October 2, 2023

2 thoughts on “Geoengineering and Oppenheimer

  1. Solar geoengineering would have to be the dumbest, and one of the most dangerous, ideas ever devised by humans. And based on a false premise, i.e. that the world is warming…and that if so, it would be detrimental. What a sick joke. Jim Lee is right, research and deployment of it should be banned. Those psychopathic “geoengineering p….s” should be thrown in gaol. But who will do it…they are minions of the global-parasites who currently run the world (and whose time will come, but in the meantime what damage they wreak). Furthermore, I have had a gutful of the sight of all those chem trails criss-crossing initially cloudless skies over Adelaide and the Hills and morphing into weird-looking clouds that hang there all day.

    And as we are also looking at nuclear bombs, didn’t an earlier TOTT investigation conclude that nuclear arsenals may not even exist, but just represent another pillar in the fear structure to control humanity. When Nagasaki and Hiroshima are closely examined, aren’t they similar to ca 20 other Japanese cities that were subjected to intense fire-bombing?

    1. I agree Graham. I am so sick of these so called “scientists” just more interested in getting funding to fill their pockets which no care of the consequences of what they say/research. As for nuclear i am still yet to get an answer to my question, what do we do with the waste from making nuclear energy or anything else nuclear?
      The latest is El Nino again, we are supposedly having a warmer winter and plants are acting weird, what a load of BS, I have not noticed anything different this winter at all, are people imaging things? Or is it just climate change spin?

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