September 27, 2023

15 thoughts on “Countries agree on deal to ‘preserve biodiversity’ by 2030

  1. Yes the land and animals (not cows or pigs or cattle) must be given more rights than us humans who must not eat food from the farmers nor the land as that is bad for the native animals and the land. The land will look a whole lot better when it just has wild animals on it. These people have nothing better to do than think this stuff up

    1. These people will be able to observe the results of their actions from afar; like Mars or some other planet they are planning to inhabit!

    2. It is a plan to have it all nice and sustainable for the global elites who can afford to live on the planet after all of us die of starvation, homelessness and being injected with poison. Except for the tough that survive who will become the slaves. Question is how do we stop this?

    3. I think they just want to get people off the land and into these smart cities so that they can be controlled. I am all for preserving nature and looking after the environment, but that does not mean that you get rid of the people or kick them off the land. The best way to preserve nature is to teach landowners to farm regeneratively and organically if possible. If they had their way all that land would be stripped and they would be putting wind turbines or solar panels on them and you would end up with deserts. If they think that you can power a city, even a small city with wind and solar, then they have no idea what they are talking about. Even to make 1 battery for 1 electric car entails a lot of mining and making these materials is definitely not green. They are also not recyclable either. We are not the ones doing the polluting, it is them and they are making millions doing it and blaming us.

      1. Exactly I agree with what you wrote, and so many people talking about green energy and not aware of the damage to the environment for the parts and also many parts are not recycleable at the end of their service.

  2. So the ‘elites’ make ever more stringent rules to contain the plebeians whilst they continue to buy up valuable farm land and water resources. Notice where this is going folks?

  3. This is the plan for the global elites to keep the land for their own benefits and lower the population to just enough slaves for them. Will they turn all the cities green by growing roof top gardens instead? Was not that long ago all the world leaders could not careless about climate change, greening the earth and sustainablity, now they are using this as a cover for their own agenda. And don’t forget about electrifying everything so they can control all the switches, on and off to suit the green agenda. Plant more tree’s, fill your lawn up with veggie gardens, even the naturestrip if your council allows it. Argh all the rules and regulations!

  4. Does this Mean that ‘THEY’ are going to stop ‘THEIR’ ‘Control Wars’, Disband ALL of ‘THEIR’ Military & Para Military ‘Police’ Forces, & Including ‘Their’ ‘Suppliers (CHEMICAL ‘Industry’ comes to Mind) for the Benefit of ‘Nature’? Disband ‘THEIR’ Purposeful Nature DESTROYING Geo Engineering Platforms? Disband THE ‘Nature Affecting’ Electronics & Communications Infrastructure – This Includes OZONE LAYER Destructions from ‘Rocketry Platforms’? Plant More (EVEN SOME) ‘Trees’? GET RID OF the ‘Mass MonoCulture’ – (Yep Chem Industry AGAIN-INputs) Farming? How about the Signee Countries STOP KILLING ‘THEIR’ HUMAN CITIZENS – ‘False Flag Events Inclusive’! AND, The ‘Signees’ STOP Plundering ALL THE GLOBAL Resources – Mineral & Fisheries Incl! And, STOP ‘Wasting Energy’, & release THE PROPER SYSTEMS – Finally, instead of the Current ‘Acme Co/ Road Runner Bull Shit ‘Devices’! I mean, IF ‘THEY’ can ‘Disintegrate Buildings’ in Mid Air (Sept 11 2001 – Directed Free Energy Technologies) & Purposefully ‘Start Fires’ from Aerial/ Space based ‘Platforms’ (Santa Rosa Fires & ‘Others – Australia Inclusive) With ‘Same/ Similar Forensic ‘Outcomes”, What’s the Bollox of ‘Hybrid’ & Current ‘Dodgy’ E Vehicles? EXACTLY – Wylie E Coyote ‘ACME -Co.’ CRAP! Where’s the ‘Recycling for Nature’ on Same, by THE’Signees’?
    OMG! I just woke up, after having a Horrible Dream! I dreamed of a Global Comedy, where a Globally UNelected bunch of Back Ticklers, RE-adopted ‘THEIR’ Original ‘Sponsored’ -Pol Pot’s Year Zero ‘program’! They’ll have to Recycle ALL of those ‘CON JOB-19 Masks’, to make the New ‘Killing Fields’ Head bags!
    There’s a Point, ARE these SAME ‘Signee Pratts’, Going to Grab ALL of those ‘Discarded Masks ( I think at one stage, THE global Population was rocking thru 6 Million Masks an Hour[?]) To give ‘Nature’ a ‘Reprieve’?
    Are THE ‘Signees’, & Well Resourced (Formerly ‘Tagged’ – ‘Elite’), Going to be ‘Relocated’ of THEIR ‘Lands’, to live on a Postage Stamp size ‘Unit’ in ‘Metropolis 2030’?
    ‘Comprehensive Analysis of Animal Habits’ – LOL

    1. Well said John, especially the mask thing, geez the amount of filthy used masks floating around the environment is disgusting, add to that the PPE gear, one use only and then bin it. Now who is making the money off all this PPE gear and don’t get me started on hand sanitizers!

    2. PHANTOM – Localised.= Premiers Hatching Aggressive Narratives Tyrants Officiating Misconduct.
      A Spade as a Spade! – Jerst a Jest – LOL.

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