December 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “Eyes in the Wild: Reach of ‘bushfire recovery’ cameras revealed

  1. Warning; Google Ops- DescriptiveAdjectiveResponseKinetics -LaudingAnomoliesNationalDeploymentsSuspicious [DARK LANDS}.
    This must be the Flora & Faunafication Version of Google’s SMC (ScienceMediaCentre) – ‘SET UP’ for Real time ‘Scientific’ Updates to ‘Inform’ MS Media & appropriate ‘Law Makers’! The General public ‘Informers’ – on their ‘Neighbours’ & other Appropriate Gestapo tactics – Pilfered from 3rd Reich Operation guidelines ‘Playbook’, RessuRectal’d by All & Sundry, or RSL – Take your choice!

    2 Koalas in a Tree;
    Cherles Koala; “SHIT ME Camilla! Er sorry love, have you finished emptying ya Bowels yet? Um, watch the amount Ya Dump – they’ll be blaming us in the U.N for Global warming Contributions!”
    Camilla Koala; “What’s that Pratt doing at the bottom of our Tree? Is that a camera?”
    Cherles; “NAH! That’s your Chinese supplied A.I. They took it out of Govt Orifices, & now use I.T to ‘Spy’ on us! It’s got ‘Feral’ Imaging & Everything!”
    Camilla; “That’s Thermal Imaging Dear, & apparently I read in the M.S.Gazette, that it’s to check that We’re doing O.K. after those Bushfires!”
    Cherles; “Pity The Bastards DIDN’T install ‘Em earlier, to check those FAARTS rail interests & their Pyro ‘Agents’! Now I’m worried that they’ve stolen Me Bio Metrics, in case they do me for a late night DOPE – DrunkOnPyro’dEucalyptus! While your there Honey, Sorry Mate – those Bastards from NSW.Gov.NegatingFoodSecurityViaExtermiNationOfAll.Com.Aewe, have been ‘Hunting The Hunter’ for Virile little mites, which seem to be another Gov.Aewe CON-CERN, amongst ‘Other things’ – Um where was I, -must be the Aluminium. Ah Yeah. See this Old CNN report November 2021 about ‘CliMateMeDear’, – Jeez, where’s me glasses? Ah- Better. That’d be Chlymidia. See this – (Shows CNN snippet to Camilla) ;[A silent killer is spreading through Australia’s koala population, posing a threat that wildlife experts say could wipe out the iconic marsupial across large parts of the country.
    The culprit is chlamydia, a sexually transmitted bacteria that infects more than 100 million people worldwide annually and can cause infertility in humans if left untreated.
    For koalas, uncontrolled chlamydia can cause blindness and painful cysts in a animal’s reproductive tract that may lead to infertility or even death.
    Worse still, antibiotics used to treat the disease can destroy the delicate gut flora koalas need to consume their staple diet of eucalyptus leaves, leading some to starve to death even after being cured.
    The disease can also spread quickly.
    In 2008, there was a “very, very low chlamydial prevalence” – about 10% – in the koala population in Gunnedah, a rural town in northeast New South Wales, according to Mark Krockenberger, a professor of veterinary pathology at the University of Sydney.
    By 2015, that figure had risen to as high as 60%. Now, about 85% of that koala population is infected with the disease, Krockenberger said.
    “If you think about it, that’s not a viable population anymore because of infertility. Pretty much every female that’s infected with chlamydia becomes infertile within a year, maybe two years maximum … Even if they survive, they’re not breeding,” he said.
    Experts say situations like that in Gunnedah are playing out among koala populations across Australia, threatening populations already vulnerable to worsening bushfires and habitat loss due to deforestation.
    Scientists are now trialing vaccines against chlamydia to protect the animals.] – So Dear, What’d you think of CNN’s article?”
    Camilla; “Another Bloody Vaccine! First Fires & Floods, then Fires again, then Floods again! Anybody’d think THEY’re trying to Clear ALL of us out! I wonder if that ClimbMedia jab, that affects fertility was used in the Local version of CONjab-19 Experiments? Jessie next tree, reckons that, During the last fire ‘Rescue’, She ‘Woke up’, and She’s definately NOT a Trans Koala, & found some Bloke in a Mask, checking out more than her pouch’s Sphincter operations! Then he – & others, were Schwabbing every Orifice available. & I’m Not talking a Herbal bath!”
    Cherles; “BLOODY PERVERTS! How would ‘They’ do in a Nature ‘Reversal’?
    So are you getting the ClimbMedia Jab Darl, if the Govt’s giving it for ‘Free’?”

    Meanwhile in a nearby tree, a shape shifts to reveal a Bat; “Tick- Tick – Tick. I’d be listening to the Missus Mate if I was you!
    Those Human Pratts, are Still Banging on about our Relatives in Wuhan & some ‘Wet Ware’ Markets, when the only ‘Threat’ from ‘Wet Ware’, IS what another ‘Eagle’ orientated Military, ‘Overseeing’, ‘E – Jammed’ in their Jabs! & Apparently, sources close to The MS Media Rumour Mill, tell me that The only interests by WWF, (really ‘another’ operating system of WEF), are in WelchingWealthFunding for Nature. That’s the Goss, but then, it IS Main Stream MIS/DISmissive Media. Sorry Folks, gotta sleep – I’m on NSA = Night Shift Again!” [not National Suss Agencies.]
    ‘Handy’ having Multiple Surveillance, of ‘Animals’ tracking thru NON Smart City Environs, as an ‘Exercise’ – Iron out ANY ‘Systems Bugs’ early! Along with – ‘They’ won’t have to ‘Rely’ on ‘Boots on the Ground’ for ‘COVERage’!

    1. Hilarious John, love the bit “”are you mad? they haven’t finished the human trials yet”.
      Seriously though, very sad that koala habitat is being destroyed everywhere. The only ones left soon will only be in controlled environment which will see the end of them because of the lack of diverse population for breeding.

  2. Yes suspicious all this. Fires were mostly deliberately lit is my gut instinct, to cause disasters so they can introduce more of their “technology”.Cameras and drones, argh, never ending surveillance, sick of it. Watching our every move even when we relieve ourselves in the bush too, lack of privacy there now too.

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