December 1, 2023

11 thoughts on “Aussie “super vax” heads to human trials

  1. These big unis discarded their moral compasses the moment Big Harma began throwing serious money at them. Can hardly wait for UQ’s next jab-fest, although I fail to see why they need to run trials at all as we already know the outcome: the new quax will be declared “safe and effective.”

    Covering quaxxes, scientism, history hoax, etc, and giving TOTT News a good plug, my latest interview with “Crypt Rick” Lalonde, a Canadian freedom fighter who knows a lot and runs several radio shows:

    1. Graham, If I may comment. When one looks into history, is it not these very universities that educate, foster, and haunt the grand deceptions of mankind? Oxford, Cambridge, All saints, Yale, Harvard, London School of Economics all have played pivotal hidden roles misguiding mankind through out his journey and continue to to this day. These Rockefeller, John Hopkins, philanthropic, public / private sponsored faculties seem to be not only paid or funded by the web of corruption but are actually the very institutions in the business of disseminating it.

    2. Brilliant interview Graham, thanks for the link.

      The segment in which you and Rick discussed “those who don’t come up to measure” was very powerful. No doubt we’ve all had friends/family/colleagues/favourite authors who have caused some cognitive dissonance on our part. We expected more from them and sadly, they let us down in the worst way possible.

      Thanks for all you do on behalf of us pure bloods.

  2. So addicted to putting a jab in every arm they are. The more money they get the more crazy ideas they think up. Always talking about how great these new super jabs will be in the event of another pandemic. All of a sudden we are being threatened with pandemics. Bill Gates is doing a good job with that! He could think up better things to do with his money Of course you’d have to be human to do that. Anyone rocking up to test these latest so called wonder vax have learned nothing over the last 3 years.

  3. I took on notice, once again, they will not use a placebo. The very basics of actual science Hmmmm, we don’t need them anymore?. Just another DNA altering vaccine to compare baselines.Nice one VTARDS.

    1. I noticed this as well! Didn’t Bother commenting on this, because ‘THEY – THE God Science CONsendSUSS’ Franken-Boffins, have been using this ‘NON SCIENCE TRIAL – Evidence Based’ Quackery for Years! Previous Cabal Techniques included using the Previous ‘Model’ Drug/ Jab, as The ‘Placebo’ (LOL) to the New Version of the SAME Drug/ REBadged pHARMa/ Jab. = Surprise, Surprise, Surprise – GOMER! Are YOU into Pharma Now as well?
      Sorry! ‘Comparing’ the Previous Drug/Jab to the ‘New’ of the SAME ‘Product’, NO ‘Extra’ Side Effects were Noted! As in DER! Nett result for ‘New Product’ = PASS!
      Drug Corporation; “ER, CDC/FDA/TGA, Can you just Rubber Stamp that for us Buddy? Look, here are the ‘Test Results’ = NO Extra safety Issues! OH! & Here’s a Season Pass to Your Fav Gaming Arena- CorpoRAT Box/ Holiday Time Share/ or Russian Dolls house. & a Fluffy pHARMa Logo’d Bath Robe!”
      Cabal Oversight Rep; “NO Problems – PLUS ‘FEES’ which YOU can recoup via Outrages Charges & Govt ‘Sponsored’ Pharma Scheme! THE Peasants SHALL, ALWAYS PAY! Gotta Spare Robe for the Missus? IT’S a ‘Priority!”
      Last; Wasn’t it QU that was FU*King about with Virus Just recently, in/on ‘Gain of Function’ Fields? OR, Is ‘That’ – Success?
      O.K., Last CandyDate for THE ‘Trials’ – Complete Staff of BAMGF – For the ‘Collective’ GOOD of Mankind – OF COURSE!

  4. Wanted – Volunteers for MORE Snake Oil. FREE Jabs ‘Starting WITH’ – UQ’s ‘RRVP ‘Team’ PLUS, some of the OTHER ‘Rubber Stamped’ TGA ‘PRO-DUCTS’ – The Other ‘Pipeline For Profits!’
    Next Batch of Volunteers – UQ’s Board of Directors & The QLD Govt Cabinet/QLD AMA & Medical ‘Advisors/CMO’s’. NEXT Volunteers – The Federal Govt Upper Echelon, seeing as ‘They’ are SOOo Keen to Support, The Population becoming ‘Pin Cushions’. Maybe Chuck in MSM Reps, Including ‘Bought Aunty’! Alright. If you Insist, We’ll Jab the TGA Members as well – Just to be ‘Balanced’ on ANOTHER Experiment!
    Then we’ll wait for 2 Years, to see if it’s ANOTHER ‘Safe & Effective’ Product.
    = WHAT? NO ‘TAKERS’ amongst these ‘CREW’? = LOL! ‘Business’ as USUAL!
    “Please sign this Waiver Sir, In case something goes Wrong! No sir! It’s perfectly Safe & Effective. I’ll just stand behind this Screen while our ‘Robotics’ Injure You. Er, Apologies – Inject You!”
    Wellness. Get ALL of these Experts, & ‘Supporters’, to ‘Science’ Themselves First!

  5. Leaving aside all the other issues: how are they going to find 70 volunteers who have not already had covid jabs? Impossible, right? Since those of us who have resisted the propaganda up to now are hardly going to turn around and decide they want to be part of a study.
    So any results they get are going to be thoroughly contaminated by previous spike protein exposure.
    Are they going to do before and after readings of antibody levels? How are they going to interpret the results?
    Oh wait – I forgot. The purpose of human clinical trials is not science – it is a PR exercise sponsored by Big Pharma. Whew, it’s going to be ok then.
    (Er… I am still not planning to volunteer for this trial.)

  6. Excellent comments from all who have already commented, don’t think I need to add much. All it is, is another money making machine. Stay away from all vaccines, they do not work! There is no proof. There never will be. All trials are tweaked to sound good. Pfizer had the data on their latest that it will harm people, which they hid, and of course they went ahead anyway. And people are so brainwashed that they work, they always say “of course it works, I did not die or end up in hospital” But the ones that did, they somehow manage not to make the connection.

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