October 2, 2023

8 thoughts on “Powerful “Forest of the Fallen” jab tributes seen across the country

  1. That was very very sad looking at these pictures of injured or dead people from these injections which have been imposed on us. The trouble is, even though they know these injections are dangerous, they are still promoting them. They just ignore the injuries and deaths and pretend it’s something else that’s causing it.

  2. covid is caused by 5G 60 GHz causes oxygen covalent bonds to spin so it’s not 02 anymore so hemoglobin can’t pick up 02. Wuhan, Lombardy, S Korea and New York all had 5G
    There are no viruses. it’s a Rockefeller money machine based on the germ theory. There is not a single paper that shows any purified virus ever let alone cause disease.. See ICU doc in NY 2020 say it’s not ARDS/Pneumonia it’s like high altitude sickness ie no oxygen

  3. Good input from ALL! I hear a lot of Rhetoric about ‘The fallen’, & ‘Sadness’. It seems as though the Masses, are STILL oblivious to the ‘Frog cooking process’, diverted by Another ‘Roman Games’, the Idiot Media, OR ‘Strategic threat’, to their bank accounts/ Jobs/ House mortgages – Loans/ Cost of Living & raising Kids, Etc. -The Last, rightfully so!
    With Still others, having enough Gumption to Challenge Independent thought & Views, but NOT direct this energy towards the appropriate target of their ‘ONgoing Woes’! & the same MSM ‘Programmed’ Units, ‘believe’ that ALL is well, because they can still afford a beer, go to the Footy, play golf, Access the never ending Mind-Numbing Social Crap @ Warp speeds on their ‘Devices’, & even drive their vehicles whenever – wherever. Maybe less ‘Fags’, as the Govt sees this as license to print money off the backs of the ‘Addicted’.
    To sum it up, I set my Morning alarm to ABC regional – West Oz. 7 March/023. local presenter asked, ‘in passing’ – between other Soap items (Still suspect it’s Low profiling was intentional – Just like an observation that, Ambulances are running their ‘Lights only’ but NO sirens when attending ‘Calls’- For a while now!), about the reported Statistics of an EXTRA 20,000 Australian DEATHS, Above the Average yearly count. The ‘Scientific Explanation’ from another ‘Embedded expert’, was that nearly half, were just flu reactions (Amazing, and here I thought that for 3 Years or so, CONvid# Something, had Kicked ‘FLU’ into a Ditch, NEVER to be HEaRD of again= AMAZING! Especially those ‘Summer’ Flu’s!) Moving on. The Pathetic ‘Scientific response’, was ‘Done & Dusted’ in less than probably 1 – 1.5 Minutes. So if ANYONE wants to know the Value put on 20,000 lives, Via the ABC, it’s Worth a MAXIMUM of 2 Minutes, WHEREAS the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras – Prime Minstrel Inclusive, is worth about 2 DAYS – For ‘Living Folks’! – Must have Higher priority.
    And STILL, the ‘Systems’ promoting ‘Safe & Effective’ – I guess Govt/ TGA/ Medics/ ILLNESS Depts (Including ‘Records’) & MSM, WERE ALL INcapable of reading a Simple Corporate pharma Product Material Safety Data Sheet, for the last 4 YEARS!
    Good at least that ‘The Nameless’ are more than just ‘RARE’ Statistics! They WERE Someone’s Kin, Partner or Associate, who’s Futures & Communal Inputs, were ‘DROPPED IN A HOLE – ON A ‘STRATEGISED’ LIE!

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