The Veil Between the ‘Computer-Generated Dream World’ and Reality Is Disappearing

Studies have shown that many people in the modern world can no longer distinguish between AI-generated images and actual images.

Deep fakes in the modern age.
Photo: ALO
How much of what we see on our television screens is real?
How much is a simulated experience designed specifically for our senses?

Why do people continue to automatically trust the ‘screens’ and their digital media fakery?

Leave your thoughts below!


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2 comments on “The Veil Between the ‘Computer-Generated Dream World’ and Reality Is Disappearing”

  1. Catherine (very recognisable voice) makes lots of good points.
    The deep fakes are exactly undetectable as she states. It is scary and points to a future I wish to not be part of.
    Visual perceptions are deceiving and being skeptical is healthy.

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