October 2, 2023

7 thoughts on “Australia to host largest ever Talisman Sabre exercise this month

  1. Simulated ‘On the Day SAME Exercise Parameters/ Scenario’. What are the Chances, SO MANY Chances! – USA /Sept 11th 2001, Sandy Hooke & a raft of ‘Others’. U.K./ London 7/7 (The ‘Evidence’ was SOOO amateurish it was COMIC).
    & we could go onto N.Z. & a raft of other CONvenient Exercises!
    Amazing Historically, How MANY substantial ‘Exercises’ have been held off/on Australian territories, when Large ‘Policies’ are being CONsidered/Implemented!!
    HOW DID, the other Parasite Nations, ‘Find out’, That OZ Prime Minstrel Mr Albino Forever BenDaKneeSee, had Stolen enough Coin (+AU$19,000,000,000) from the Home Populace, to CONsider this a ‘Surplus’??
    Entertainment; When any Australian Govt., – Sorry, THE Australian Govt., – Sorry again, THE United States Corporate COMMONWEALTH Govt., CAN at any given moment, quote upon questioning;
    ‘Look we can’t give you ANY Financial Numbers at the current moment in time. We’ve only been IN for Four YEARS, & we are still Correlating Figures, because of the Debt inCURred by the previous Government!”
    MAGIC! Out of the Blue, & ‘ON Schedule’!
    Last; How are these ‘Exercises’ impacting OUR Economics, AND, CONtributing to Global Warming – Excuse me, I’m just off to get another Thermal Coat! OOPS! Better grab a Rain coat while I’m there!
    Descriptive Adjective warning; “WANKers’ – In the true sense of the Word!
    Entertainment again; Just watched a Replay of ‘FOOLY’ Bought Reporting on Aunties 4 Corners, per Russia/ U.S President-Resident GangStars-NATO ‘Relations’. Wonder how that’s working for Anti Russian Forces/ Economies. Must be why U.S./ NATO forces are ‘Down here’ – WE’RE the only ones being ‘Bent Over’!
    Wellness- during official U.N. Global Circus Decade!! LOL.

    1. News; JUST IN – Apparently Official according to Bought MSM, A.P. & FuctCheckers ‘SponSword’, Er sUponAword, SuSSpect Word, Er SpunS’rdWord, Er SpunWord, Er Sponsored’ (Tick), Directors, THE Poynter InSitu, Er InCyst, Er InSist tute, Er InsTITute- Sorry! The Pointer Institute, Fact Checkers to the Stars, Oligarchs & Globalists = It MUST be True?
      Observers on the Eastern Seaboard, have noticed ZERO change in sea levels, since oFishy data was recorded. Apologies, that is ‘OHfficial results, – And the wrong script. NO, the REAL news is that Citizens have Noticed Large amounts of Asylum seeking Boat People, appearing to be dressed for Enviro Day, in Camo Uniforms. Several Beach goers have Enquired upon said asylum seekers, & here is an on the spot relay of THE Interaction;
      Beach goer; ” Hi I’m here with a U.S. Marine Rep Sgt Slaughter. What’s going on Mate?”
      Sgt Slaughter; ” Good OOY Mate!”
      Beach Goer; “We don’t really talk like that here, Mate. Where’s your TRANSlater?”
      Sgt Slaughter; “Well our TRANS IS late, ‘They’, felt only Superior to Operate in Overwhelming Numberical Superiority, & only after the Opposition was Neutered, Sorry, Neutrilised back into the Stone Age!”
      B.G; ” You seem to do that as Standard Operational Procedure, A LOT, – Historically – @ Home & Globally! Don’t worry Mate, our Govt Supports you!”
      Sgt S; “I’m here to Support Govt. POLICEy, Reinforce DemonCracy, Cover as An Asylum Seeker in 1 of the MOST CONpliant Asylums in the WesternWorld#3, provide New World (Without the Mayflower)Order, AND – WHERE’S the LOOT? I heard You Guys had a Spare 19 Billion, that WE haven’t managed to swindle out of You – YET! We’re SOO far down an EconoMimic & ‘E’-CONomic hole, that we don’t even have to worry about SINthetically blocking out the Sun! – Wanna buy some still useable Military SHIT that we haven’t ‘Offloaded’ to the Ukraine quagmire? UseBuy Dates still good! What about some Parrot, NO PatriRot, Missile Batteries – They’re Super Expensive, Couldn’t hit Shit, but EWE could use ‘Em Nextb 4th of July!”
      B.G.’ “We don’t DO 4th of July – How’s that working for U.S. Citizens lately? Nah Mate! I think Our- Sorry Mate! I think – still, & Still, THE Government’s ALREADY bought enough of your Useless overpriced Military CRAP, previously, & yet to come! The Govt’s Bull Shit Inflation Numbers & subsequent Interest rate rises to ‘Cover’ Your Crap & CONVID, is a living Testament, to Still NON ZomnieThinking Locals!”
      Sgt.S.;; “Can you slow down. Our Ossie ‘E’ TRANSlater, doesn’t allow for Big Words! NOR – JESUSS MARY & JOE -SEPHINE! My CONnectivity is down!”
      B.G; ” You’ll get use to it Mate! It’s probably our MiracuLousy No Bloody Network, OR, The Networks are ALL down TOGETHER, for ‘Maintenance’! Happens in CAN’Tberra, when more than a couple of thousand people have a ‘Get Together’! You got your Vaxx Passport on Ya Sport? Got your Gun license on Ya? Is that Licensed Ammo Mate? Is that Calibre Weapon Allowed here Mate – You’re Not going to put Any of that Kit thru Police Infrastructure are you? AND, Flack jackets are ILLegal here Mate, after 1 of Your Mates or Associates, went Troppo at Pt Arthur! NOT really sure if you can get a Permit for Grenades Mate! I’d get back to my Landing craft if I was you. This ‘InterACTiON’ doesn’t appear Popular. Mmm That’s nice. ‘Rainbow Warrior’! You DO have ‘TRANS Military’! Bet EWE hope it’s NOT going the same way as the original ‘Rainbow Warrior’!” – Maybe.

      ———————————————————— “It appears we’ve ‘lost’ THE – TRANSmission!” – Hopefully!

    1. I recall someone telling me years ago that the best time for an invasion of Australia was in the middle of an exercise since the military was in one part of the country but most of the live ammo was hundreds of km away! Keep your heads down folks!

  2. Arstraya was invaded by a bloke named Guff, –
    In 1972, & for six years it wasn’t rough..
    And the country’s citizens,-for such as they became,-
    Thought, -for a while, -they were onto a game…

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