October 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “United Nations adopts landmark treaty to ‘safeguard marine life’

  1. Yes and that’s the problem, most Australians have no idea about the corporate-fascist agenda set to be implemented by world authorities.. Most people just go about their business and think it’s going to continue just being the way it is. Sort of changed to what it used to be but still liveable. No idea that any creativity or free thought might be available to their children in the near future. If they have a reasonably comfortable life now they don’t see that may disappear in the next few years. That includes my own family though I still try to dump my ‘conspiracy’ theories on them. Maybe some sinks in but most doesn’t. More needs to be done to make these green new deals mainstream but not the clapping cheering type of revelation.

  2. Unelected hyprocrites, who fly all over the world, buy what they want, destroy what they want, use what they want, eat what they want, are the biggest polluters and contributors to the world’s resources being used up, they just want it all to themselves! How about stop clearing koala habitat, old growth forests and polluting the skies, oceans and water ways for a start? How about stopping the destructive polluting thousands of chemicals being spread all over the world? How about they start walking the talk themselves?

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