September 27, 2023

11 thoughts on “‘Dumb phones’ make a comeback as Gen-Z ditches smartphones

  1. I went back to a dumb phone in 2020, but only just recently went back to a smart phone because I need a Square card reader for my business. Once somebody makes a POS that can connect by cable to a PC then I’m done with it once more.

    Just be warned – having buttons doesn’t mean it is a dumb phone. A lot of button phones in fact still run Android, and some even have touch screens. I wouldn’t trust them at all.

    1. Yes, a great point BA!

      Many of them are smartphone/dumb phone hybrids. That’s why I only used the Nokia as an example, because they are just designed to be like the retro ones (S30+ operating system with connectivity if chosen).

      I still also do have to have a smartphone for TOTT, unfortunately. Only for small things. So I feel you. But if I can do it on a computer, that is always the option for me!

    2. I thought of getting one but it probably needs a separate phone number from my smart phone I wonder if you can use the same number for both. Don’t think I’d be able to get rid of the smart phone completely but it would be good to only use it for some things. Cant just put the sim from the smart phone into a dumb phone can you. ?

    3. Gave up my smart phone in 2019, went back to my old nokia but recently brought a new one (looks the same as the one in this article) because the speaker was getting hard to hear.

      If you need the internet everywhere you go then you need help.

  2. Lol, I’ve only ever used a dumb phone for calls and texts. I never trusted smart phones. I do have a smart phone now that I use for market research but I don’t have a sim in there. My next smart phone will be a de Googled phone.

  3. Very sad to see all the teenagers (and adults) looking at their phones all the time. Their whole life is steered by propaganda. Sadest thing for me is seeing parents at the beach/park sitting looking at phones while kids play alone. Great to hear some are waking up for the slumber.
    I still have my Motorola Raz flip phone but it stopped working once they closed 2g, for some reason it would not work on 3 or 4 g. Maybe it is where I live, bad reception. I reluctantly (with a great sounding NO, don’t want a smartphone) bought a new Motorola smartphone, rarely use apps or the internet on it. I check all the google settings to make sure a lot of the things are turned off.

  4. If I’m not at home there’s no internet for me. I have an Aspera ‘dumb phone’, their ‘rugged’ version which cost $129.

    It’s a really smart idea to use a dumb phone.

  5. I still use a smartphone, but it’s modded with LineageOS and only runs a minimal set of apps that are useful to me!

  6. This is a heartening trend among young people. “Smart” phones are instruments for the enslavement of humanity on the digital plantation. I’m like Julia above: internet at home (when I want it), “dumb” Nokia when I’m out and about. And I text as little as possible…really dislike doing it, but happy to email.

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