalition [ NOT for ‘Profit’- OF Course], & a raft of Political/ CorpoRAT interferences ‘PILING ON’ THE CLIMATE Agenda. Good News; With her Links to the Media Ms/Mrs/She Identified Her, Young ‘A’ has promoted the Climate Council’s ‘Clean Job Plan’, AND ‘Linking The Black Summer Bushfires/ Climate Change/ The Energy Debate in OZ- TOGETHER – Now THAT IS ‘Masterful’!
    AND, there are MANY ways to BYPASS MIS/ DISassociations with ‘Groups’ such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, & Other ‘Bendevolent CONtributors’on Record!!
    Another Side Track; Pull up BAMGF; Pull up Australia; Committed Grants. AMAZING the Amount of Cross Funded [ & Substantial Amounts]; RepedITive – Universities/ Certain Children’s Research Institutes’/ Institutes of Medical & Agriculture ‘Research & Psychological Wellbeing/ Programming’/ Govt Organisations -COMMON- to even Groups such as FIA – Just COINcidence really!
    Last; Estimates of A; In the area of battery technologies, science policy analyst David Wojick had deduced that the “grid scale storage” required to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar power in a “net zero” United States would cost $23 trillion – matching the nation’s [ USA] annual GDP for 2021 {& THIS Doesn’t even account for their BANKRUPT Commerce @ U.S.$ 32,000,000,000,000 DEBT, of which ‘They’ can only ‘Cover’ 35 – 40 %!! ‘Black OFF the Books Debt’ – ANOTHER US$ 40 PLUS TRILLION- AND , ‘LUCKILY’, I can only get about U.S.$ to AU$ Exchange = 65 U.S. CENTS! ] Moving ON> Apart from its unsustainable costs, the renewables ecosystem is also harmful to the environment. Solar panels contain a toxic mix of gallium, tellurium, silver, crystalline silicon, lead and cadmium, among others. It costs an estimated $20 to $30 to recycle one panel while only $1 to $2 is needed to consign the same panel to a landfill. It is a similar story with millions of tons of decommissioned wind turbine blades [ Since the 1990’s] which themselves contain toxic materials that are leaching into the environment [ this DOESN’T include Failed/ Burnt Wind Turbine Components & Atmospheric Emissions from the Burning]. Ironically, wind power is heavily dependent on oil and its by products throughout its production-to-operation lifecycle. – DO NOT TELL THE CLIMATE SOMETHING- Er – Um COUNCIL! – APParently [ An AlGoreRythm will Solve IT!] = There’s NOTHING TO SEE HERE!
    AND of Course The ALL SO COMFORTABLY NUMB 1st World ECO ‘SCIENCE’ SET [ VERY LOOSE TERM – FROM THE SAME CON-TRIVED SUPPORT ‘BIN’ AS CONVID] above, QUITE HAPPILY, look the Other way [OR DON’T THEY ‘KNOW’ {Wanna ‘KNOW’} – THE REAL WORLD ‘ACTUALS’ – Bit Like the Romanticized ‘PROGRAMMED’ Dept of Youth { Sorry Alice Cooper} – Still in Censored Traineeships” ], when Mention of the Vanilla Sky/ PRISTENE NEO Energy CONponents [Cobalt, an ‘E’ssential component of Lithium- Ion batteries.] , ARE Sourced from DUBIOUS Zones – Nearly 70% from the Toxic pits of the DR of Congo. Amnesty International; ‘Nearly 40,000 CHILDREN, slave away in these Toxic pits under APPALLING Conditions – I think the Pay is U.S. 25 Cents/ Hour! HEY, BILL & MELINDA, KATE-AMANDA- & TIM FLANNERS [ & a YouthFull Cast of Thousands – MesMoronEyesed Robots}, I, MISSED THIS SHIT ON YOUR SLICK – GROOMED- HOME, AND EXTENDEAD WEB PAGES!!
    HOORAH!! – wellness

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